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  2. Go to the Potterdom threads @HunterTech there you will find the Cursed Detractors.
  3. Didn't realise he had played on so many scores.
  4. I got HP in a big box and Minority Report in a smaller CD-sized one, but I'm in Australia so they probably take the extra packaging as a precaution.
  5. Count me insanerer then. Williams isn't wrong to be smitten with her...
  6. Well, for some it's the Disney trilogy's reverence for the OT in going back to the iconography that made Star Wars 'Star Wars'. I think the Prequels, whilst creative and featuring some impressive visuals and gorgeous music from the Master, it's the story and script where things become dull and tedious. Personally, I can let some of that slide because it's secondary to the visual storytelling, however it's where I think a lot of Star Wars fans/followers/adherents/devotees felt it was a departure from the Star Wars they knew. The characters in this new trilogy are by far the weakest elements, but I like being along for the ride and getting to hear Williams show off his talent and trounce every other composer out there for the last few years. I choose to see it as one continuous saga and not be distracted by other's expectations and proclamations of what Star Wars should be. In the immortal words of the meme herself: 'Ain't nobody got time for dat'. Just watch whatever you want and be at peace.
  7. It's why I think the claims against Gia made by JW are exaggerated. I can understand Williams being protective of his own material, but this is a stretch to try and rationalize how other composers have used his music before and after RO.
  8. I read that as 'decriminalize' and was like, what?!? Criminalize these movies, quarantine all film reels and theatres, silence all projectionists!
  9. I hope there are more statements of the theme in 00:23 of the first video and 01:20 of Fleeing Kijimi.
  10. No, you're not seeing it @Tydirium I'm saying the prophecy is bullshit. It didn't come to fruition. The sith weren't destroyed. This is how messed up the prophecy is: two Sith existed in the universe at the time, no unbalance or unrest was spoken of. Anakin joins the dark side after being manipulated by Palpatine and kills hundreds of Jedi - effectively ruining the balance of the Force. Not only is the Jedi Order in ruins, but the Galaxy is thrown into a civil war causing further unrest, countless lives lost etc. Even if the saga ended at RotJ, it would be a shit prophecy anyway - because you can't have a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's an oxymoron, a joke, a lie. Which is why I've never put much stock in it.
  11. @Tydirium No, Anakin didn't destroy the Sith, he became one and didn't even kill Palpatine as it happens. I don't care if some Clone Wars character calls Anakin 'The Chosen One' because the prophecy is never fulfilled. If it was indeed a prophecy that was misread, then perhaps 'The Chosen One' is Rey or Kylo and perhaps TRoS will pick up on this. 'You were all supposed to pick up on this'. How condescending. As if we should devote our lives to fallible, flawed children's films and absorb every show, book or game with these details...
  12. Eh, happens all the time. Scheduling conflicts probably.
  13. Who knows what happened to the Galaxy's Edge thing? Probably just got William Ross to handle the other stuff, but I seem to remember Giacchino's involvement didn't really seem like a given, just some quote from an article concerning the park, right?
  14. @Bespin According to Qui Gon there was a prophecy concerning a Jedi who would bring balance to the Force who he believed was Anakin. It's funny to mention that there really wasn't any indication at the time of TPM that the Force was unbalanced at all until the arrival of Maul and Sidious (based on the films alone). Fast forward to Revenge of the Sith and Yoda suggests the prophecy may have been 'misread' when Obi-Wan asks him if Anakin was the chosen one. We never, as far as I know, hear where the prophecy came from, why it was made and who said it first, because it doesn't seem like any prophecy came to pass either way. Did Anakin bring balance to the Force by killing hundreds of Jedi and then kill Palpatine (who as it turns out survives!)? The prophecy seems more like a device Lucas used to instill Anakin's character with fate than a meaningful answer to his origins. Shmi Skywalker says it was a virgin birth so we have the precedent set that the Force can will children into existence, which if true would give credence to the supposed leak of Rey and Kylo being children of the Force, created by Palpatine... All this to say that Anakin may or may not have been created at all for any reason in particular, but perhaps just part of a larger story, like a piece on a board. Ultimately it doesn't matter because the story is what's important, the characters and their struggles. Maybe it will be answered in TRoS? If not I won't be disappointed.
  15. Listen @ocelot maybe it's true, maybe Williams did say what he did. I just think it's sus is all given Williams renown and Giacchino's statements. If Williams was so protective of his themes, how did Clone Wars and Rebels happen? Kiner took it all carte blanche!
  16. Yes! It also sounds like some modulation of Rey's Theme, or it shares some DNA, at least I think it does.
  17. No, because it's all hearsay, he said this, she said that. I know people who work in the industry too who can attest to the utter bullshit that gets spread.
  18. I guess Giacchino was lying when he said Williams congratulated him? Implying Williams was a heartless backstabber - something he's not known to be? Yeah, like I'll take some conjecture that it was anything other than gutter talk. Also, after hearing RO, did anyone truly think 'Wow that Giacchino guy really butchered Williams' themes!'? Jesus Christ, back on the carousel we go...
  19. I don't think it's as cut and dry as one major act for future Star Wars releases. I think Disney will be open to more composers now Williams has passed the legacy down. I wouldn't be surprised if Giacchino returns, or Desplat finally gets his shot after the Rogue One fiasco, or they give a project to JNH etc. All depends on who's directing at that point. Powell's Solo gig, at once amazes me and also makes me wonder why he couldn't have done Solo... solo? On one hand you're working with John Williams, on the other hand it's like they didn't trust Powell alone, it's a weird situation but it was a success!
  20. Anything used in advertising. Fuck that shit. Lame ass pop or rock/techno shit that was probably good at one point, but now lives on to sell shit on TV and YouTube. Even genuinely good music is degraded by being associated with a car or a cat, or a drink, or some piece of crap. Did I mention I hate ads and if I were gifted the world's only time machine, I would go back in time and murder the marketing and advertising employees?
  21. Anyone else utterly adore that magical moment in 'Healing Wounds' (00:31-00:42)? I don't know how to describe it, like a ray of light or something watery, glistening. Flutes, strings, harp etc. Such a warm fuzzy sound.
  22. I told you to return those fucken holocrons on time! Now I gotta go across the galaxy with my stormtroopers to get back those overdue fucking holocrons! https://www.inverse.com/article/61716-star-wars-9-spoilers-final-trailer-sith-statues-faces-sages-dwartii
  23. I thought there was a bit too much atonal noodling going on, but I guess that's just what the episode called for.
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