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  1. Listened to a clutch of Schifrin's: Dirty Harry, Dead Pool and Kelly's Heroes then went festive with Bruce Broughton's Miracle on 34th Street. Man's gotta know his limitations.
  2. I play his music, I try to spread it at work. His music that is. Seem to recall when I was trying to shift a spare copy of Force Awakens, that my Star Wars nut friend at work wasn't keen. I said, but it's the music that makes it what it is. No dice. I remember trying to get my Dad to listen to Williams, he's a big John Barry fan and wasn't keen on trying something non-JB. Then the other month told that he listened to Saving Private Ryan and was surprised it didn't 'sound the same as most of JW's work'. So...well, yeah.
  3. Watched the Dirty Harry sequels over the past week or so and now Patriot Games. Take Ford's Ryan over what came after anytime. Tends to be who I visualise as 'President Ryan', something helped by Air Force One I guess. Shame Baldwin didn't do this and Clear and Present Danger.
  4. Well, I'll say what I like is that he seems quite humble and not above himself. Small beer. I scrolled up to the original post.
  5. Veered between the Dam Busters Theme (as heard in the film and the melody afterwards when we see the doctor driving to Wallis' home) and then Rey's theme.
  6. Hunt for Red October, Poledouris (Intrada) again Sudden Impact, Magnum Force, Schifrin I watched the Dirty Harry sequels lately and the music is the one good thing as they get closer to the end. Otherwise, I've listened to 'regular' music lately.
  7. Very much tempted. Found an expanded score as such on YouTube, the highlight is Ice Palace Car Chase. The Titanic release also tempts but can make do with what I have in that regard. DAD it is.
  8. absolutely, I can't remember massive disagreements but we must have knackered the VHS' of some of these films. Still remember the old ITN/ITV idents for the Final Countdown. My Dad had a knoack of cutting the breaks out when recording. Wish I had them now, be like a museum piece. Grease 2 should be the bane of anyone's life, really Haha. I dare- say the likes of Summer Holiday, the Young Ones and Sound of Music were the films that could prove quite divisive on Sunday's.
  9. Jaws 2 (2CD from Intrada) Spielberg/Williams -still dig the climax of "Out to Sea/Shark Cage Fugue" on this version. The triumph. Quiller Memorandum- John Barry (also Intrada).
  10. I seem to have lived in one of those homes. Off the top of my head: A View to a Kill, Diamonds Are Forever, Independence Day, the Final Countdown, a few of the Carry On's (chiefly Cabby, Sergeant and Nurse). Outside of my family, I'd say my most watched, and possibly verging on the 50+: The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock and the Voyage Home plus On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  11. Towering Inferno and the Paper Chase, Williams. Trapped Lovers and Planting the Charges always assured favourites of the former.
  12. Not a whole series as such but episodes from my best of the Phil Silvers Show (Sgt. Bilko) boxset. Never, ever, fails.
  13. Rummaged into my Intrada's and listened to Meteor, Clear and Present Danger and Hunt for Red October no matter how often I listen, "Woodroom/Finale" from CAPD just does the trick. The way it builds and keeps going. Almost a shame it ends. Until I got the expanded score, "Ambush" was my favourite track. Again how it built and built until the attack on the convoy started. Meteor, as much as the film was bad, isn't too bad musically. "The Russians Arrive" always chimes in my mind like a track from a Western when it starts, it has a Williamseque sound in parts which I might be reaching for after reading that Williams was offered Meteor but recommended Rosenthal. And Red October, well, personally...always enjoyable. The hymn of course but "Ancestral Aid" (largely for the scene it coincides with, Connery's performance catching the cup just before Red October is traced by the torpedo as the sub banks and being damn calm when hell's a popping) or "Nuclear Scam", "Kaboom!" and others.
  14. McQ, Elmer Bernstein Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) Gabriel Yared/Stephane Moucha Der Untergang (The Downfall) Stephan Zacharias
  15. Watched Parkland based on Vincent Bugliosi's Four Days in November. Not bad, not good but found myself expecting if not wishing that Williams' JFK theme played on the credits. Think it might have worked better as the mini-series it was intended to be.
  16. Part of the Towering Inferno's main theme. Read one of the books the film was based on the other day (The Tower) and today theme bubbled to the top. Hence, onto the movie itself.
  17. Went old school these past few weeks and went through my boxset of The Persuaders. From the Barry theme on down, solid lock.
  18. This is an inspirational title. Look forward to "Ben: A Star Wars Story".
  19. Seems doing a best to worst list seems sacrilegious. That and I wouldn't know where to begin. Paper Chase would be unnaturally high I know that much.
  20. Khartoum- Frank Cordell Operation Crossbow- Ron Goodwin The Eiger Sanction- Williams (Friends and Enemies is my favourite, I dig the sound of it) and, Hatari! Henry Macini until I saw the film I had only ever heard Goodwin's cover of Baby Elephant Walk but the soundtrack itself seals the deal. Love the sounds for the safari (the film's drawer beyond it's cast must be the African locations) and Baby Elephant Walk be it lengthened or shortened is a delight.
  21. a sprinkling of John Barry's: Goldfinger, Thunderball, Across the Sea of Time and Hanover Street.
  22. I like Quiller on a few levels, chiefly Berlin (or West Berlin in this case), feels quite atmospheric and then there's the John Barry music aiding it. The cast is great and there's Senta Berger in her prime. As someone said, the plot's nonsensical and a bit daft but it's enjoyable. This and Bridge at Remagen made me a fan of George Segal. Being the anniversary of Market-Garden I tend to view Bridge Too Far now and it's still a solid film. Right down to Hardy Kruger's exclamations as XXX Corps rolls across Nijmegen Bridge ("Who can stop them now?/No-one" or the human roadblock and John Addison's music for that scene. Arnhem was quite simply, a tragedy of colossal errors and I think Attenborough did a decent job trying to put it all on screen. Still, it gave him Gandhi, so he said.
  23. Arlington has to be one of Williams' most moving pieces. Conjures thoughts of Kennedy, what might have been, hopes realised and lost. Loss generally.
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