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  1. Wait, do you mean the trills from bar 6 to 9? I definitely hear those in the recordings...
  2. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will perform Star Wars: A New Hope live to film July 12-13, 2018. Tickets go on sale March 28. For those of us living within reasonable distance, I hope they do the other OT films if this one is successful! https://pittsburghsymphony.org/production/59401/star-wars-a-new-hope
  3. This is how a lot of research is done in the university archives I work for. A patron will submit a request through email or phone, we pull the material and scan it if it's not done already, then send it to the patron electronically. The problem with Williams's collection is the vast amount of material that will be included. It'll take time (years?) to process, arrange, and catalog before patrons can gain access. Ditization will likely be even further down the road as it's not a high priority for many archives since it can be quite costly. Regarding copyright, we had a patron recen
  4. Well as an archivist-in-training, I guess I know where to keep my eyes peeled for job openings.
  5. Yeah, my guess is it'll just be Rebellion too, especially since that's the upcoming John Williams Signature Edition release from Hal Leonard. I was hoping for more, like the TFA suite, but alas...
  6. The same can be said about the Empire version. The horns are even more prominent in that one.
  7. I noticed the edit here too, and to me it sounds like the suspended cymbal changes channels during that run, like the editor used a synth cymbal to mask the edit (a common technique). They could have used other samples too to "enhance" the music, like what was done in the first teaser for TFA, when the Main Title plays with an obvious synth bass boost. I'm still convinced it's Williams/TLJ music that has been tampered with. I'm not eating my hat just yet!
  8. I will eat my hat if that turns out not to be John Williams. The rhythm accelerating through the measure is reminiscent of Imperial Attack and the Imperial March. The melody dances around but doesn't quite mimic the Imperial March completely, which you would expect since the First Order are descendants/copycats of the Empire (it would be anachronistic for Williams to quote the Imperial March in reference to the FO). A couple people mentioned the lack of woodwinds, but they're almost certainly doubling the strings in the latter half, in both the rhythm and the two runs (the latter o
  9. I started off with a pretty pessimistic attitude toward Giacchino's Rogue One, but it grew on me. Honestly, I've hardly stopped listening since December, although I only listen to about half of the tracks on the album nowadays. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize the choral first half of "Hope" is Vader's theme. I really like the new Imperial theme (which probably should've been called Krennic's Theme to separate it from the Imperial March); Jyn's theme is short and sweet but too repetitive and the suite version is not great (ugh, those blaring trumpets...); the Guardian of the
  10. There was some sort of kerfuffle between Williams and the Boston Symphony Orchestra/the Pops back in the 80s(?), but I don't remember the context.
  11. Could the "misstep" with the new Imperial/Krennic theme be that it's in too "peppy" of a key? I don't know much about keys and moods, but what if it were in a different key? Also, I was listening to the OST again and my brain kept connecting Jyn's Theme with the Imperial/Krennic theme, even though that's obviously not what the music was doing. It was like the Imperial statement could have finished off the statement of Jyn's theme. They both have similar jumps between notes in the first few bars (and so does the Hope Theme for that matter), which is what made me think of the Imperial/Krennic t
  12. They had a choir but didn't do Duel of the Fates! 0/10, would not listen again.
  13. Strange (and disappointing) they didn't include the full end credits suite on the OST. That would've been the highlight of the whole album.
  14. I've listened to it through once (not having seen the film yet). It's okay, nothing that great and nothing really disappointing. I did get bored halfway through though, and didn't get back into it until "The Master Switch." The best bits for me were the reappearances of old themes. I've had the new Imperial theme stuck in my head since that one "highlights" clip released last week, but the full version is a bit meh. The other themes aren't bad. I liked Jyn's theme but I can't remember it now... The "Across the Stars"-like theme I didn't even notice until it's concert suite rendition at th
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