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  1. No Way Home's success has brought the Raimi films into the ether once more, so I have hope this score will see an official release sooner than not.
  2. Love the jazzy-noir take, and from that clip earlier, it seems like Giacchino is leaning into the ScreenSlaver material from Incredibles 2.
  3. The vinyl release is a soap in the face to score collectors the world over. This could've been a great CD release last year for the fifth anniversary of Rogue One.
  4. So if you don't like the score, why should it matter to you? Pretty sure fans of it, who are also into collecting vinyl will fork out whatever price for it.
  5. The interconnected nature of the show and it's ability to tie into other media is useless if the story it's contained in is shit. Most of the MCU films thrive on this menagerie of references to things that have come before, but that charade falls away when you try to make a movie with little substance other than the fact it contains characters and references to other films.
  6. Damn, didn't see this thread in time, so missed out on the signed CD. Thing is, it's only been a couple of days, how was anyone to know it would sell out that fast - even before the technical difficulties people faced? I always hated these types of comments 'weLL YoU sHoULd HAvE bOUGht iT WhEN yOU hAD the CHaNCe' as if everyone has time to sit around at a computer screen, at the right time zone, with the money to spare at that time...
  7. Compared to other series - The Witcher, GoT, Shadow and Bone, or even the recent Wheel of Time - I think the costumes look fine, if not more in-line with the Hobbit films. Promo pics almost always look like different from their film counterparts because they're photographs that don't share the same lighting, colour grading or are posed in such a way that they look different.
  8. This is exactly like the Tron Legacy expanded release - it was just dumped on iTunes and Digital and not a word was uttered about it. You know how great it would've been had Disney given it to some label to produce a collectible physical product, with artwork etc.? How does one cherish a lazily edited digital release? What worries me is that it was clearly easy for Disney to do this meaning properly curated and edited albums, done by the likes of Matessino are probably less likely now that this is out there. It just goes to show they're not putting this out for the type of fans who'll pay for boutique labels, rather, the type who will put this in their Spotify playlist and listen to it casually. I'm hoping beyond hope that Disney will fund a proper presentation of Williams' Star Wars scores and not just dump it on some digital platform like it was nothing.
  9. @Thor I guess it's more like after having invested time into this franchise, across multiple series, formats, books etc. that the storytelling is a huge part of the 'experience' - and the storytelling in this series is haphazard at best, lazy at its worst. That's not to say there aren't some truly great moments in the show, and I've appreciated the fact that we get to see some more facets of the Star Wars universe and with more attention to detail (through art direction, props, costumes, puppetry...).
  10. Here's what should've happened: Keep Mando and his storyline out of BoBF. It majorly sidelined any focus on Boba towards the Mandalorian. What's strange is how what we're seeing of Mando's story is almost entirely related to his past series and should've been saved for Season 3. Cad Bane is introduced or teased earlier and is the main antagonist of Boba throughout the season. Bane was a mentor of sorts to Boba for a time and in the second episode of his return, he gets killed off?!?!? What a waste! Ditch the awful biker gang. They are completely and utterly inappropriate for this show and how they relate to Boba. They don't seem to fit with the established aesthetic of Tatooine. Their power ranger bikes are ridiculous. Cobb Vanth and Boba Fett interact, Vanth tests Boba to see if he is worthy of the armour. The two become friends. Why waste a good character and the history of them both sharing the armour? Boba Fett, not Fennec Shand, kills the remaining Pyke syndicate as revenge for their slaughter of the Tuskens! Why do we get a hurried scene of Fennec killing them? It's shit.
  11. Trailers are meant to represent films, but most of the time they don't - scenes and shots that were cut - editing to change the narrative and tone etc. The theme tracks aren't really that extensive though. I remember when Ode to Harrison was released ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness as a teaser and it wasn't really representative of the score as a whole, in fact, there are variations of that theme I enjoy more than the suite!
  12. You're saying that based off of two theme tracks? I'm not saying it wasn't effective in the film, I'm saying I'd skip it if I were listening to the album. You're almost in the event horizon of my ignore zone.
  13. I'd take this over Zimmer's 9 hour Joker theme any day of the week. I'd like to see how Giacchino uses this in the score and all the variations there will be. I wasn't taken with his theme for The Vulture in Spider-Man Homecoming upon first hearing it, but grew to appreciate it through the variations of it mixed amongst the score. These pieces sound like Giacchino's usual theme suites he writes before the score when finding the character, so I feel no need to judge the rest of it without having heard it in context where it'll inevitably be developed further...
  14. Because many people still own devices that play DVDs. A great deal of new releases are combo packaged with DVD disc, Blu Ray disc and Digital download.
  15. It's alright guys, new films and shows will become old eventually, meaning it's not unreasonable to think fifty years from now there will be new consumers who want expanded and restored scores of The Orville or Ozark or whatever...
  16. I forgot to mention how bizarre and silly it was when Mando arrived at Boba Fett's meeting and seeing that biker gang standing around and I remember thinking how low Fett had stooped in order to have these kids involved. But I like Sophie Thatcher:
  17. Cad Bane looked kind of comical in the Clone Wars, but looks unsettling here - which is a good thing. The DeepLuke was better than the blurry original in The Mandalorian but still looked dead and artificial at times, and just like some DeepFake attempts, there is a weird angle that distorts the face slightly when Luke turns his head. Why is Luke still wearing his black robes anyway? Another thing that was slightly off-putting was the forest location that looked like a botanical garden path carefully tended to and landscaped as a walking trail for elderly Chinese women. It wasn't nearly as interesting a location as Dagobah or even Ahch-To.
  18. Love the segment at 1:58 in the CMIYC theme! I would've thought a better piece to play for this album would be the Father's Theme, but the main theme works surprisingly well here.
  19. I think Crimes of Grindelwald certainly tickled my fascination with the darker elements of the Potter series and Dumbledore's involvement, but it came at a cost of completely and irrevocably derailing Newt Scamander's story which FB1 was kind of setting up. As I've complained many times before in this thread, I think the tone and direction of these films is completely 'off' for what could've been a fun family adventure series. Secrets of Dumbeldore will have to set things straight for this series, and any hope for magical beast exploration is well and truly out of the window now, and JK and Co. will compensate for this by feeding us HP nostalgia instead of new adventures.
  20. The question of this thread seems to be 'Why Don Davis?' but I suspect considering the score we got, I have to ask 'Why NOT Don Davis?' I absolutely love the Family Theme for this film, especially as presented in the end credits suite.
  21. "Return to the Magic" You couldn't find a more open way of saying 'Please forget about Johnny Depp and JK Rowling!'.
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