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  1. And Charlton Heston parts the Red Sea.
  2. I'll do what I can. From what I heard via Rob Brydon 5live Saturday, I will likely enjoy it.
  3. Not seen the Trip. I'll have to play catch-up. Rev continues as before. Be a shame when it comes to an end.
  4. Star Trek The Motion Picture blinding grandeur and sense of 'epic' in The Enterprise, The Meld to drama in Destruction of Epilson Nine or adventure in Leaving Drydock. Compared to the other Goldsmith scores this feels majestic. Final Frontier has that alien sound and is exciting but TMP just is something else.
  5. Foreign Correspondent Joel McCrea is particularly enjoyable as the correspondent in question, the mix of humour and drama reminiscent of Cary Grant's Hitchcock roles. After that was quite taken by Sanders who does his usual bit with style. The climax of the film is something else with the plane crash, first of all starting with that brilliant shot zooming in on the flying model which changes to show the interior of the plane. Looked hellish with the water and all, reminded of a story from Poseidon Adventure how Hackman and the boy was almost lost on set. Trivially, I recall when studying "Cinema in History" or some such the propaganda radio speech at the end of the film. Classic example of propaganda in film and better handled than other films of the era. "It's death coming to London...don't tune me out...it's a big story and you're part of it."
  6. Vicky Cristina Barcelona bewitched by Rebecca Hall, nothing taken from Johansson or Cruz. Quite like the film, one of the better recent Allen efforts.
  7. It has some measure of excitement but yes, nothing like it should and nothing like Sign of Four. It has their eerie desolation of the moors and whatnot. Markedly different of course to the Sherlock version in series 2.
  8. Two of the Brett Sherlock Holmes feature length episodes. Master Blackmailer and then Sign of Four. Such a thrill to see Brett in action, the way he stands at the edge of the room listening or chasing down a villain. Sign of Four is particular of the two, being early in Brett's tenure he is able to show off much energy unlike later years where medication and illness took a toll (though he still retained some of his vigour). Sign of Four also something for some shots of London and a rather quaint-looking chase involving two old steam launches. And a rather strange looking-eccentric looking Ronald Lacey as Sholto.
  9. It's a good thing none of us has any interest in films or music or that sort of thing... God forbid
  10. Same here and, what's worse, there's nothing in HMV. aye, and in my town it's no HMV so...nothing really.
  11. Akiro Kurosawa/David Lean's Tora Tora Tora. Maybe not the greatest unmade but would've been something.
  12. well, it was a miniature... They arent very anatomically correct! Not the size of the tree, it's how you use it.
  13. Holy Tom Selleck this idea puts the quivers down me. Rather no new film than any reboot.
  14. Indeed, Sharkers. Looking at the Telegraph obit' he had some stories to tell about actors and directors, naturally. And judging by the DFC and AFC a brave man to boot. Bomber Command no less. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/10708990/Oswald-Morris.html What a rare and fine breed they were, that generation.
  15. Quite like the score, latter parts as Holmes runs to save Elizabeth (Holmes in Flight). Not too bad overall.
  16. Bummer. It's 10pm where we are, interestingly sandwiched between something on the Plantengents and Newsnight. I'll say this, it's off to a flyer. Seems to fortunately have continued in humour as it left off.
  17. Escape from Alcatraz absolutely cracking film. Personally, I think it helps that they were able to film on the island. Lended a realism or at least authenticity to it all. Next to that is Eastwood and Patrick McGoohan playing of all people, a warden. ("I intend to discover who are the prisoners, and who are the wardens"). Solid film overall.
  18. I take it John Barry didn't do some kind of riff on Some Mothers Do Ave 'Em's theme to tick Crawford off then.
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