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  1. Indeed, but I find Towering Inferno has enough of a hook. At least in the shape of McQueen.
  2. well, the last film I breezed through was The Trouble with Harry. Rollicking. On that note, onto A View to a Kill.
  3. Indeed. His talk show appearances tend to boil down to send-ups of these roles like his last one on Jonathan Ross (though a little amusing as he read Beiber's lyrics in that tough man style). He might come back one day.
  4. Bit of a riot this Burmese lark. Initially after Clarkson (in the studio) says: "We call it BURMA!" I expected John Barry's Zulu theme to accompany the next portion. Much of the laughter I had towards the end, James May's comment about the fifth leg of a horse helping it to milk, May's tent and all the rest. Pow-ah!
  5. Towering Inferno. A couple of favourite moments one being the final few moments of "Trapped Lovers" as Wagner makes his suicidal run as well as the end of "Planting the Charges" accompanying the zoom-in on the actors' faces including McQueen's "I've had enough of this" expression.
  6. Plugging into Bergerac's second series and today featuring Norman Wisdom. Considering he's playing a safe cracker probably not the intention to have this smile on my face. Norm seemed at one point on the verge of breaking into some sort of routine at one point but hell with it, good to see the legend in action all the same.
  7. on that note, the Leslie Phillips movie Crooks Anonymous. Lovable Leslie is the pulling power but a verily half-decent cast carry the hijinks along decently. It has its points, decent fun but what a sight Julie Christie was. This was her first/second film (around the time of The Fast Lady). "He-llo!"
  8. Indeed, I think either Close Encounters of ET got my ahead of the Star Wars main title, alas.
  9. I'll scupper the classiness by linking some Meco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFwRSGLT_6M&list=FLQ8ymmZwPO5DdffZUurvkYg when I was a kid my dad had this MECO Across the Galaxy casette and I came home from somewhere once to hear this booming out and loving the moment at the end: "Bye, bye...bye, bye..." The Black Hole tune was and is funky.
  10. A New Hope, mainly the second half. Be it Princess Leia's Theme, so powerful both in its quiet moments but when it swells. Ben Kenobi's Death, the shock at Obi-Wan's death, the aftermath and the moment the TIE's attack ("Here they come!") or when the X-wings barrel roll into action and that relentless sound as Darth Vader makes the attack on Luke, Wedge and Biggs.
  11. After Skyfall I'm much more looking forward to the next film than I was after seeing QOS. And if they could get Newman back it'd be twice as decent to look forward to. It's the chance to see Fiennes' M stretch his legs a bit and the new Moneypenny (or at least these two in their 'new' roles).
  12. Expectation builds towards the Christmas special, forget Rambo, it's Top Gear in Burma. A country I can never hear without hearing Graham Chapman's feminine squeal of "Bur-ma!" in a Python sketch. Anyhow, been an alright series this time round. Dwelling on what is scripted is a hiding to nothing but Clarkson's gloating over Piers Morgan's fate was hilarious.
  13. Loved the original House of Cards and indeed the sequel series'. Ian Richardson was a heck of an actor.
  14. watched The Four Musketeers. Forget the BBC reinvention, this is where it's at as far as my Muskeeter-fandom is concerned. Seen these many times since childhood but this time round truly appreciated Reed's acting, chiefly when with Dunaway but also early on when talking about milady. Failing that, Raquel Welch. Doesn't do much, doesn't have to.
  15. Tend to think of an old Bob Hope joke from around 1942 concerning Crimea. As for knowing about it, did much of it in my second year at uni though mainly the war. And that was years ago now (uni that is)
  16. Recall my dismay at Lincoln's failure last year at the Oscars, bar Day-Lewis of course.
  17. Clash of Lightsabers, chiefly during Leia et al's flight through Cloud City
  18. I'll potter about for a time but aren't too bothered about the Oscars this time round.
  19. That ramped up JP theme coinciding with the appearance of the military craft at the end of Jurassic Park III still makes me cringe. JPIII has its moments but very few.
  20. Think the Rush OST is likely the only Zimmer I'll ever buy. For now at any rate.
  21. "I had two HUUUUGE handfuls!" would Frasier have the same problem vis a vis taking a photo if he had an iphone? Debatable.
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