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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to Jay in Rambo: Last Blood (Brian Tyler)   
    There's no thread because nobody cares about this score, Thor.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to Once in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    These set photos looks really promising. Now I hope the movie will have lots of beautiful establishing shots of these locations that lets Williams's score breathe without any dialogue and only subtle, atmospheric sound effects. Haha, one can hope, right?
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    It's just nice to see an Indiana Jones film visiting real locations and travelling the world again! 
    Who'd have thought Indy and that costume would look just at home in a 1960s aesthetic as he did in the late 30s?
    If nothing else, Mangold has nailed the globe-trotting brief. 
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crocodile in SPOILER TALK: NO TIME TO DIE (2021, Cary Fukunaga)   
    What I find really funny about Daniel Craig movies is that we never really see Bond in his prime, other than that opening sequence in Skyfall. It's two movies of him being a hotheaded upcoming agent and another three of him suddenly being old and irrelevant. And it almost seems like he spends half of the series being retired or rogue in one way or another. Another thing that sticks out like the last three movies are heavy on honouring the Bond legacy and being quite meta. They don't seem to be able to just move on and feel the need to comment on the past. I suppose it is standard in the life of modern blockbuster franchise. I also find it really hard to believe that he becomes a loving family man after using two women in Mendes' films in quite horrible ways.  I still enjoy the films for the most part but if you're going to treat as a character study it's a very rocky road. 
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to Chen G. in SPOILER TALK: NO TIME TO DIE (2021, Cary Fukunaga)   
    The sort of film I need to rewatch to make a fair assesment of, but which I don't really want to rewatch.
    I had always appreciated the solemn atmosphere of the Craig Bonds, and it persists here, so that's a plus. But the storytelling is very cluttered: it starts out as a continuation of Bond's run-in with Spectre from, errr, Spectre, and over halfway through it morphs into something completely different. The main antagonist doesn't appear out of the blue, but lacks sufficient build-up and I for one couldn't follow along as to what his motivations were. He's fairly creepy, but the personal dimension to his rivalry with Bond isn't as pronounced as it had been in Skyfall or even in Spectre.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crocodile in SPOILER TALK: NO TIME TO DIE (2021, Cary Fukunaga)   
    After sleeping on it, my opinion hasn't changed. It's a clunky mess...but not devoid of fun. It wasn't as focused as Casino Royale, or as refined in terms of direction as Sam Mendes' films, but still definitely way more entertaining than both Spectre and Quantum of Solace (perhaps even combined). Because it tries to be everything at once there is a lot of material in there that works. It's bound to. And, make no mistake, there is a lot of stuff in this film. I will watch it again at some point.
    One thing I'm definitely really happy is Daniel Craig. For a Bond, he got to do a lot with the part and, even at the shittiest, I still believed the guy. And the same is the case here. All three female leads are memorable and quite excellent too.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crocodile in SPOILER TALK: NO TIME TO DIE (2021, Cary Fukunaga)   
    It was very bloated and tonally confusing. I was entertained for the most part though. Perhaps because they simply made an "everything" Bond movie. In parts gritty, in parts goofy, personal and over the top, funny and sad. It was Moore meeting Craig meeting Broznan meeting Lazenby meeting Dalton meeting John Wick meeting Bourne meeting Nolan....It was quite a mess. I mean, suppose it makes sense to do these things, given how Craig's movies "tie together", but it was quite hilarious too. No idea how to rate this. 😂
    One thing for sure: I wasn't bored. 
    As for killing Bond, I don't think it will mean we'll see Bond-less movies after this. It feels more like a self-contained continuity. It starts from him becoming 007 and then dying at the end. Very Nolan thing to do. They'll probably start from scratch next time. 
    Didn't expect to hear Vesper's theme.
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    Cerebral Cortex got a reaction from crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    Thanks for the massive dump of pics and news, @crumbs. Really starting to get excited for the flavor this film seems to be taking on. So glad that it seems like it'll visually bring some stuff that is unique to this entry. It's only just now starting to sink in that we're actually getting one more of these (and that it might actually be good!). 
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    Most of the crew would be European based? Hopefully has no impact.
    Lots of exciting updates today. Production in full swing around Sicily!
    Mads getting into character:
    And arriving on set:
    More photos of Mads on set:
    And the man without the hat!


