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  1. I meant the 4 years between QOS and Skyfall ... as I said, he goes from new 00 agent to Mallory saying 'There's no shame in admitting you've lost a step, why not go and live quietly somewhere?'.
  2. I can only surmise the 'unseen' missions between Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall REALLY took their toll on Bond, because he goes from being a 'freshly minted' 00 agent in QOS to people hinting that he's 'past it' in Skyfall . Maybe the point is that he always proves them wrong?
  3. Well, yes. Let's face it, burning soy lattes isn't going to provide much heat. I thang yew.
  4. Bond is at least still a heterosexual white man who loves his country and kills in its defence, probably drinks too much, has a sardonic sense of humour and any stability in his personal life is usually short-lived. And thank Christ for that.
  5. War Of The Worlds - felt the need to cleanse my palate of the recent, disappointing BBC adaptation with a well-done version. Spielberg conveys the panic, terror and destruction brilliantly (there's little of his traditional 'uplift' here) and Cruise is great as the ordinary guy caught up in extraordinary events. JW's score is ... pretty low-key.
  6. I am looking forward to his and Gatiss' take on Dracula, coming soon to the BBC. Moffat saying that after the likes of Twilight they wanted to put the creepiness back into vampires and Gatiss saying that it's essentially about the 'attractiveness of the Devil' are promising signs.
  7. This is what the show can mean to people. Honestly makes me well up.
  8. Well said, Richard. I take comfort in our enduring heroes (new Who trailers, No Time To Die trailer debuting tomorrow) because by God we need them more than ever.
  9. Doctor Who returns on New Year's Day (a Wednesday, after which it will revert to Sunday evenings) with an episode entitled 'Spyfall'. Trailer with some new bits -
  10. The DB5's machine-guns look like they've had an upgrade!
  11. Knives Out - a stellar cast get a clever, twisty and funny script to work with in this spiffy 'whodunnit'. A lot of fun.
  12. I've just remembered the health warning about the use of tobacco products in the LTK end credits. Something to do with the detonator for the plastic explosive being disguised as a pack of Lark cigarettes (a real-life brand), I think. No warning about how pissing off a ruthless drug lord mightn't be great for your health either, strangely enough .
  13. Ah yes, from the TND pre-credits sequence.
  14. The onscreen smoking preferences of each Bond - Connery + Lazenby - cigs Moore - cigars Dalton - cigs Brosnan - just one cigar, in DAD Craig - doesn't touch 'em, but to compensate is probably the hardest-drinking Bond of them all
  15. It's making Superman 'dark' that I find ridiculous ... he's an indestructible alien who can fly, shoot heat rays from his eyes etc. for fuck's sake.
  16. I doubt that these days ... that said, there's probably no need to go as far in the other direction as Affleck's embittered neck-snapping Bats either. The Bale movies trod an ideal middle-ground ... sure there's darkness, but still room for Bond-and-Q type banter between Bruce and Lucius Fox.
  17. This one's back in No Time To Die, despite Bond self-destructing it in Daylights. All hail the 'magic' of a reboot timeline!
  18. As far as I recall, it was in The Spy Who Loved Me, blows up when a henchman tries to break into it in FYEO and then Bond gets a replacement Turbo Espirit later in that film.
  19. Yeah, he maybe could've called it a day after For Your Eyes Only but SHOULD have after Octopussy. Speaking of Bond ... The November Man - perhaps a still-undimmed yearning for Bond led to Brosnan starring in and exec-producing this passable espionage actioner, who knows? Something similar might also be why Olga Kurylenko accepted her part. The only other cast member I recognised was Will Patton.
  20. Doctor's in a tux, introduces herself as 'Doctor ... The Doctor' and it's rumoured that Fry's character is some sort of M-type spymaster. 'Who does Bond' has potential to be a really fun watch, although at this stage I'm just speculating of course.
  21. New series trailer. Judoon! What might be a Racnoss! Cybermen! Lenny Henry! Stephen Fry!
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