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  1. I heard now that Zimmer took over scoring duties, they're thinking of renaming the film. Top choices as of now are; He Lied To Me. He Shot At Me. He Hates On Me. He's Using Me. Fragility. Electricity. Afraid Of Me. He's Dead To Me.
  2. *Zimmer uses trumpets and guitar* Zimmer - "I just wanted to do something unique. Something never heard before in a Bond film."
  3. Yeah John Carter is a Giacchino Williamsesque Sci-Fi score, so it all comes full circle.
  4. I've only just began really getting stuck into the score, so forgive me for repeating anything said previously, but does anyone get a John Carter or at least a Giacchino vibe from Williams new 'Rise of Skywalker' theme? 1:13 - 1:34 It makes me think of this theme, and Giacchino's overall dramatic LOST themes. 2:30 -
  5. The only thing I like about the final scene was when Rey used that piece of metal as a sled like she did when we were first introduced to her in TFA. And Williams accompanied it by giving a nice little callback to the same section of Rey's theme used in both scenes. Just a little thing that shows the potential this trilogy had for touching character moments. But was ultimately wasted.
  6. Finn sure does love murdering his fellow enslaved child soldier stormtroopers... He's cheering and woo-ing and smiling as he brutally explodes and shoots them all to death throughout the entire trilogy. He basically quits being a stormtrooper after seeing his friend die next to him as they murder a village, then 3 minutes later he's smiling and cheering with Poe as they shoot all his fellow stormtroopers... Then in this film he meets the ex-stormtrooper woman who tells him her story of also being enslaved and forced to be a stormtrooper. And so she joins Finn in the final battle as they both seem enjoy murdering their fellow enslaved child soldiers again... Awful storytelling.
  7. It's not about liking evil characters. That's fine because they aren't real. My point is that within the story itself, when a character loves an evil character. That is screwed up. Rey kissing or even remotely liking Ben is utterly sickening.
  8. And he also murders all of Luke's CHILD students. Great guy, really. Definitely kissable.
  9. Anakin wasn't even redeemed for me. He just showed that he was not pure evil and he was capable of good. But no way did it redeem him. Hence why no one really forgave him at all. The one good thing he did as Vader was save Luke, that's it. He wasn't redeemed. He just fulfilled the prophecy by ultimately doing something good. But it's not like Padme would have given him a big kiss after he threw Palpy down the shaft. But Rey literally witnessed Ben murdering all her friends and he tortured her himself in TFA. He almost killed Finn and Poe and killed Luke by making him come to everyones aid. But Rey just forgives him and kisses him like she's attracted to him and his mass murdering psychopath personality. It's a bloody terrible message, especially for abuse victims. Yeah girls, if a man tortures you, kills your friends and tries to murder you several times, forgive him and give him a big kiss. Sickening.
  10. Yeah but all he killed was dirty sand people. And who cares about dirty sand people? Certainly not us superior humans. #IStandWithTheSandPeople
  11. 2005 - Padme's reaction to Anakin being a mass murdering psychopath = "You've broken my heart! You're going down a path I can't follow. Because of what you've done!" 2019 - Rey's reaction to Ben Solo being a mass murdering psychopath = *smiles and kisses him passionately* #feminism? #progress?
  12. Wait a damn second! Why the hell did Kylo try to run Rey over in his tie fighter? I thought he wanted to team up to kill Palpatine? Did this film read its own script? Haha.
  13. J.J literally just put prequel memes into this movie. Palpatine said "DEW IT!" and he word for word repeated "The dark side is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural." He thought that doing all that was the ultimate fan-service. Real fan service is giving us a well-written story.
  14. Wow, this makes me want to be physically sick. So Star Wars is just Twilight now, I guess...so sad. https://mobile.twitter.com/boobooben/status/1208047230810251264
  15. Oh god! I've just realised something! Anakin's entire fall to the dark side was because of his inability to stop his loved ones from dying. As he said, he could do nothing to save his mother in episode 2. Then he had visions of Padme's death in Episode 3, thus his obsession to save her grew so much that he turned to the dark side to try to learn how to save her. THE ENTIRE PREQUELS AND ANAKIN'S TRAGIC STORY WAS BECAUSE HE COULDN'T SAVE THE ONES HE LOVED FROM DYING! In Rise of Skywalker, Rey saves Ben from dying by touching him and then Ben just resurrects Rey from death by lightly touching her stomach for 5 seconds... FU*K DISNEY STAR WARS.
  16. Was anyone curious as to why after Palpatine died, all of a sudden all the star destroyers fell from the sky in flames in a montage showing OT planets? Why would they blow up?
  17. Did anyone notice how every scene Palpatine was in was filmed on a green screen and was mostly featureless and left to look dark and smokey. That was obviously so they could reshoot multiple versions of Palpatine's scenes with ease. The rumours of multiple versions was obviously true.
  18. I'm pretty sure the spotting session for the final scenes went like this - Williams - "So which themes do you want to use here, J.J? Luke and Leia's or Han and Leia's or Yoda's or Resistance March or Leia's or Rebel Fanfare or Rey's or the Force theme? J.J - "Yes."
  19. Of course the use of Yoda's and Luke and Leia's themes weren't directly covering a moment between Luke and Leia or Yoda, but it could be seen as an overall montage of Williams just giving us a big farewell from himself with all his most haunting and melodic themes. Let's face it, he's done it before in A New Hope with Leia's theme playing over the death of Obi Wan.
  20. All of my sarcasm and hatred aside for this film and Disney's trilogy as a whole, I loved hearing Luke and Leia's theme (my favourite from Williams in Star Wars) at the end when they were all celebrating. My emotions were actually being restarted like a stopped heart. But seeing Luke and Leia, Han and Lando, Chewie and R2 and 3PO having glimpses of their true characters throughout this film just made me very sad to be honest. What could have been is truly heartbreaking to think about. But now impossible to attain.
  21. Think about this - The Skywalker line is dead. But the Palpatine line lives on. I think that's the true message George Lucas intended, and the true meaning of Star Wars... But considering it's 2019 and you can 'identify' as anything you want; Rey can just 'identify' as a Skywalker.
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