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  1. Jesus, the credits list is longer the entire tracklist of the album!
  2. I'm not much a fan of this show so far, but I can acknowledge its success critically and through audience reception around the web. Is it slow-paced, though? Each episode feels relatively brusque, like it was over in five minutes with only a handful of things happening.
  3. @Bespin That brings up a great discussion around what scores could've been developed further had the composer been given more time/better spotting. Some of Williams' best themes are criminally underused.
  4. Caught WandaVision the other day - so far it's OK, if anything is praiseworthy, it's how faithful a reproduction it is to the sitcoms of the 50's, with the tropes, sets, effects all largely done in the same vein. Yet, beyond that - and I know it's only two episodes so far - they flew by without anything meaningful happening until the end of the second episode. Some elements reminded me of the film Pleasantville with colour returning with the growth of the characters beyond their scripted, B&W TV lives. Wanda and Vision are perhaps the least interesting MCU characters along with Hawkeye- woefully underdeveloped in their films to the point Thanos's quip in Endgame is kind of a meta jab at how bland and forgettable Wanda is. Hopefully this show can retroactively correct this and give these characters a fair go, and to be honest, how could they compete in an Avengers film with fifty characters all struggling for equal screen time?
  5. ESB - Just for the sheer inventiveness of the three major new themes! I also love the Rebel Fleet part with that tentative statement of the Force Theme and those gorgeous strings underneath @0:42-0:47 - so warm and nostalgic: TFA is a close second much for the same reasons - showcasing the major new themes and it has this energy to it that says 'Star Wars is back!'
  6. What's the difference between a CD and a CD-R?
  7. As a collector, the physical package, the design and phenomenological aspect of reading the liner notes and tracklist is why I prefer CDs. Nowadays, because of the decline of sales and manufacturing to be usurped by the backwards technology of vinyl, I'm forced to buy digital scores which is very disappointing. It's almost the equivalent of what Kindle and e-books are to real books.
  8. I think the BBC will play it safe, and return to what sells.
  9. Lethal Weapon: Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!
  10. Please BBC, consider Michael Sheen for the next Doctor - he was great as Aziraphale in Good Omens!
  11. I can't stop thinking that a better episode would've been to have the companions rescue The Doctor, with Captain Jack and do something with all those monsters locked up in the prison. I was thinking it might've provided a good opportunity for each of the companions to think about what The Doctor means to them, and why they might want to leave. Also, they had The Master's TARDIS and wasted it! Bring back The Rani... or something!!
  12. Star Wars' own success is it's own doom - doomed to repeat itself, bring back characters, retread old stories. The Clone Wars (era) felt fresh to me because of the war across multiple worlds and the stories that could be told within it, and is another reason why I'm looking forward to the High Republic era, it'll be relatively fresh with new things.
  13. Yes, Gold had a handful of great, recognizable, hummable themes, but that was back when the show was stronger and was still gaining momentum, peaking with Smith's era. I liked some of Akinola's brass of doom that souned like real brass.
  14. I agree that fans have some sense of ownership over the characters and franchises they love, and the studios do sadly have to bend to this will, however I'll take depressed, broken, Anti-Luke of TLJ over some souped-up Jedi any day. Fuck fan service, if someone has a creative vision they should follow it, regardless of whatever backlash they'll receive.
  15. I was annoyed that there was only some throwaway line as to why The Doctor was imprisoned. I wish her imprisonment had more of a connection to the plot and had at least some weight to it that made us, and her companions, care why she was gone. The episode should've focused on that instead of another half-arsed Dalek plot.
  16. Was reminiscing about this score and came across this insipid review on Rotten Tomatoes: 'The John Williams score is a bit too, well, John Williams'? What the fuck does that even mean? I think that's a great thing, you know, for the artist to sound like themselves. Jeez.
  17. 2020 was a shitty year, even without the pandemic. The films that were released were duds, the scores ranged from 'meh' to 'bleh' and the highlights for me were scores from decades ago getting a proper expanded release. So I hope to whatever deity exists that 2021 things return to form and things improve. Here are two categories that I bothered to pick: BEST CATALOG TITLES OF 2020: - Solo: A Star Wars Story (Deluxe) - How to Train Your Dragon (Deluxe) - War of the Worlds (LLL) To crib @mstrox 's category BEST NON SCORE ALBUMS OF 2020 - From This Place (Pat Metheny) - Travelogue Volume 1 (Michael Giacchino) BEST TV SEASONS OF 2020 - The Mandalorian - His Dark Materials - Fear the Walking Dead - Westworld S3 - The Crown S4 - The Good Place
  18. Doctor Who needs a serious overhaul and a sharp return to the quality of stories that made the reboot successful. Jodie is a fine Doctor, suffocated by abysmally boring writing and a lack of focus on what made the character special. I have a feeling the show is on it's last legs and to be a fan since the 2005 reboot fifteen years ago, it's somewhat depressing to see it nosedive so hard into the ground.
  19. I love the choral work in the X-Men suite, it's unfortunate it didn't include the other theme from the film.
  20. Sorry I'm late to this, if I voted, I'd have chosen @gkgyver's piece. It looks like other members share this choice!
  21. Exactly, Batiste is a fine composer and it's strange that they felt the need to have another pair of composers to do the underscore.
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