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  1. We lost the man, but his legacy will live on longer than any of us.
  2. What a fucking useless figure Vader would be if we cut to Tatooine and we see him shambling through the sand like a drunken idiot.
  3. I would argue you couldn't have Return of the King without the first two; FotR and TTT still made use of choir unlike other contemporary films.
  4. Well, he inadvertently helped Voldemort release a giant spider into the Forbidden Forest... That's enough to be cancelled over.
  5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - scores that absolutely define the films they accompany and transcend them into that blissful 'Herrmann Gate' principle - that scores should exist beyond their filmic boundaries.
  6. Request to move this disenchanting commentary to the appropriate disenchantment thread @Jay
  7. Let's not forget also, it was Hagrid who flew Baby Harry from Godric's Hollow to the Dursley's @bollemanneke it makes sense Hagrid feels some sort of a protective bond, almost like he's Harry's uncle.
  8. Who are you, Benjamin Button? That's a matter of perspective, but I agree - trying to appeal to the fans in some woke olympics is a foolish thing to do!
  9. Rowling has shared similar sentiments on how fans have appreciated her work versus how she personally saw them, and by the way, nothing she has tweeted, blogged, said - whatever - is nowhere near as transphopic as many dilettante SJW's claim her remarks to be.
  10. @crumbs where are you getting this info about Williams' disliking TRoS' handling from?
  11. Never noticed the bongos - but there they are! I don't think that's a mixing issue, rather mixed quietly as to fill out the sound of the accompanying parts. If the bongos were any louder I think it might sound a little overwhelming.
  12. Put this up on redbubble a few years ago as a sticker, however their artist's margin means I get 21 cents for each sale. Will be taking it down in the next few weeks to sell myself.
  13. I don't think that's fair to say, especially after you can hear his progression from Medal of Honor to The Incredibles to John Carter / Jupiter Ascending - if ever there was a project for Giacchino to go all-out it was for that dud of a film. It links to my next point too, that it seems like it's the type of project, how much musical freedom he has and what type of music the films require. You've also got to think that the paired-down, minimalistic scores he's produced for Jojo Rabbit or Bad Times at the El Royale were what the directors/producers were looking for in the first place. We all hope for some catchy, expansive, detailed orchestral score, but the films he's writing for just don't demand them and to be honest, after watching those films, the music's role took a backseat compared to the bigger blockbusters where themes are interwoven and developed over two and half hours. Also, you're lumping all these prolific composers together all of whom have had as much or more success than Giacchino, who've been around for longer, are attached to projects where their music has been well received and followed for decades. It's a shame that Giacchino has been attached to a bunch of flops, but I feel as if we're yet to hear all there is from him in the coming years...
  14. Alien 5 could've been the proper resuscitation this franchise wanted like The Force Awakens was for Star Wars. Scott's Prometheus/Covenant bullshit is depressingly grim nonsense that riffs on the original films without being anything worthwhile!
  15. I've gone through a similar thing with modern film scores - I'll go back to the classics but my main interest now has been anime and game music which has been far more inventive than the stolid rut film scores have themselves in.
  16. I've often thought film scores are paradoxical; they're unnoticed when they're there, missed when they're absent. It's strange to think about some dramatic scene, something realistic or ordinary and then you hear an orchestra playing in the background, but we just accept it as a part of what makes film... work? Perhaps that's why film scores have become more minimalistic to match the realism films are trying to go for until in the future there's no musical accompaniment whatsoever which sounds depressing, but to the tastes of future generations will sound normal.
  17. That's one way to lump people together who share contrasting opinions as one homogeneous group. The problem isn't with Daenerys's character (although one could argue it was) but with the way it was handled in the final few episodes. As for Westworld, I think season three was a bit gratuitous in the way it dealt with certain plotlines which deserved a more expansive view. It felt disappointing to get through an entire season and nothing feeling substantial or worthwhile, which is doubly disappointing considering the last two seasons had teased the escape to the human world.
  18. Whatever floats your boat... I thought it felt like a severely unfocused and rushed final season which destroyed years of development in a handful of episodes. I didn't cry about because I was never really that invested in the show.
  19. Let's say Disney hadn't purchased the franchise: either George Lucas would've attempted a new trilogy or it would've gone through an assortment of hands, dozens of reboots, botched sequels etc. As much as I've felt in the past that Disney have monopolized and sold every aspect of the franchise in a sloppy way, at least they've kept a strong grip on their property, with consistency and integrity in dealing with the legacy of the OT. In my mind, the Last Jedis and the Solos and the Rise of Skywalkers were bound to happen regardless of who owned them. Once you start to play with such a beloved universe, you soon realize it's a slim margin of error before you're the next person to 'ruin someone's childhood'.
  20. Saw some ridiculous tweet with the caption 'Harry Potter has no author'. Does anyone else find it frightening that JK's comments weren't only misconstrued to make out as if she had been a gun-toting anti-trans activist, but that all her Potter compatriots felt some pressure or guilt that unless they stated what everyone expected of them in faux statements of solidarity then they would be devoured by their followers? We've seen so many examples of what the extreme far-right can accomplish that have scarred our society when left unchecked, but rarely have we seen the full extent of a warped leftist, PC culture when they're the one's in power. It's censorship again, silencing dissenting opinions again. There's no room for nuance when one would think that the plight of trans people and other beleaguered minorities requires a nuanced level of discourse? Time and time again, celebrities, corporations and all manner of people who've erred off the PC tracks or diverged from popular opinion etc. have caved into gratifying these cancel culture types, and any apology, sincere or fake is never enough for this totalitarian ideology. There's no perceived middle-ground in the public discourse on this issue. Either you're supporting a trans hating author, or your ready to crucify her and burn the books too and that's what bothers me. Where's the vocal support of what's right, fair, balanced and nuanced, when the culture surrounding it has been hijacked by authoritarian types too caught up on what people write on twitter?
  21. The visible sides of the die in the pic coincidentally add up to eleven too.
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