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  1. Indeed, he was perfect in that. Seem to remember him in Maybe Baby, less said about that the better
  2. Shades of Tracy Island meets the Eden Project.
  3. Absolutely. I quite liked the Christmas special, where the delightful Sylvia Syms has passed away and it all spirals downward. Quite a moving episode, more-so when Smallbone reacts to the ingrates singing boozily in the church. That and I've liked Tom Hollander since seeing him in Cambridge Spies. Could've been a great Q or sinister businessman/Man from the Ministry type in Bond films.
  4. Must say, that the latter half of Empire aforementioned from about the Carbon Freeze up to the very end is probably my most favourite film music. Punch the air kind of feeling.
  5. Quite a big fan of it. I recently got the boxset but haven't had time to watch it. Remember when it first aired on Channel 4 back in the late 90s. Captured my imagination and the music is top notch, shame it never got a proper release (the official soundtrack CD consists of 60s' era songs mostly). Each episode was first rate and taught me a fair bit about Apollo. The Apollo 13 episode was good in how that fitted it around the movie with Clint Howard, doing it from a different angle. I remember first watching the opening episode and being quite moved by the Apollo 1 disaster. But then the opposite of the drama, the humour in "Spider" (building the LEM). And it featured a few well known faces of course.
  6. Didn't know there was a new series imminent. Thanks for the heads-up! no worries, Monday 24th BBC2 at 10pm. The last ever series according to Hollander. Maybe the odd one-off. Apparently such was the sudden fame of its cast (chiefly Olivia Colman) series 3 was delayed as long as it has been. That and other projects.
  7. Somehow I find that awfully terrifying. Maybe I'm being jarred by his cameo at the end of Goldmember.
  8. next to Rope's set (or at least the set-up with the skyline) it's pretty damn impressive. Imagine, nowadays to get Burr Stewart could've videoed it on his smartphone, texted it or something. No need to risk dear Gracie. (and how about Miss Torso? I say)
  9. The Cowboys right at the death it ratchets up as the climax of the film comes closer, "Into the Trap" and my favourite, "Stealing back the herd". When boys, became cowboys
  10. It's going well so far. Itching for the news series of Rev. to start next week.
  11. Gave my Hunt for Red October expanded a little spin. Proper listen tomorrow night. "Captain, what about the singing!?" "...Let them sing!""
  12. A possible future film might be that childhood favourite Bananaman. http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/bananaman/29749/bananaman-movie-planned-for-2015 the truest of British superheroes.
  13. Guess Alan Grant gets dragged to this new park kicking and screaming in a straitjacket.
  14. Battle Beyond the Stars You can't go home again. A film I remember as a kid and not seen since, probably for good reason. Just...nothing. If anything Horner's score seems to be his TWOK prototype, parts of the main theme and earlier tracks have hints of "Kirk in Space Shuttle"/"Enterprise Clears Moorings" and when JohnBoy goes into the attack at the end the start of the music is pretty much that opening of the "Genesis Countdown". I probably should've saved some time and watch TWOK. Again.
  15. the opposite of astonishing appears to be Hostages, but I've made it this far and might as well go down with the ship.
  16. I find there's a few scores that cheer up when depressed. Oddly Star Trek II/III, the 'Kirk Theme' aspects. And other non-Trek, non-Horner stuff.
  17. Star Trek V The Final Frontier (expanded) what sets Goldsmith apart, especially with TFF, is the 'alien' sound early on for Nimbus III. Horner had something slightly similar for Spock but Goldsmith truly makes the music sound like it could honestly have come from an alien environment. Quite fond of "Open the Gates" but a favourite, next to "Cosmic Thoughts", is "A Busy Man" where as the music builds the Klingon theme segues in and swiftly moves into something almost passionate as Kirk and co make their way across Sha-ka-ree.
  18. That film must've been fun to work on: McQueen/Newman, Holden, Wagner, Simpson, Astaire, Chamberlain. Though yes, always Poseidon trumping it. Left such an impression as a kid. Haunting score to boot.
  19. I'm probably alone in wanting at some point a proper release of Revenge of the Sith. I've got a, shall we say, rough copy but aside from films listed above Sith is one I'm keen on.
  20. Indeed, but I find Towering Inferno has enough of a hook. At least in the shape of McQueen. It's got a certain campy appeal to it, I agree. Great seeing the dastardly Richard Chamberlain's comeuppance and McQueen and Newman competing for the spotlight. Think Newman said (words to the effect of) McQueen being crafty in that they got the same number of lines but McQueen's started mostly after Newman had done most of his. Sort of glad Towering Inferno 2 never happened. McQueen I think was contracted to do it or something.
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