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  1. The brutal part refers to the missed note itself. Guy was obviously a bit tired. No big deal. But I agree that they probably had the means to fix it artificially, but somehow didn’t. That being said, when I listen to the CD, I will listen to it from a live concert perspective, and if there ensemble or cacks issues, I won’t let that preventing me from enjoying it.
  2. Guys….you know what? It was a brutal show for the trumpets. I know, playing trumpet is my job. shit happens…get over it. It’s the magic of live music, we’re lucky this even happened.
  3. As the title says https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/john-powells-how-to-train-your-dragon-2-full-orchestral-score/
  4. Can’t seem to be able to share the FB link here so here’s a screenshot.
  5. It looks like Chris has started to work on Conan the Barbarian for his next release. It was just announced on FB. Very cool!
  6. According to Neumation music FB post, preorder for their Krull full orchestral score will be starting next week. A lot of interesting things coming out these days.
  7. It’s also on the 1984 release “Time Warp” by Kunzel and the Cincinnatti Pops.
  8. I really want to go to that one. Since I first started to study trumpet, the Chicago symphony has always been a reference orchestra for me. Hearing this orchestra with Williams conducting would be amazing.
  9. Looks like Omni is about to release Poltergeist in full orchestral score, they just changed their FB photo.
  10. I’m surprised nobody mentioned the few tracks that Kunzel and the Cincinnati pops have recorded on their various compilations. I always thought they were pretty good interpretations of these pieces. As well as many other film work.
  11. Chris is still working on it. I’m definitely thinking about getting this one. And maybe the next one too…and the next one…
  12. Speaking as an orchestra musician, I can definitely confirm that good arrangements are a crucial part of playing “pops” concerts. Bad arrangements can ruin it for everyone, from players to audience members.
  13. After looking at the list of included CDs, I realized I was missing a couple. A quick search on the Presto music download section and Amazon completed the collection. I also used that method to complete the Sony package. Cheaper than re buying everything. Especially if there’s no sound improvement. But if you don’t own any of these CDs, it’s a good way to get them.
  14. After receiving an inconclusive answer from Sheetmusicplus, I asked Hal Leonard directly. Here’s their answer Kasey (Hal Leonard) Aug 16, 2021, 12:58 PM CDT Hello Richard, Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, at some point this will become available to the public. We currently have not received any estimated release date from John Williams, but once it becomes available it will be posted on our site under item number HL 04492547. Kindly, Kasey‍ Resolution Lead/Product Specialist Hal Leonard Customer Experience
  15. I sent an email to sheetmusicplus, where I purchase all my signature scores, about it. I guess we’ll see what they have to say. By the way, signature scores are 20% off these days on their website.
  16. I sure hope that it means that Hal Leonard is about to release this suite in their signature series. The font on the part kind of looks like their usual one in that series.
  17. Fantastic conversation Maurizio! If it wasn’t 10:00PM I would have picked up the 🎺 and go play through With Malice Towards None…so motivating. Also very cool to hear about the different spots where JW himself is performing the piano solos. Looking forward to the next one.
  18. I would be happy with the full American journey suite in full score.
  19. My gut feeling tells me Poltergeist might come from Chris Siddall. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  20. Looks like they’re hoping to ship in July, and Poltergeist will come from a different publisher. According to a post on the FSM forum.
  21. Neumation music has just announced that their next full score will be Horner’s Krull. Pretty exciting. Definitely going to pick that one up. It was supposed to be Poltergeist, so hopefully it’s just delayed, and not canceled.
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