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  1. The J.J. rewrite tidbit is crazy when considering the money involved, but not surprising after the Sequel Trilogy changes he forced upon Williams. This is one of my biggest issues with current blockbuster scores - esp. the Tom Holkenborg/Zimmer-types - there's a lot of noise going on and none of it really contributes anything to the picture and actively fights the sound effects which are already a symphony of catastrophe...
  2. Saw Godzilla vs. Kong: How come King Kong can pass through the gravity portal and the humans need a fucking gravity repellent spaceship? How did Millie Bobby Brown and co. enter the secret facility without any cctv or security measures? Why were the gravity pods just open and have cryofreeze skull island eggs inside exposed to the elements? Once the team are transported to Hong Kong, the facility there doesn't run any security checks on the pod, doesn't spot them on security recordings, not to mention they magically hack the doors... I laughed so hard when Godzilla shoots an energy beam at Kong's axe to charge it up so he can hit MechaGodzilla! Hilarious!
  3. Tintin, War Horse and The BFG share stylistic elements with the Star Wars Sequel scores; maybe a sign of the specific era Williams is writing in and the relative proximity that these scores were written, but I can definitely hear some of the more reflective elegiac writing in The Rise of Skywalker more than the other two sequels. No, it's more rational to think the shifts occurred to reflect the subject matter of the films and the change in tone from the grandeur of richly thematic scores to more reflective and subtle types which is a good thing.
  4. I usually find the first movements are where the magic is at. Sounds great.
  5. @MepharielAnime scores have been better than most Hollywood scores lately, more inventive, expressive. The traditional film score is almost dead nowadays, it's now a subset of sound design.
  6. Is it a bad score? No. Are there parts which are quite good? Yes. Did it work well with the picture? Yes. I'm not trashing this score, I'm just annoyed it is automatically entered and received by these awards boards and has won over better scores. Even with this forum heavily biased towards JW, can anyone say Joker deserved a win over Rise of Skywalker, or Thomas Newman's 1917?
  7. This isn't a joke, it's a disgrace. I haven't seen this kind of ass-kissery since The Social Network.
  8. Just wanted to say Carter Burwell and Alexandre Desplat scored the other Twilight films and are no lightweights in their own right. I don't think Shore's composing methodologies and work ethic is what keeps him out of work either, he's more versatile and able to adapt to technology where JW isn't.
  9. It's not like Shore ever left the spotlight, or that it was his to take; the Lord of the Rings films and scores were truly exceptional for their time. Shore also comments here in this interview that it's his preference of projects over not being offered them anymore. I have to imagine he was offered scores after LotR that called for that epic choral orchestral sound:
  10. Some people have probably lived and died without ever seeing expanded scores come to fruition and there's nothing more depressing than that. Meanwhile music rots in vaults, studios sit on their artworks to hoard them instead of share them with willing consumers.
  11. Shore has said somwhere that he takes projects he is interested in, not for a lack of offers. Besides, hasn't all of film scoring real estate gone to a thousand Zimmerites anyway?
  12. The Call of the Crystal concert piece gives me goosebumps - just an outstanding piece. How about that dank harp thing that closes Irina's Theme? For me, the score is a great example of how Williams' sound and style have been refined since the first score and he put the effort in to make it feel like a part of the same world that makes you recognize that this is an Indiana Jones score.
  13. I was about to checkout with the CD at musicbox the other day, but had an error with their website. I left it for a day and when I returned to complete the checkout, it had removed Cowboys from the cart, and sold out. This was one of those scores I left on the backburner to buy with other titles to justify the shipping, I just didn't realize it sold out without much warning from Varese...
  14. JWFan 2051: 'Do you think there will be a complete score release?' Disney: 'Oh so you want a cassette rerelease?'
  15. Bummed I missed out on this, is it available anywhere else?
  16. I can't believe they turned Picard into an android using a deus ex machina device. In all of this I feel sorry for Stewart who was taken advantage of by hack writers.
  17. Pat Metheny's new album is out - 'Road to the Sun' which is performed by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.
  18. Would there be any hope in Intrada picking this up for a CD release?
  19. The final two episodes were going to feel different regardless of the production hitches, not only did they break away from the TV gimmick, but they were essentially the showdown of all the various forces. The two witches and Visions flying around is all CG shenanigans anyway.
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