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  1. I can’t imagine JW meant it in a bad way. But indeed it probably did hurt. Although it seems Malcolm has enough ego to be able to take it. I also play principal trumpet chair in my orchestra. It definitely takes a bit of ego to get through it. Without sounding too arrogant of course. I absolutely love Malcolm’s playing, he’s been an inspiration for a long time. But he’s from a generation that can handle themselves. I’m sure he’s fine. In any case, fabulous interview Maurizio!
  2. According to Seth MacFarlane, season 3 is not even done. They had to shut down production because of Covid. Who knows when they’ll finish.
  3. Orchestras can’t just cancel everything. We need to at least try to get some stuff out there for our audiences. But we have to adhere to public health measures. I’m lucky enough that I’m in Canada, and I should be able to get most of my salary for next season,partly because of the government’s help, even if it won’t be possible to do anything but small ensembles for small audiences. I feel really bad for all the freelance musicians out there. Not easy to be a professional musician these days. Orchestras don’t make any money on a good year, let alone when not a single ticket is sold.
  4. The first rehearsal was is an incredibly packed church...extremely difficult to hear anything. For the first rehearsal, the conductor had a monitor to follow along, but there was nothing else from the movie. No click track was used. The conductor was extremely clear and knew the score incredibly well, the tricky part was to be able to see him. The sound of the movie wasn’t overly distracting, as it was coming out of speakers that were in front of us. From what I heard from audience members, it seems the balance was really good. I guess the sound guys were impressed by the trumpet section...I suppose it pays off to be a huge JW fan 😃 it truly was a fantastic experience. We were going to possibly do chamber of secrets or Home Alone this coming season, but covid had other plans...
  5. We had a 2.5 hour rehearsal and a 3 hour dress, the afternoon of the show. Definitely didn’t feel over rehearsed.
  6. There were a few technical cues that required more work, but for the most part, keeping things in sync was the challenge. The very scary part for me, was that we didn’t have time to run the whole quidditch cue twice before the show...It definitely was exciting. cues are also rehearsed completely out of order. So the show is the first time you play it from top to bottom. It was an incredible experience. I really hope we get to do more.
  7. They tend to sound a little darker in general. But they may have used a shallower mouthpiece to not lose too much of the brightness that Williams’s music requires.
  8. Do you mean cornet? The difference is actually not very big. A cornet is conical, meaning it starts getting bigger gradually until it reaches the bell. A trumpet is cylindrical, meaning the tube stays the exact same size until it opens up close to the bell. The trumpets they use in Vienna are completely different. Their valves are closer to those of a french horn. Both the cornet and the rotary valve trumpet sound darker than a regular trumpet.
  9. Great interview, thanks for sharing. I loved the bit about the rotary trumpets. As a trumpet player myself, I was very curious how Williams’s music would sound on those. I haven’t been disappointed with the few excerpts we’ve heard so far.
  10. Such a cool piece. I need to get on it and start practicing it. Something to work on until live performances start again.
  11. Perhaps the orchestra version was done for the recording.
  12. I thought Tom mentioned that the new 1st mvt ending was done specifically for this recording, but I could be mistaken.
  13. Interesting. Name doesn’t ring a bell. The reason for the 1st and 2nd movement being 1 track, is that in this unrevised version, the 2 are connected without a break. Williams revised the ending of the first movement specifically for the Tom Hooten recording.
  14. Thanks for the info! I’m going to a trumpet festival in LA in July, where Tom Hooten will be performing his concerto at the Hollywood Bowl. It sure would be great to see him there. But I’m guessing he’ll be in Tanglewood during that time.
  15. Anyone knows what was the ceremony Williams was attending when he made those comments?
  16. On the Hollywood bowl event calendar, Dudamel is listed as conductor. No program though. Except that we know the concerto for trumpet will be performed. My gut feeling tells me there will be more Williams on this concert. It’s a trumpet summit after all. I decided to skip Tanglewood this year, and go there instead. It’ll be fun to hang out with other trumpet players, and listen to fantastic concerts.
  17. The spring pops season is available to view here http://bso.http.internapcdn.net/bso/images/groups/SPOPS20_Groups_Brochure.pdf It looks like no film night, but a SW concert in June. Not sure if it’s the whole season. Seems to not have been officially announced yet.
  18. Personally I would choose Film night.
  19. We performed HPSS last month, and it was all synths. Maybe they don’t always do it the same way.
  20. Totally agree. The mixing on this score is much better than the previous sequels. The orchestra sounds great, and it’s really showing the orchestration in a much better light. TFA was pretty bad on that aspect. TLJ was somewhat better.
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