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  1. I think if any extra-filmic series is to be broached it would be an anime series. Anime isn't a childish thing that it has been unfairly criticized for and I think given the more stylized approach we might see some genuine creative input into this show that something like live-action can't capture without coming off ironically 'cartoony'. I would like to know if Howard Shore might be interested in scoring this project and whether or not he was asked...
  2. I'm pessimistic when it comes to the chances of physical releases lately, but I wouldn't rule them out completely. If these are to come through specialty labels, and other big name scores have been given similar treatments like Harry Potter, why shouldn't we have a slight glimmer of hope that the same will happen for Star Wars, an arguably more beloved franchise?
  3. Superman (Williams) The Incredibles X-Men The Last Stand Batman Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man Homecoming Spider-Man Far From Home Incredibles 2 The Dark Knight
  4. I don't care what this film looks like, only if Williams will be around to score it.
  5. Some rando on the internet has the audacity to trash Shore's greatest scores? No apology will be issued. My words are final.
  6. LotR has many great themes and motifs, sorry they didn't resonate with you.
  7. This isn't just Chibnall's fault, it's the new directive that the writers are completely new and inexperienced. Moffat at least called upon a stronger writing team right uo until the end. We've had two seasons with Jodie's Doctor already and you wouldn't even know it.
  8. The Revenge of the Sith 2018 release has distortion present over the Battle of the Heroes segment of the credits - it's egregiously bad. Not sure how anyone didn't notice when making the set.
  9. Seems to me that they were both present for the scene, but the way it was shot was either intentionally separating the two, or was edited heavily to fit new script changes.
  10. @crumbs Airbender is a great score - check out Flow Like Water.
  11. The whole Codebreaker diversion to Canto Bight is utterly useless, Finn and Rose should've gone after Rey and had their relationships developed further.
  12. It's not mislabelling when everyone knows it was at the discretion of the directors in how their stories were told and what kind of films they would be. We wouldn't be in this turgid position if Abrams had an entire trilogy unto himself, or the same for Johnson, but because one had to pass the torch to the other with the third director ousted (rightfully so), it was a shitshow. With a watchful Lucas!
  13. Before everyone piles on Abrams, there is, given Lucasfilm and Disney's track record, reason to think that the screwup with the ST is beyond even his shortcomings as a writer/director... The biggest issue was letting three different directors have a crack at a Star Wars film without it being one whole vision.
  14. Everytime Hollywood makes a big deal over diversity it sours the well-intended gesture of including diverse characters and in trying to avoid having token ethnicities like in the past, it ends up looking exactly like it. Diverse cast members is the least of my worries when it comes to this show right now, because race and ethnicity won't mean a thing if the writing is shit.
  15. My boss was getting rid of a few items from his old Star Wars collection and gave me the anthology soundtrack set.
  16. Just wanted to say the art direction for this set is great, has a nostalgic feel to the early 2000s, but also more modern and 'archival' in some respects. Haven't had a chance to listen to the score yet.
  17. I have that set, I think it just has a fold out poster with images...
  18. Just to steer this back to topic, thanks @Jurassic Shark for posting this, I think I'll get this as it's a nice collection for the casual Herrmann fan like me who doesn't want to hunt for all these scores individually.
  19. Just chiming in to also sing this sets praises - the pristine sound quality and improvements over previous is a real bonus to the music which is so rich and involving. I wasn't really a fan of the film, but the score is revelatory in just how virtuoso Williams was in crafting the first most iconic superhero score, and I'm not joking when I say all superhero scores since have been living in its shadow.
  20. Took advantage of the sale and got it along with the new X-Men set and Bumblebee of course.
  21. When will these fucking expanded scores be released? I was promised a flood. All I'm getting is a slight piss in the wind...
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