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    If this is how the world responds to future viruses - which are potentially more dangerous than this one - we're fucked. We need better methods of detection for the carriers of the virus, and more effective lockdowns on international travel.
  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1/2 The Shape of Water Valerian
  3. Really interested to see who exactly Aaron Paul's character is and how each of the hosts operates in the outside world, however I'm thinking it's merely another rouse for yet another constructed world they must escape.
  4. Perhaps that was also achieved through Williams (and everyone) believing it would be the conclusion to the saga. There's a forcefulness and inevitability to some of the finale that makes think that this was Williams pouring his heart out and saying 'This is it, this is how it all ends'.
  5. What do you mean? It's still Powell! How do we know the cue wasn't 95% Powell and 5% Sener? I've always seen this as the lead composer writing most of it, with his collaborators helping out and getting credit.
  6. Yes, that's right, with the Falcon, but also the stuff on Corellia with the speeder chase.
  7. That's incredible - but I seem to remember they did something similar on Solo/TRoS with projecting images onto a stage that was almost fully immersive.
  8. I wonder if Powell's 5 Cat Studios will release it.
  9. Every cue of The Rise of Skywalker is better than Portals.
  10. What indication do we have that Disney won't release more physical releases, when they've consistently released major film scores on the format?
  11. Is it just me, or is the camera constantly moving a major distraction - like all modern shows feel the need to keep the camera moving as if the cameraman needs to piss.
  12. How do we know JJ did this and not some overworked editor who was throwing it all together wasted on energy drinks and coffee?
  13. To me, FotR is one part of a trilogy, an evolving narrative, each score building and developing until it reaches its climax in RotK. It's difficult to separate them.
  14. Yeah, it doesn't look great for Giacchino, but it almost seems fair when you have all these opinions flying left, right and center, over nothing more than a 30 second teaser clip. What are you going to do when everything is hype, hype, hype these days - even innocuous teaser music is scrutinized to absurd degrees.
  15. It's definitely in need of improvement, however it at least provides nearly all of the music that the OST is sorely missing.
  16. I like the 2004 ESB set. The 2018 remaster is all over the place - some things sound ok, others like they pissed over the tapes one drunken night and never looked back.
  17. RotJ is nigh on unlistenable in how cruddy it sounds. Like it was recorded on a wax cylinder and played through a makeshift gramophone. I don't know how they fudged it up. Could you imagine Rise of Skywalker sounding like that and they just left it and said 'Eh, whaddya gonna do about it?'
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