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  1. Mace Windy or something like that for the Windu character. It's funny how Windu was such an early concept yet in the film's he doesn't do shit all except die.
  2. I listened to Revenge of the Sith today. The lament is beautiful and perfectly captures the tone and mood at that point in the film. I love the music accompanying Obi Wan to Utapau and also the thrilling opening scene. Snare, taiko drum and trumpets, flutes and piccolos, trombones and all things Williams.
  3. Does Weebo still exist here?
  4. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2. I adored the first one. The scores were still great
  5. Am I right? Doug's description fits it...
  6. Yes I just caught the episode! I did notice the Troughton Hood
  7. There is so much oversimplification concerning the prequels. They are sub par films which contain fractures of the splendor the original trilogy had. I find them watchable on some level, Phantom the least because it's so damn long, the bicker and banter in the film has no bearing on anything that happens later. Attack of the Clones I believe is frequently attacked for cheesy, terrible love story, but with a little more development, I think there's an average story there and the music all the while is still great. Sith is the culmination of the earlier shit into something which must be made malleable to bridge the trilogies. Barring some awful dialog, it's my favorite of the prequels as things start to make more sense than the load of nonsense that conprised the prior two films. As for indy: 1.)Raiders 2.)Crusade 3.)Doom 4.)Skull
  8. I was fucking annoyed to say the least that the beorn scene didn't play out like the book. The introduction of the dwarves two by two as Gandalf's plan. Aggh!
  9. Incanus, I was also wondering why Blanchett didn't sing it.
  10. Love the part at 1:47! My favorite theme from the film!
  11. I have to wait until tonight here in Australia. Damn it. Though people here have kept spoilers to a minimum thankfully
  12. Publicist is actually possessed by the spirit of Goldsmith
  13. There's a cult for everything. The worst is the ridiculous following Disney's Frozen receives. The movie was actually alright, nothing to write to Capital Hill about though.
  14. I knew he wasn't computer savvy but surely someone must have told him something like "hey Johnny, did you know there's actually a fan site for you! " and he responds: "Are you fucking serious? Of course I did."
  15. Does the big "J.W." know we exist here? Does he know of the online love for him and his works? Does he know anything? Just curious...
  16. More Breaking Bad love! I came to watch the show later on than most as I just wasn't interested at the time. Now it's a different story and I've convinced my brother to watch it too!
  17. I hope others can still be able to get them for affordable prices. Does this cast even more doubt upon the hobbit CRs then?
  18. Only Martha Knows (begins to whistle even though it never appeared in the episode)
  19. Is it true all tge CR sets are discontinued? Luckily I bought all three two years ago. They are my most treasured possessions. Those and my family...maybe...
  20. Can someone be an idiot more than once a day?
  21. I know he is too sizeist. Where's the obese Superman of my fatty dreams? Donner kebabs?
  22. Sausage anyone? Clemmenson is still an enemy. He brushes many of my personal favorite cues aside and labels them trash. His word is final it seems. No one dare contradict him. Or else.
  23. Clemmenson is right on everything except on Where No One Goes. He is anti RCP so he gets my love!
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