    Cafe set:

    More photos of the cafe set, including Mangold directing Ford:

    This sequence sounds like fun! Liking Mangold's sense of humour.
    For the car lovers, some vintage models on set.
    Interesting sequence being shot at Castello Maniace (see the photos of the fort-like structure from yesterday). Seems to involve a knight of some type? Also the first photo of Phoebe in Sicily, hanging out with Ford.
    And inside the fort. Interesting boat!


    The fort exterior, including plane wreckage?

    And the Ear of Dionysius set:

    And it seems production is moving to Morocco after all, with shooting in Fez starting later this month!
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    It's amazing how that hat completely transforms Ford. He looks 20 years younger with it on!
    Looks basically the same as he did in KOCS here.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    The locations definitely capture that classic Indy vibe, Mangold's done well. Only disappointment is they already spent a previous film in Italy but this looks distinct from Venice (and it's a different era, given the 30 year gap). 
    Still would've loved an adventure set in Russia (huge missed opportunity for KOCS), Africa, China or SE Asia (the temples in Cambodia) but sadly not to be.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    Harrison's in Sicily and looks great!

    Areas of Cefalu being transformed to be period-accurate, for shooting later this month:




    Piazza Duomo in Cefalu is being transformed into a 1960s era setting with vintage cars:


    Meniace Castle along the coast of Syracuse, where gunboats and horses have been spotted, so likely a big action sequence here:



    Tonnara Del Secco is being dressed with watchtowers:


    They're filming at the Ear of Dionysius, which has been transformed into a mine:

    Also at the Neapolis Archeological Park.

    And some type of 1960s market at the Manor of Oritizia:

    Safe to say that, if one of the biggest flaws with KOCS is how they didn't even leave the US to shoot, Mangold is working hard to rectify that.
    Seems like a lot of the film will take place around the Mediterranean.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Alan Menken's The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) - 2021 Walt Disney Records Legacy Collection   
    Great to see this collection resuming!
    I really hope Disney are ramping up their expanded soundtrack portfolio again, for obvious reasons.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to Arpy in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Pretty much sums up this thread:

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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to Jay in John Williams conducts Filarmonica della Scala, Milan, Italy, 19 June 2022!   
    Spending your income to see John Williams live is worth it.  Every time.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to Jay in Second Williams / Mutter album in the works!   
    Violin Concerto #2 is about 35 minutes
    Devil's Dance on the Vienna CD is 5:50
    Across The Stars at the Tanglewood concert I attended was 4:56
    Marion's theme per the BSO broadcast of Saturday's concert was 4:16
    Love Theme From The Long Goodbye at Sunday's concert was 5:50
    Han Solo and the Princess at Sunday's concert was 5:11
    So that's already over an hour.
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to BLUMENKOHL in Hans Zimmer's NO TIME TO DIE (2021)   
    Square Escape is a really good fusion of Zimmer action music and Bond. 
    I’ve never heard brass used quite the way you hear 35 seconds in. Surely there is some digital wizardry at work there? The brass has both bite, rapidity, and a softness that is unreal and satisfying!

    It’s on another plane from the usual choppy shit. 
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to MedigoScan in Hans Zimmer's NO TIME TO DIE (2021)   
    No The World is Not Enough is an insult to Garbage.
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    Cerebral Cortex got a reaction from Will in JW is writing a new violin concerto for Anne-Sophie Mutter - "Violin Concerto No. 2"   
    I've been told by a couple insiders that Williams spent much of 2020 shopping around for roles hoping to get his acting career off the ground after his critically-praised performance in TROS and didn't want his musical efforts to overshadow his acting contributions to the film. 
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    Cerebral Cortex reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones 5 Spoilers & Set Photos Thread   
    Some details about the upcoming Sicily shoot.
    So it's rumoured Spielberg himself will be on-set for this part of the shoot. Seems surprising unless The Fablemans has wrapped photography (which is possible I guess?)
    I guess if there was one block of photography you'd personally attend, it's a month-long shoot in Sicily
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