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  1. Divert your attention to this truly terrifying piece, so foul it must've come from no place other than the depths of the lowest circle of hell.




    In all honesty, I don't find the idea detestable, because Superman as a character has changed and so much so in the Man of Steel that to attach Williams' theme betrays the character and the composition.

  2. This show really was a slow starter, but now it's truly great. Love every second of it. I love the sense of fear and uneasiness of the prison subplot and all the individual parts of the Rebellion slowly coming together. It's about time the Empire was given some really toothy substance other than just being generic bad guys.


    The one aspect of this show that betrays it's Star Wars roots is the music which still remains anonymous. It certainly sets a mood, but it's incongruous with the sound of the rest of the universe and lacks any sort of thematic sensibility. 


    This series is shaping up to be better than Mandalorian (for me).

  3. If nothing else grabs you as Star Wars in this show, it should be the affectation and reverence the filmmakers have put into the aesthetics, of which in some scenes look like they've been pulled from Empire. Mothma's Dinner was reminiscent of Lando's quarters in Empire.


    I thought this latest episode was particularly good, from the writing, the acting and the production - the only thing I'm not yet sold on is Andor's character, so I'm hoping it develops into something meaningful...

  4. In one way, yes, and when it defined what a particular group of people sounded like, or becoming intrinsically linked to a place or a person or an idea and the iconic imagery of Star Wars - to then cut it out and replace that familiar sound with something alien is just jarring and unnatural. This isn't to say we have to reference old themes, it's to say that the way that music was presented is what's important and why Rogue One and Solo work well to keep that homogeneous sound. 


    Then you have Obi-Wan, which is what happens when you take two different approaches and try and mash them together with mixed results...



  5. I thought the first two episodes were quite aimless and ended as if we're meant to feel some sense of wanting to see more. 

    The music is alright, it's definitely more sound design and further away from the Williams' sound than the other composers, and the production design is very retro Star Wars - keeping the same feel as Rogue One.

    The CSA or whatever they are seem redundant when you have billions of Stormtroopers - and their uniforms remind me of the orange tips toy guns are painted with to signify they're toys:




  6. I would say after listening to Bear's scores for other TV series, like Outlander and The Walking Dead, he's particularly good at textural work - which is promising for Rings. Clearly, there's been some attempt to evoke Shore's approach in the two tracks that were released, but I'm still reeling that Shore didn't get to write for the series or provide more themes. I don't think we've heard a TV score as richly thematic as what he could've provided.


    I wonder if Shore wanted to do more, but out of the tremendous costs to the rest of the show, they relegated him to the single theme. 

  7. 5 hours ago, Brónach said:

    That the theme is used for Thor and Jane at the same time is kind of boring. It's also the least interesting Thor theme so far.

    It sounds like it took inspiration from Ragnarok.


    I saw the film the other day and the score really isn't a big part of the film. Two themes stuck out - the two-part main theme and the theme for Gorr and his daughter. The rest was either underscore or just not prominent enough to be interesting on its own or with the film. 

  8. The first film's story was quite simple, three witches are brought back on Halloween and the main characters must stop them. I'm hoping this film doesn't try and needlessly complicate things. There's a line in the trailer that has me thinking they're going to have more witches in the present day?



    I wonder if the Sisters' house is still there, or if they're going to say it was bulldozed to make way for new developments fifteen years ago? 

  9. 6 hours ago, Oswin Pond said:


    You can add Christensen, Ahmed Best, Jake Lloyd, Rian Johnson and probably the worst of all George Lucas (Even today I still see people saying Lucas should kill himself) It's sadly a trend that keeps happening over and over again. I'll never understand why because even though I hate someone's work I won't attack the person personally. 

    Don't forget J.J. Abrams. JWFans' favourite punching bag.

    2 hours ago, DiamondFire said:

    I wasn't joking. I haven't seen a CD or something that can PLAY a CD for many years.

    Most retail entertainment stores sell CDs, I'm surprised you never encountered them!

  10. He looked older, even under the prosthetics! I wanted him to say 'Gooooood!' at the end.


    This finale was actually pretty good, a few emotional moments too. Obi-Wan telling Leia about her parents was a nice little moment I had hoped they would touch upon after the episode earlier in the season.


    The score seemed more orchestral, possibly more of Ross's writing or perhaps it was Hoult? Who knows?

  11. This show looks like a cheap fan film, and that's unfair to fan films; one prop on Kenobi is worth more the budget of an entire fan film. The constant use of shaky cam highlights actors in costumes in a way that cheapens everything. It's so off-putting that it brings down every good aspect of the show - and don't get me wrong, there are quite a few! Ewan McGregor and Ingram Moses are great and after a while I even grew to love Leia.


    The score is so disparate too, half is obviously William Ross working with Williams' theme and the other half (Holt's stuff) is really incongruent with the Williams/Ross material. 

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