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  1. I very much agree - I don't have tooooo much issue with the songs in LotR, but neither "This Wandering Day" nor "Where The Shadows Lie" land for me at all due to just how modern they sound, especially the latter (though I think the lyrics of "This Wandering Day" are fairly atrocious as well). This I fully agree with too - I love the BBC's LotR adaptation, and Stephen Oliver's music is brilliant. P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed my "From Dark Dunharrow" edit
  2. Yeah the OST album is unique in quite a few places. It was assembled from the complete score, and contains several “concert” theme suites (mostly adapted from score cues but with unique sections not included in the episode albums) I fully, fully recommend starting with the OST
  3. Reading the quotes literally, Bear doesn't say the theme "doesn't have its own track", the writer/interviewer does: So perhaps this is one of those cases where because "Where The Shadows Lie" isn't titled "THE ONE RING THEME", the interviewer assumes it doesn't have a suite of its own because there doesn't appear to be from first glance? Because how is that not a Ring theme, honestly...
  4. I don’t know if this helps at all, but when The Hobbit films were coming out, David Salo (linguist for LotR and Hobbit films) had a blog where he shared lots of info about the languages of LotR and how he’d expanded them into neo-orcish, neo-khuzdul etc. for the films. it’s been taken down, but is still available here: http://web.archive.org/web/20190126115532/https://midgardsmal.com/
  5. So we’ve had up to & including about track 26 of the OST in the show, which seems to be broadly chronological thus far, except for Nolwa Mahtar. I wonder when that is going to turn up?
  6. And the moment when the Nazgûl first leave Minas Morgul, the choir for that section in the film is so loud compared to the CR
  7. I was nearly thinking that - I’d assumed it would be just Galadriel reciting the ring-verse or similar at the end of the series. But that’s an brilliant observation Mono!
  8. I found that weird too, but it’s in the press release on the one ring.net that Chen posted above, which seems a bit more reputable
  9. The most bizarre thing for me is the song. I really like the score on the whole, but “This Wandering Day” is such a dud to me. Anyone else?
  10. I may as well throw a few of my thoughts into the ring. When the Galadriel and Sauron themes were first released as singles, I was a little disappointed - I hadn’t heard much of Bear’s work before and was expecting something more like Shore’s scores. Having listened to the full album, though, they’ve both really grown on me. I love that the Galadriel theme is all over the score in many and varied statements. I very much like the Khazad-Dum material too, as well as the Numenor theme. I think “In the Beginning” is a brilliant piece of music, and can’t wait to hear it in context. Some of those statements of the Galadriel theme are amazing. I’m less fond so far of the Halbrand and Stranger themes - but I may yet change my mind on them.
  11. Awesome work Mono - has anyone worked out which tracks are suites and which are score cues? I’m guessing all the tracks up to “In the Beginning”?
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