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  1. The only thing I dislike about the Symphony is that it cuts out Three is Company to go straight into A Shortcut to Mushrooms. I guess it gets straight to the action, but I love that cue too much to let it go.
  2. I listen to the Symphony more often these days because I like the performances and choice of pieces, but for the past six years, whether it was by public transport or just personal listening, I religiously listened to the CRs in and out. Now I'm working my way through the OSTs for those sweet alternates!
  3. There are great songs where I find the lyrics insipid, and some where the lyrics hold some value - but for me that's irrelevant because the melody or the actual music is what I usually care about, and if you can hum it, that's good enough.
  4. This might be the first Black Friday in five years where I've not bought something. Though, unfortunately, not every year can feature a standout Williams release, aside from War of the Worlds of course
  5. Solo was announced weeks in advance whereas there was no indication of an expanded HTTYD.
  6. They need to turn things around for the next film, make some major improvements. They should also give us some Dumbledore solo scenes - something akin to Gandalf's role in LotR and the Hobbit.
  7. The Joker left no impression on me after seeing the film and I've never felt compelled to hear it again. It's a score that has no narrative structure, but instead fits the scenes and then expires its use beyond them. I don't enjoy using the term 'overrated', but this is one score I can safely say fits that category and has been heaped undeserved praise by organizations who don't give a fig about anything other than popular opinion.
  8. Joker is gonna win then everyone will forget about it immediately. Although, if TRoS doesn't win it will have a greater legacy regardless - that much is certain.
  9. And outside of the UK - I would love a copy. Googling reveals there are back issues to previous issues, so maybe after it's out it'll pop up online?
  10. In defense of Rogue One - that was quite a dour film, and the last time I saw it I thought it tried to pull off some moments of levity, but ended up making the film feel like a mish-mash of conflicting tones. Any score would've had to paint that canvas with the same colours and I think Giacchino managed a fine effort in bridging Williams' OT style with his own modern sensibilities.
  11. Yeah, though Mandalorian has a more positive reception overall, whereas this is a digital deluxe score to a film that bombed two years ago. In the years since, however, I've seen a more positive reflection on Solo, not sure if the score ever really had the exposure it deserved.
  12. Powell mentioned there's 'currently no plans for a CD release'. I take that rather optimistically that there's the potential for it to happen and why not? You know, in the age of digital downloads and vinyl, and how much I lament the death of CDs - I've seen a LOT of comments across social media on Powell's pages asking about a CD release. Funnily enough, it was the opposite reaction for HTTYD!
  13. I think it's a great score, but I have to put Williams' first, that's just the way it is. Says so on my membership card...
  14. What difference does it make? People who are hoping for a Williams score will be disappointed either way.
  15. Black Friday 2020: All titles are Giacchino scores... 😏
  16. Exactly, these pieces sound like generic scores from other games and films, and in the context of Star Wars feel like imposters. I was always reticent to think Star Wars music had to sound one way - the Williams' way - but when you wedge modern scoring sensibilities into an already established soundscape, you run the risk of interfering with that familiar sound. I was disappointed by McCreary's and Trapanese's pieces because there we have two competent composers who've written for the orchestra, just chuck that sound and style out the window.
  17. I've never purchased digital music before. I have no idea where to buy it, a google search brings up iTunes. EDIT: I didn't see @crumbs post. Thankyou!
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