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  1. It's not DC advertising it, it's Gia sharing it from his personal account. Who gets excited for movies anymore?
  2. Here we go again, judging an entire score by just a few seconds of the end of a cue...
  3. It just depends whether the company you order from offers alternative services from USPS. I usually use DHL which is a lot faster but can be pricey.
  4. A combination of no available flights outbound and the fact the Australia Post is struggling to keep up with the influx of parcels. Apparently last month saw more parcels through the system than last year's christmas period.
  5. Here's the show I've been working on for the last three months: Looks like absolute bollocks.
  6. The impression I got from listening to this does not yield much hope this score will standout like some of Zimmer's past scores have - or even sit among the best scores of the last decade. This is basically Gladiator in Space.
  7. I bought the Phase 4 set too, and I echo your sentiments @Holko I wish there were a few more pieces from North by Northwest - does anyone know if there was a remastered score for that film available anywhere?
  8. Some of it oddly reminds me of Mermaids from On Stranger Tides. Yet, that's a stronger theme!
  9. But Desplat ain't a Yankee. @SilverTrumpet There’s a way of saying 'This piece didn't stand out to me' instead it just sounds like you have a hearing problem you want the world to know about. You're like a devout vegan, only, John Williams is your pick-up line!
  10. Crimes of Grindelwald confirmed to me that what Rowling likes to write most is the sinewy, amorphous intrigue of stories like Half-Blood Prince where there's several mysteries wrapped in one. The problem when you translate this to something like Fantastic Beasts is that you prematurely suck the magic out of the story. The political/mystery elements of Harry Potter were rightfully developed much later in the story, not in the first book like what Rowling has attempted with Beasts. And just to add to that, Wizarding attire is incongruous to the same of what Muggles wear in any period.
  11. Although your reply was in jest, I seriously don't recognise the authority of twitterarians or their ability to cancel anyone.
  12. Balfe's HDM has a strong theme, but as is usual for his work, it all sounds like it's coming from a computer. Even the main titles has that Zimmerite processed horn blaring to make it sound specifically from the 2010s.
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