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  1. My God you're not actually in favour of these experiments are you, my logical friend?
  2. Quite agree, love the Kirk theme. Looking back on it when I used to watch the Hell out of III (and IV) it was III's score that got me into film music. Not quite everyone's way of getting into it but all the same...
  3. I like TWOK and TSFS' score quite a lot but more often than not TSFS edges it -Main Theme, Stealing the Enterprise, Klingons (Enterprise's homecoming) etc
  4. Stealing the Enterprise has been a favourite for years, particularly the part for when Enterprise clears space doors.
  5. "Under my tutelage, you will grow from boys to men. From men into gladiators. And from gladiators into Swansons."
  6. Look forward to it all the same, though at this rate we'll be getting the show done about ten years after it actually ends in the USA.
  7. I didn't have the chance to see that on Saturday; looking forward to watching it soon. It was good, whether or not the Beeb spend as long doing another series is debatable and yet, more than likely.
  8. they only started showing it here recently in the UK, Season 3 finished last week and quite like it. Season 2 was a breath of fresh air after one. But the legend that is Ron Swanson remains stellar. At this point anyway.
  9. Deffo giving it a bash. To think Freeman used to be that guy who just stared at the camera with a baffled expression (sometimes) in The Office.
  10. Latest Rev., the last scene was at once hilarious and embarassing (for Smallbone at any rate). Got to love the Archdeacon. And followed this with the Royal Command Performance edition of The Good Life.
  11. John Scott's "The Final Countdown" "I say again...splash the Zeroes."
  12. I am Locutus - of Borg. Resistance - is futile. Your life, as it has been - is over. From this time forward, you will service - us.
  13. Cross of Iron, continuing the unintended but not unenjoyable mini-Peckinpah binge after Major Dundee and Ride the High Country. Gritty, fairly realistic and not without its dark moments. Not a bad movie though at times the slow-motion parts became tedious. Surprised to see James Mason mixing it up. And the film if anything, contains the beautiful Senta Berger.
  14. "Starfleet regulations? That's outrageous...! Hear this, there'll be no peace as long as Kirk lives."
  15. Never thought about that. I think it's Sea Wolves that might be the only film of his I've seen where he dies (if not off-screen as he ends severely wounded).
  16. Come now, Captain, what would your favourite author say? Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings...What is your sad story, Kirk?
  17. The theme is great, fun and ideal. One of my favourite pieces is for "Judgement Day" that accompanies the pan out from Brooklyn Bridge and ECTO-1. Or that little piece as Dana walks into the Ghostbusters HQ the first time. Just a shame in my opinion Bernstein chose not to come back for Ghostbusters II. Might have made it that little bit better.
  18. Jim, they're dying... -LET. THEM. DIE! (sorry once you start that quote, it must be finished)
  19. The Michael Caine impressions remain stellar. I should be so lucky. I tend to impersonate the lesser known parts of Italian Job, telling Arthur to shut it or: "Nuts to your watches!" --- Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the final, classic, Stewart Lee Comedy Vehicle.
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