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  1. I live in Australia, all international purchases are prohibitive. Shipping costs the same as the price of a CD and more meaning a single CD from Varese Sarabande could cost me well over $70 for a $17 title. For this reason, it's always difficult to justify buying one cd from LLL or Intrada or Varese. It's gross and unfair why I have to pay double or triple what my US or UK comrades do, and now that fate is worsened for Europeans and non-EU customers. When something is a limited edition, you take the risk of purchasing it with a chunk of your paycheck or holding out for a time when it's more convenient to buy at which time it's gone out of stock.
  2. I think season 3 was a setup for the eventual host uprising. I agree with sentiments regarding the season as a whole, though, and thought it was a little too contrived and seemed to be contained to the one city. Hoping this coming season gets things back on track.
  3. Sad to hear - I was hoping one day his insights into the Disney SW films would be released.
  4. For better or worse, I've had empty or near-empty theatre experiences several times. After the busy opening weekend, the theatres are mostly devoid of life especially during the middle of the day during a school term.
  5. Leto looks like Steve Carell and Pacino looks like Will Ferrell.
  6. Does anyone else, like me, find that they don't care about all this trivial stuff relating to the film, and the only thing worth getting excited for is the score? I think it was a different feeling when Star Wars was returning in 2015. Don't get me wrong, I love Indiana Jones.
  7. I'm glad to see the response has been largely unanimous across the board, and I must say I feel disappointed for Whittaker. Bring on Michael Sheen!
  8. I haven't thought about it until this thread was bumped. Can't imagine listening to this score on its own.
  9. @Tom Guernsey The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Up are perhaps some of his least subtle work!
  10. Strange to see the dislike of Desplat. All three are today's finest film composers and all three have hits and misses. I love Powell's lush orchestrations, Giacchino's themes and Desplat's attention to the small details and orchestral sensibilities.
  11. A bit of what feels like a recycled score going on. Zero themes worth a damn, Inception-esque rhythmic action and recycled soundfonts. Quite possibly the worst MCU score. Balfe has done better, but this sounds phoned-in. I wonder what Desplat would've done...
  12. Is it a Sunshine pun?
  13. Our man JW dominates this discogs list of the 25 most collected Disney albums. https://blog.discogs.com/en/most-collected-disney-albums/?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=discogs&utm_campaign=Culture_2021_06_23
  14. Strong, strong Doctor Who vibes - The Sacred Timeline plot would be a great season-long arc for someone like the Twelfth Doctor.
  15. Murray Gold's Doctor Who comes to mind, over ten years of thematic writing. Not all of it was handled brilliantly, especially in post, but there is a nice catalog of themes and motifs to explore.
  16. There's quite a bit of score, but it is a supporting act more than a stand-out feature. I get the impression the score was probably temped with Giacchino music.
  17. The first one can't be a standalone film because of the big Grindelwald plot so heavily woven throughout the film...
  18. Three big contenders for the 2010s - Giacchino, Desplat, and John Powell - whether you like it not, Giacchino was prolific from 2009 onwards, so was Desplat, and Powell had some stand-out scores in that period too. I'd say the post 2010 is still dominated by Zimmerians, with Balfe, Jackman, Pereira and the only reason the three contenders are there above is because they produced music outside of that mould.
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