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  1. I also forgot. Some are running for decent prices on Amazon. I'm seeing anywhere from $50 to $200.
  2. I vote THE LOST WORLD. Wish we'd get a proper expansion. Williams really does a good job of writing music to match the jungle setting of the film. The main theme works great, too. Very militant, like the antagonists of the film.
  3. Zack Snyder, talking out of his ass:
  4. That might be the best recent example of a completely serious but completely shitty blockbuster.
  5. I think MICHAEL CLAYTON is excellent. Sharky doesn't agree, if I remember correctly...
  6. Is the Cold War thriller based on a book? Has any source mentioned that yet?
  7. I haven't bothered with the remake, but Peckinpah's version is excellent. Almost as good as BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA, which I think is his best film. I highly recommend that and THE GETAWAY. I scored those Blu-rays at FYE, which I never bothering shopping at because their prices are absolutely ridiculous. However, I was able to get BULLITT for $8.99 and THE GETAWAY for $5.99.
  8. Definitely. Ben Harper's a dumbfuck for dumping her.
  9. I don't think I've seen a film since 1993 with CGI work as good as JURASSIC PARK's. It still holds up well today, although the film itself isn't great. I credit JURASSIC PARK for my nearly life-long crush on Laura Dern. Phil Tippett's daughter went to school with me. Her thesis project was a documentary on her father. Pretty interesting. Friendly girl, too.
  10. Yeah, I find it pretty funny when people take comic book/superhero films seriously, most of all. I don't care if grown men read comic books; however, it's hard to deny that they were written primarily for children. With that, I find it mind boggling how and why adults critically analyze films about men in capes who fight aliens from outer space just because Zeke Snyder* and Chris Nolan directed the films. You'd be better off examining the "seriousness" of Sesame Street or The Magic School Bus. Kudos to the filmmakers for trying to make a thought-provoking GODZILLA film, though. Nice try, but it's still about a giant lizard who breathes fire and stomps around cities. *And if you take that hack's work seriously, then there's really no fucking hope for you.
  11. Peter Mayhew was getting sick of the $450/week paycheck, while Ford was banking a cool $20,000/week. Beware of the domino effect. Kenny Baker may have his revenge on Mayhew, as I'm sure he's only being paid with Subway and Olive Garden restaurant gift cards. Poor lil bugger.
  12. "I worked on Jurassic World and all I got was this shitty wristband."
  13. It doesn't show up, though. I just see two arrows revolving around the GrooveShark logo.
  14. I still blame this tragedy on the director, B.J. Adams.
  15. http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Judgement+Day/2GKXET?src=5 (How do you embed GrooveShark on this site?)
  16. I read in the New York Times that Gary Busey will take over the role of Han Solo.
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