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  1. Abrams had to open the trilogy and end it, which is no easy task. I know people like to pile shit on him, but I couldn't imagine any director put in such a delicate situation where the fandom was holding their balls in a vice, and KK and Disney holding a gun to their backs would turn out ok...
  2. It has barcodes on the disc, like most CDs. The booklet is fine, but fine as far as Watertower releases go; when Fantastic Beasts came out, the printing, the image on the CD etc. all looked awful, but it was still an official CD.
  3. It appears to be a CD as far as I'm aware, it starts off with a CDV/CA code which made me doubt it, but looking it up online has assured me it's a method of producing CDs - plus it has the standard ifpi coding etc.
  4. My copy from Rambling arrived, I ordered the CD version. Still with Watertower. The Rambling data was included on a plastic sleeve the CD case was in.
  5. Ordered the Japanese release too - pretty sure it's going to be a CD and the only certain way to know what you're getting.
  6. I wonder if RLM's prediction will come true:
  7. You just stated four that general audiences have remarked upon as hits. Is it just me, or is there a weird hint of bitter resentment in almost all of your posts in this thread? As if Giacchino had taken a shit on your bed and was proudly traipsing the sheets around the place.
  8. I loved this film, in some aspects I like it more than Nolan's films and some of that has to do with this younger Wayne and him almost still learning the ropes as to who he is and how he should act - the end of the film certainly sees him feel like a hero for the first time. As I thought it would, Giacchino's score is a perfect fit for this film, and I was really invested in it as the film progressed. There's a neat moment at the beginning of the funeral scene where Bruce arrives and the music shifts from his theme to Catwoman's and there's a bit of interplay between their themes throughout the film.
  9. There's one prominent theme in this film and it plays in almost every scene and transition. Not the best score, but it fits the film well and sets the tone nicely.
  10. Fantastic Story Beats 3: The Secrets of Newt's Vanishing Character
  11. This kind of score seems to jive with Reeves' Apes films, so I don't know what else to expect - or what other people were expecting. It can't have the wonder and mystery that a symphonic score like Elfman's had because it doesn't fit today's minimalist scoring nor can it be too synth heavy like Zimmer's rhythmic material lest it interfere with the tone and style this film is going for. Plus, I can count more scores I've loved after I've seen it with the film, than those I've heard before watching them.
  12. Fugedaboudit, it ain't happening. Sales for the first two series must've been underperforming - just look at the packaging of the first season compared to that of season two, one was a gatefold presentation, the other is a standard jewel case.
  13. Bat in the Rafters is very evocative of 'Up the Cathedral', and I love it. I've given a few tracks a listen, but will wait until I see the film to properly appreciate the score.
  14. @Sweeping StringsPerhaps it's because he's younger in this film?
  15. Uncharted: If you know the games then this'll be alright and as far as video game adaptations it isn't hit with the curse. If you don't know the games , then this is every treasure-hunting film rolled into one with little to none of it's own unique identity. There's just enough charisma in Holland and Wahlberg to carry this film and the elements that make the games interesting are at least replicated here albeit, in a paint-by-numbers fashion. I think this has garnered quite the box-office returns in order for a sequel to be produced, in which case they need a better writer and a better director...
  16. No Way Home's success has brought the Raimi films into the ether once more, so I have hope this score will see an official release sooner than not.
  17. Love the jazzy-noir take, and from that clip earlier, it seems like Giacchino is leaning into the ScreenSlaver material from Incredibles 2.
  18. The important thing to me is that it doesn't look like any other fantasy show out there.
  19. The vinyl release is a soap in the face to score collectors the world over. This could've been a great CD release last year for the fifth anniversary of Rogue One.
  20. So if you don't like the score, why should it matter to you? Pretty sure fans of it, who are also into collecting vinyl will fork out whatever price for it.
  21. The interconnected nature of the show and it's ability to tie into other media is useless if the story it's contained in is shit. Most of the MCU films thrive on this menagerie of references to things that have come before, but that charade falls away when you try to make a movie with little substance other than the fact it contains characters and references to other films.
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