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  1. It may be a "direct" sequel but it's such a tonally different film from the II and III that it makes sense that Nimoy would want to go for a different sound that was remiscent of the classic light hearted episodes, rather than continue the more dramatic stuff from the last two. I don't really care that we miss out on Spock's theme as I got all I wanted from those two scores. Being a direct sequel shouldn't restrict you to just sticking to a particular sound or composer, especially if the new sound fits like a glove with the specific film. All I can say is I strongly disag
  2. A lot of the complaints seem to come down to "it doesn't sound like the other scores", which is such a bullshit criticism. Scores should be judged by how well they fit into the film, not the fucking franchise. It's the same kind of gripes I heard over GOLDENEYE's score because Eric Serra made a score that was unique and perfectly suitable to that film, rather than just taking a "traditional" approach by copying John Barry, which you'd get in full spades anyway with David Arnold's banal run. I've heard Rosenman's comments on why he repurposed previous material like LOTR onto this sc
  3. I look forward to another soundtrack that turns out to be just a bunch of pop tunes and only two tracks by Faltermeyer.
  4. There is this certain sound effect David Arnold used in some of the Bond songs he produced that always caught my attention. I don't know exactly what you call it, but it's this weird electronic buzzing sound right before kd Lang starts singing in "Surrender". You can even hear it in the songs he remade with artists on the Shaken and Stirred compilation album, and he would go onto use it for Bassey's "No Good About Goodbye".
  5. I believe those were new recordings by Newman, he simply used the Arnold's "The Names Bond... James Bond" arrangement and put in his own touches. You can tell it's different just by the guitar. It's either for Newman wanting to keep some consistency with the two Craig films or as you suggest Broccoli/Wilson simply like it enough to have Newman do new recordings of it.
  6. Would be nice to release a 2 disc deluxe version with all cues avail.
  7. Arnold belongs where he's been spending the last few years: On TV. If not Newman, I want Alberto Iglesias.
  8. Has anyone been able to compile a chronological list of tracks that appear in SPECTRE? Speaking of which, why do soundtracks generally have the tracks out of order? I never understood the reasons behind that.
  9. You like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that much? No. Those were inter-dimensional beings, mister. Big difference.
  10. I recently revisited E.T. Other than the fantastic Williams score, it still doesn't do anything for me. I prefer his other two alien films to be honest.
  11. He only captured Barry's sound at the surface level, beyond that he's not very exceptional.
  12. Given his lack of film projects over the years, I'm guessing most have caught on that Arnold isn't anything special. And yet, most in Bond forums seem to think he's the heir of John Barry or something.
  13. Fucking Apple. I was planning on getting a new classic iPod in a few weeks. Naturally, after this announcement the prices spike up. Ugh.
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