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  1. And it's a very real possibility that it will leak sometime tomorrow, which means tonight might be the last night we go to bed waiting for the release of a new John Williams Star Wars score.
  2. I don't think it shows up as my signature on mobile devices. Maybe that's the problem?
  3. Didn't want to watch the clips but came here wanting to know about what the score representation in the mix was like. Thanks.
  4. Williams after I tell him at the Return of the Jedi premiere that he still has 6 more Star Wars films to score:
  5. Couldn't agree more. I'm not usually one to encourage dwelling too heavily on what could have been, but in this case I really think it's worthwhile to entertain those "What If?" scenarios just so we can fully appreciate what (as other users have aptly called them) a gift these scores are, not just for having received them but for having received them in the way that we did. So first, there was the very unfortunate, grim, but ultimately quite possible reality that Williams either wasn't physically or mentally able to do these scores or, even worse, had passed away years before these films were even made. Abrams directs the first installment to the new trilogy and his longtime collaborator, Michael Giacchino, does the score instead. The films are made and we are left longing to hear what Williams could have done with these new films. Unfortunately, we'll never know. We sit listening to the new scores wondering what Williams could have done with a theme for Rey, or what sound Williams would have gone for for a character like Kylo. But that didn't happen! Williams remains as mentally and physically fit as ever. However, he decides he doesn't have any interest in scoring Episode VII or agrees only to write a couple themes to kickstart the new trilogy. "I don't want to steal the spotlight from this new generation of talents," Williams politely declines. "I'm too old for that scene. They need someone younger, more energetic, more talented than myself." Nope! Williams decides to score the whole film. But maybe he only scores Episode VII and then passes the baton to a new voice to finish the trilogy? Or, even worse, maybe something happens to Williams that makes him unable to finish the trilogy? Yeah, no. Williams, nearing the age of 88, persists, alive and healthy in both body and mind, and closes out yet another Star Wars trilogy. But maybe the result is severely lacking? Williams scored all 3 films, sure, but nowhere did he manage to even once capture the spirit of the earlier entries, not once did he wow with vibrant new thematic statements or invoke that classic Star Wars-ian feel of old that he used to be able to pull off oh so well? The scores lack an energy, lack imagination. They stand as proof that Williams should have hung up the baton years ago; that the idea to hand-off the job of scoring these 200 million dollar films to a man soon to be pushing 90 was a mistake seriously lacking in judgement. Where is that Williams spark, that magic? But maybe that doesn't happen either? Maybe, just maybe, Williams does do all three scores? And maybe, while arguments can be made as to the overall quality of them compared to the other 6, the scores stand as proof that Williams, and only Williams, could have delivered on that trademark Star Wars sound for these films, while standing as a continued testament to his talented musical capabilities and cementing his status even further as a legendary figure in the pages of musical history. Maybe Williams actually was able to pull it off, in a way that only Williams could? Maybe we're left wondering how we could have gotten so lucky? In all the possible scenarios of what could have happened, the one that seems most unlikely to me is that last one. And, holy fuck, that's the one we got.
  6. Yes! Been waiting for this kind of stuff! Great finds, guys. Love seeing how focused Williams is while conducting and how joyful Abrams seems to be with Williams.
  7. Was looking through that thread we had on that sheet music picture we got from Joann Kane a few months back... Not too shabby, Crumbs. Not shabby at all.
  8. I really want the droid motif from Empire to get a brief mention at some point. Not even sure why, just think it'd be neat.
  9. Even with the FYC in our grasp, the answer to one large looming question remains to be unearthed: did they rerecord the opening titles and, if they did, did they remember to use it in the film?
  10. Sure, but I'm not going to completely rule out the possibility that it was either based on or is similar to a rendition that Williams cooked up for this film until after I've heard the score to it. If there is anything these sequel films have taught me, it's that I don't know what sound Williams is or is not capable of. Yikes! Hope that all went well. Glad you got all settled-in in time for the final few days before the new score.
  11. I haven't listened to the FYC myself but I haven't seen that mentioned by folks. That would be something that would probably be left out of the FYC so there's still hope!
  12. Welcome to the forums, buddy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you'll stick around and continue to join in with the discussion once the soundtrack drops. We're in the endgame now!
  13. Hear, hear! Gonna hold off until the movie to hear the score, but it's great fun reading these early reactions from you all. I'm trying to appreciate and savor this current buzz because who knows if these forums will ever be witness to another large JW score event like this. I'm very appreciative of being able to share in this excitement with you all in these final days. Love you all.
  14. Hopefully we'll at least get some good photos from the sessions soon once Disney allows them. This score in general seems to be held closer to the chest than the previous two so hopefully that translates to some actual reason in the end product. Regardless, very anxious to find out here in less than 2 weeks.
  15. Looking back, we were swimming (comparatively) with mentions of Williams and the music leading up to TFA. In addition to what you mentioned... To name the ones I can remember. It does seem a little weird to have gotten so few mentions of his involvement on this new film, though this recent name-drop by Daisy was fun. Not to say this points to signs of doom and gloom, but it has been a little disappointing for what will be the final Star Wars score by Williams not to be getting more fanfare.
  16. God, that poster and that cover look so good. Great job.
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