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  1. ...now added to the "those should keep me going for a while" haul above: Frankenstein Unbound (Carl Davis), Haunted Honeymoon (John Morris)...
  2. I didn't quite manage that level of bargaindom but was still jolly pleased to get one for £37 this week – just arrived today and it's in top-notch condition 🙂
  3. Recently received: Heartbeeps (found a decent-price copy at last) Godzilla Vs Megaguirus, Oshima Anastasia, A Newman Runaway, Goldsmith Overdue from seller: Wings of the Dove, Shearmur Seeming to be a bit slow from the seller: The Cowboys Deluxe Edition On their way: Dennis the Menace, Goldsmith (well, it was only two quid so I thought I'd give it a go) Navajo Joe, Morricone The Naked Face / Unman, Wittering and Zigo, Lewis Haunted Honeymoon, Morris Frankenstein Unbound, C Davis
  4. BOTFOJ would be nice, and very welcome. Potter, [shrug] – I'm happy enough with the current OSTs. Sugarland/Storia ... we should be so lucky 😜
  5. Yes, I was going to suggest trying The Lightkeepers.
  6. Me too! :-P Although I have just remembered the one thing I don't have a legit copy of, which is the FSM disc containing The Paper Chase, Conrack, and The Poseidon Adventure – the few copies around are attached to prices that I just balk at too much. For that one, I'm prepared to wait in the hope that either they reissue it or somebody accidentally sells one at a regular disc price. On the other hand, I enjoy my copies of relative obscurities like the singles of 'Tuesday's Theme' from Bachelor Flat and 'Uno Di Qua l'Altra Di La' from Storia di Una Donna, or the M Squad album, which were bought for perfectly sensible prices perhaps because there isn't a kind of 'limited quantities' cachet about them?
  7. Well, rather like Thor said right at the start of this thread - I'm a completist only in the sense of wanting to get something from all his composition titles; so I'm not overly bothered about multiple versions, re-issues, expandeds, alternates etc. Sometimes I get those, but I'm not obsessive about them. And I'm not attempting to collect JW-as-conductor-only recordings with any rigour either. Bootlegs ... just one, I think, but I'm on my way to replacing that with a legit disc.
  8. Arrived: Michiru Oshima, Cinema Music Best (CD) Vault of Horror: The Italian Collection (2×LP, + CD) On order (all CD): Cliff Eidelman: Crazy People Ernest Gold: On the Beach/The Secret of Santa Vittoria Jerry Goldsmith: Runaway Jerry Goldsmith: Baby, Secret of the Lost Legend Michael J Lewis: The Man Who Haunted himself/92 in the Shade Michael J Lewis: The Passage Edward Shearmur: Wings of the Dove Williams & Courage: Superman IV
  9. Perhaps working with some directors has caused him to tear it out over the years?
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