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  1. An alternative is to get it shipped to someone in the US who could then deliver it using any other postal service than USPS. I've ordered a few things from the US that have so far (fingers crossed) been processed through the USPS system. So if they don't go through then we'll know for sure nothing else is gonna get through.
  2. What does everyone think about Disney removing the Slave 1 name from Boba Fett's ship? I believe they're calling it the 'Firespray'. Not a bad name, but I don't see the need to censor the original name.
  3. Bran was utterly irrelevant and wasted, Arya's significance is somewhat exaggerated and all the other characters we care about are dropped or their characters neutered of their potential growth. I have to stress: potential growth. The show needed more time to develop. D&D were transparently disinterested with the show and were clearly inept without consultation from better writers - what's more is that they jumped ship when Disney dangled the dollars in front of their faces with a potential Star Wars film series! How did they justify this series and the prospect of an audience watching a prequel to a series that is an eight season train wreck?
  4. The Eternals looks so uninviting it feels like the leftovers from fifty other superhero films.
  5. Who cares either way. I think the lyrics even imply it's somewhat a love theme - albeit one of walking away from a lover and the emotional toll that takes on someone.
  6. 'Um well technically there is no love in that film since the main chara..' NO!! Jaysus christ. If Williams called it a Love Theme, it's a fucking Love Theme, okay?
  7. I can't be bothered to dig up where you said it bolle, but you did say that you would buy it if it wasn't bundled with TLW and that was the only thing that stopped you from buying it when you could.
  8. I wouldn't call it terrible, it had Tim Burton's quirkiness and elements of gothic horror that made it work in a superficial way. I thought the Bucket family house and the opening sequences were alright.
  9. It was a harmless jab at Disney, folks. I never said it was some nefarious thing. Jeez. It's just a line in every episode that felt a little repetitive after eight other episodes is all (I watched all back-to-back). If I have a real criticism of Visions is that, apart from a couple of the episodes, they had zero time to tell proper stories, and critical character development was condensed to one or two short scenes.
  10. My point, Chen, is that it was Lucas' initiative, his creative vision. No one told him to write a Star Wars film. Where these sequels and spin-offs fail is in how they have begun with someone else's work and a directive from above. If the heart isn't there, you're left with half-baked ideas and a studio who'll dictate the rest for you.
  11. I'd take Bird's Tomorrowland any day over another Star Wars sequel. With Tomorrowland he took a chance on writing something new whereas Star Wars is doomed to be the same by the very fandom that supports it. The problem isn't getting competent writers, the problem is solely a lack of creative intent. Lucas wasn't the greatest writer, but it was his artistic will that brought Star Wars about, not fifty executives who want to milk an already empty franchise. Yes, he had to convince the studios, but it was his vision.
  12. Netflix's adaptation of the anime series 'Cowboy Bebop'. The style oddly reminds me of The Wachowski's Speed Racer film. As a fan of the anime, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the show. I just know people will scrutinize it to the point of absurdity, especially when an adaptation of a beloved animated series is involved.
  13. Anyone else notice 'I have a bad feeling about this' line is referenced in each short? I wonder if Disney gave each studio a list of things they could include, or had to include...
  14. It's a shame producers/directors will push for references to the classics, but are so rigid in wanting music to be nothing more than nice background wallpaper. I think it just makes these scores sound strange that there are moments of pastiche-driven callbacks that end up feeling alien to the rest of the score. How do you go from melody-driven romanticism to post modern droning sound design?
  15. I've already seen this film and it's called Wreck-It Ralph.
  16. This is a bright spot of news in such dark times. Davies' era was my favourite, he always knew how to inject the show with the right amount of humour, warmth, darkness, campiness without ever going too far in one direction.
  17. The score for The Twins by Michiru Ōshima had some very nice Williams-isms that were for the most part buried quite low in the mix. After watching all nine, I think several would be great to see series expanded from them and that's the sense I got - these are essentially pitches or pilot episodes for potential seasons. If you're not a fan of anime, these wouldn't appeal to you at all.
  18. It's not DC advertising it, it's Gia sharing it from his personal account. Who gets excited for movies anymore?
  19. Here we go again, judging an entire score by just a few seconds of the end of a cue...
  20. It just depends whether the company you order from offers alternative services from USPS. I usually use DHL which is a lot faster but can be pricey.
  21. A combination of no available flights outbound and the fact the Australia Post is struggling to keep up with the influx of parcels. Apparently last month saw more parcels through the system than last year's christmas period.
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