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  1. Star Wars, While yes HP would be nice that recording session leak a few years ago nobody would buy the HP because you would only be doing so for the 3rd movie. Buying Star Wars because well it's Star Wars it has no real good releases.
  2. I hope we are able to get this soon, it is a fantastic score.
  3. Hmm either way I think John Understands fans love his work so hopefully we can get it one day, I think he would approve.
  4. Hi I am curious to see which one you like better between The Train Sequence originally scored by Danny Elfman and then later done by Christopher Young for the final film version. I will leave a link to youtube that has both Young's the Elfman's version! Let the battle begin!
  5. what can I say after all this is my home wish I wasn't busy this week and this upcoming week I would bull shit with you guys more!
  6. I have a fan complete version of this soundtrack and it has a alternate of this..... I wonder where it comes from
  7. We had surround sound, I would take disconnect the front and center speakers. the record from the back two so I could get more of the soundtrack!
  8. and these other people are starting to raise it to 4k using multiple prints look http://www.thestarwarstrilogy.com/starwars/page/Project-4K77
  9. I downloaded the unofficial release version to see. it is legit. The orginal A new hope is back http://thestarwarstrilogy.com/starwars/post/2016/01/15/Team-Negative-One-completes-35mm-Restoration-of-Star-Wars
  10. Well that would be a fun pickle, did you guys here about the restored version of A New Hope that leaked online? Not the Unspecialized version someone payed a lot of money found a original print and restored it! They are currently working on a 4K restoration!
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