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  1. As I missed it first time round. No particular order. 1. Star Trek II 2. Star Trek III 3. Glory 4. Clear and Present Danger 5. Apollo 13
  2. having watched the movie Friday, revisited Logan's Run. Personally one of my favourite Goldsmith's from the opening to tracks like "On the Circuit", "Assignment" ("Question? No one has been renewed?"), "Terminated in Cathedral" (the steady build to when Francis fires on the runner) and the triumphant "The Sun".
  3. parts of Ron Goodwin's Force 10 from Navarone, theme and "Bridge Down"
  4. I don't think I can. Trying to rip my Wind and Lion disc froze up the media player. Wouldn't mind but the cost of the disc to begin with.
  5. New copies of Batman'66 and Superman (Rhino). My current copies seemed to have gotten scratched and hard to play all of a sudden. Sadly my Wind and the Lion from Intrada won't work at all but can't afford a new copy. Sort of like having 'hard' copies even though I rip them to laptop or my phone. Debating whether to send them off to get fixed.
  6. Went on a Shire binge- Pelham 123, Hindenburg and my favourite, Big Bus I've not seen the lattermost for years, but love the main theme -that 70s sound and yet somehow epic in the mould of disaster movies of the time. Outside of the main theme quite fond of Springfield Sequence and Harbinger Curve, again for the 70s/epic mix. last night, Leith Stevens' scores for War of the Worlds and When Worlds Collide.
  7. It had me within seconds but then I've been a sucker to this theme since hearing it on my Dad's old cassette. But then 3.21 happened and from then on swept away by it. If he can do this with an old theme, I have some hope for Episode IX.
  8. Star Wars- The Corellian Edition Airport, Alfred Newman To Sir With Love, Ron Grainer et al Police Academy, Robert Folk
  9. I watched the Star Wars Prequels yesterday. Sith always makes me think of how easily swayed I was by it all at Leicester Square. Williams' music sealed the deal in that regard, the Jedi Purge, Battle of the Heroes but now, onto the Producers (1967) "That's our Hitler!"
  10. Would throw in Raise the Titanic. The score though maybe not Barry's best is one I quite enjoy. The film not so much.
  11. So far, The Spark is my favourite track -the use of Luke & Leia, Han Solo & the Princess and then that music as Luke leaves to go outside and the climax which has echoes of the Imperial theme. Not altogether sold on Rose's Theme, sounds like something done before I can't place -such are my ears but the whole score is gradually growing on me.
  12. 1.48 to about 2.00/2.03 accompanying the diving into the garbage chute by our heroes
  13. love the Pelham score, seems to be all I can remember from the actual film. -- Jaws: The Revenge, Michael Small again, better than the film.
  14. Borderline options 3 and 4. Was going to go a second time, but might favour Darkest Hour instead.
  15. Undecided after one listen, not on a level with Episode 7 -the Finale seems confused, all these themes thrown together. I'd score 8/10, though where I'd have it against the other seven films will be seen after a few more listens.
  16. Indeed, I suppose it kind of counts -even though it was in the midst of their 'film composer' sections -Morricone, Zimmer and Barry being the only other represented composers.
  17. got my hands on The Last Jedi. Decided to browse the 'John Williams' section which was filled instead with four "Hans Zimmer in Prague" CD's, one Best of John Barry 2CD and one CD for the other John Williams. HMV you see.
  18. It's Out of Control and Heading Your Way: John Williams' Life in Music...
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