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  1. ...and the referee for the iconic 1985 world snooker final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor. ...and my uncle. Gotta admire the versatility.
  2. ...now added to the "those should keep me going for a while" haul above: Frankenstein Unbound (Carl Davis), Haunted Honeymoon (John Morris)...
  3. I didn't quite manage that level of bargaindom but was still jolly pleased to get one for £37 this week – just arrived today and it's in top-notch condition 🙂
  4. Recently received: Heartbeeps (found a decent-price copy at last) Godzilla Vs Megaguirus, Oshima Anastasia, A Newman Runaway, Goldsmith Overdue from seller: Wings of the Dove, Shearmur Seeming to be a bit slow from the seller: The Cowboys Deluxe Edition On their way: Dennis the Menace, Goldsmith (well, it was only two quid so I thought I'd give it a go) Navajo Joe, Morricone The Naked Face / Unman, Wittering and Zigo, Lewis Haunted Honeymoon, Morris Frankenstein Unbound, C Davis
  5. BOTFOJ would be nice, and very welcome. Potter, [shrug] – I'm happy enough with the current OSTs. Sugarland/Storia ... we should be so lucky 😜
  6. Yes, I was going to suggest trying The Lightkeepers.
  7. Me too! :-P Although I have just remembered the one thing I don't have a legit copy of, which is the FSM disc containing The Paper Chase, Conrack, and The Poseidon Adventure – the few copies around are attached to prices that I just balk at too much. For that one, I'm prepared to wait in the hope that either they reissue it or somebody accidentally sells one at a regular disc price. On the other hand, I enjoy my copies of relative obscurities like the singles of 'Tuesday's Theme' from Bachelor Flat and 'Uno Di Qua l'Altra Di La' from Storia di Una Donna, or the M Squad album, which were bought for perfectly sensible prices perhaps because there isn't a kind of 'limited quantities' cachet about them?
  8. Well, rather like Thor said right at the start of this thread - I'm a completist only in the sense of wanting to get something from all his composition titles; so I'm not overly bothered about multiple versions, re-issues, expandeds, alternates etc. Sometimes I get those, but I'm not obsessive about them. And I'm not attempting to collect JW-as-conductor-only recordings with any rigour either. Bootlegs ... just one, I think, but I'm on my way to replacing that with a legit disc.
  9. Arrived: Michiru Oshima, Cinema Music Best (CD) Vault of Horror: The Italian Collection (2×LP, + CD) On order (all CD): Cliff Eidelman: Crazy People Ernest Gold: On the Beach/The Secret of Santa Vittoria Jerry Goldsmith: Runaway Jerry Goldsmith: Baby, Secret of the Lost Legend Michael J Lewis: The Man Who Haunted himself/92 in the Shade Michael J Lewis: The Passage Edward Shearmur: Wings of the Dove Williams & Courage: Superman IV
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