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  1. Yep. It's called hyperbole. So you're saying humans have always been disgusting creatures. I cannot agree more.
  2. I guess you're one of the 'human beings' with no manners then.
  3. And I didn't even mention that human beings in general are getting worse every day. People's overall manners are disgusting. I was surrounded by people talking (shouting) their words and having full conversations. Everyone in the world seems to be ill constantly with a deadly flu, and I'm squashed in my seat because 75% of them are obese and spilling over onto my seat. Concerts have always been my biggest and most enjoyable hobby. But over the last year they've become miserable with the way people behave.
  4. I'm currently sat at a Pixar concert in Birmingham and am absolutely shocked and quite frankly pissed off. It began with 3 blaringly loud trailers on a big screen, yes TRAILERS of 3 disney movies. Aladin, lion king and toy story 4. Am I at the cinema or a damn concert! 3 horribly loud trailers for 10 minutes before the concert even started. And if that wasn't bad. The concert itself has confused me to no end. The whole sound is coming from just the left side of the stage. And each instrument is so loud and clear, it's like listening through a stereo speaker. I may as well just be sat at home listening to it on CD with one speaker turned off. It sounds like they are miming their instruments... I can't explain it. It's just weird. Nothing sounds right at all. The audio and stage mixing is utterly dreadful. I have a massive headache right now from the blindingly earpiercing brass. It feels like there is a 20ft speaker against my ear. I go to about 10 concerts a year and have been to about a hundred and concerts seem to be getting worse in all manner of ways.
  5. That isn't Leia though. I said a specific moment where Leia or someone else directly acknowledges that Leia is Vader's daughter. I was referencing the films directly, but interesting to know that somewhere it's recognised.
  6. Have they ever actually acknowledged that Leia's dad is Vader? Of course it's obvious, but I don't recall any specific moment of Leia commenting on it, or anyone else at all saying that she is Vader's daughter. Vader is always seen as 'Luke's father' and no one ever seems to say he's Leia's father. The only scene that comes close to recognising it is the Endor treehouse scene, but even there she doesn't have a chance to say "what the f**k, Vader's my damn father?!!" because Luke tells her that Vader is HIS father first and then says you're my sister afterwards, so it seems Leia never had a moment where she acknowledged she was Vader's daughter. It seems strange considering she spent her whole life knowing who Vader was and fighting against him and the Empire, knowing how evil he was. Seems like finding out she was the daughter of an evil psychopathic mass-murdering ex-jedi would be interesting to her, yet we never see a reaction.
  7. Quite impressed by this. They seem to care about the music, specifically using the themes of each Avenger in each montage. Tyler's Iron Man, Silvestri's Cap, Doyle's Thor, Bates' Guardians, Giacchino's Strange, Goransson's Panther, Silvestri's Avengers. Nice touch.
  8. Just watched Lasting Impressions. After every single episode I say that I cannot possibly love The Orville more than I do now. But then the next episode happens and I find myself falling head over heels in love with it past a point that isn't measurable. What a powerful episode this was. So full of heart. The character writing was sensational. The episodes that Seth writes are so personal, and this screams of a very personal experience he has had himself, because no one can get the nuances of a story like that without having lived something similar themselves. And as someone who has experienced something similar to what Gordon did (minus the holograms), I can say just how real and emotional this episode was. Just fantastic storytelling in a wonderful sci-fi setting. I say it every week, but here we go again... I LOVE THE ORVILLE.
  9. I'm interested in the time it's set in. Just after ROTJ. Could be fun to see how the Empire is defeated entirely. Though I wont be paying for the Disney streaming service so... ah well.
  10. My favourite new track from Ep9 will be - 17. The Destruction of the Death Star 2's piece that broke off And of course the last piece Williams will likely ever write for Star Wars - 18. Final finale and finale
  11. They should make a song for the sequel trilogy. This basically explains my feelings on Episode 9 well
  12. Haha suuuuuuuuure Kathleen.
  13. Looks like times are hard on Tatooine. 3PO has to earn some extra cash grinding the pole at the club
  14. What's LGBT? A new droid in Episode 9?
  15. The ones I'd consider good, ie I enjoy them, are: Iron Man Captain America Thor Avengers Winter Soldier Ant Man Guardians Ragnarok Infinity War The rest are on a scale of okay to bad.
  16. Damn, this is a powerful alternate take on Luke. 41:05 - 43:15
  17. Everything is bad, except for the things I like.
  18. What's with all this negativity?
  19. It's 20 hours if you only watch the good MCU films.
  20. I hope Luke is talking to Kylo when he says he's passed on all he knows, because he aint passed on shit to Rey. Well I guess he did tickle her hand with a leaf, which is pretty much equal to what Yoda taught Luke.
  21. Star Wars is about 20 hours long, and that's what's so powerful about it.
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