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  1. Hmmm. Let's see... My favorite making-of behind the scenes stuff would have to be Capturing Avatar (a 98-minute documentary that talks about the making of James Cameron's 2009 3D sci-fi epic blockbuster movie AVATAR)... The Lord of the Rings extended edition DVD appendices, but especially the one 40-minute documentary from the Lord of the Rings The Two Towers extended DVD that talks about bringing the creature Gollum/Smeagol to life on the movie screen... The Beginning, Making the controversial Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
  2. Well, lucky you, Holko, This is what I am talking about: Dreams to Dream is from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991), BTW. Actually, no, Kasey, I am not talking about the Donkey Kong rap, mind you, I am discussing a song called Dreams to Dream from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. That song is to me what When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio was to Steven Spielberg and his work on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, especially. That's all.
  3. I was actually just kidding with you guys, for this idea of mine might not be real life, but I was actually talking about how I like the song "Dreams to Dream" from Fievel Goes West so much, similar to how Spielberg liked the song When You Wish Upon a Star so much. In no way am I a bot nor is it my intention to push an ad or a scam on you guys. I am a human being like you and it is just that I was talking about Dreams to Dream from Fievel Goes West. That's all. P.S. I was actually discussing a long forgotten but beautiful song from an equally long forgotten Spielberg-pr
  4. Yep. And I don't know about what everyone else thinks of it, but as for the song that I was talking about -- 'Dreams to Dream' -- especially Tanya Mousekewitz's version as sung by Cathy Cavadini (aka The Powerpuff Girls' leader Blossom on Cartoon Network) in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West... That song (Dreams to Dream from Fievel Goes West, no less) is to me, myself, and I what Pinocchio's When You Wish Upon A Star as sung by Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket in the 1940 Disney film was to Steven Spielberg especially way back when Spielberg himself was making Close En
  5. Yeah, that and When You Wish Upon a Star influencing Spielberg and Williams' work on Close Encounters' music! BTW, Chen G., just try to stick with the program here. Anyway, in that movie the aforementioned An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Fievel's sister Tanya Mousekewitz has wanted to be -- of all things -- a singer, right? Well, guess what? In that aforementioned Fievel Goes West movie, she finally gets her chance and opportunity to sing when, one day, a cat, of all creatures, happened to discover Tanya's rather beautiful and very
  6. I'm not sure what to do at first. I know the song that I'm talking about is long forgotten compared to Pinocchio's When You Wish Upon a Star or the first American Tail's Somewhere Out There, but Dreams to Dream, especially the Cathy Cavadini version, is a very beautiful song nonetheless.
  7. Hello, people...I'm back! Anyway, way back in the year 1977 (the same year that George Lucas' original Star Wars movie came out on 32 to 40 movie theaters and unexpectedly became the most gigantic hit of the land during the summer of 1977 and the following years), while working on the classic science fiction movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"... Filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his music composer John Williams had this Disney song in mind: The very sounds of Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards as Jiminy Cricket singing the song "When
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, this may already seem an unusual procedure for me to speak to you all before we begin this memorial/appreciation topic about even the music of a certain dead film and television music composer, but... I know this film and TV composer guy has been dead for a decade already but I am a great fan of this guy's scoring style. In fact, according to TV Tropes, this guy "was a very prolific composer so awesome he even scared the hell out of his peers....He was known for his thunderous, percussive orchestrations, his love for strange musical instruments, and his in
  9. Hi again! So, I was surfing the internet this morning, when I stumbled upon this quote from an Animated Views interview with composer Frode Fjellheim on Disney's Frozen's native spirit (I am not talking about the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans or the more popular song "Let It Go" sung by the character of Queen Elsa in Disney's Frozen, but rather the "Vuelie" that opens the movie.): Is that true? After all, do you remember the opening sound of Lebo M’s African/Zulu chant during the opening Lion King sunrise? Or the native chant at the beginning of Disney’s Brother Bear? Any example
  10. Hello. My name is Timothy. And I am new here to this site. Anyway, I don't know whether or not you could lock it away for good or move it to somewhere else, but I need some help regarding any potential music ideas/suggestions for a movie idea of mine...especially with which appropriate kind(s) of musical instruments (woodwinds, percussion, etc.) as well as which appropriate musical sounds/accents for me and/or a potential music composer to employ to represent the musical sounds of two diverse cultures. Most recently, I was talking about doing a live action/animated movie someday, a movie ide
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