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  1. I'd love to hear more Grey Havens-style music for the Teleri
  2. I hope so, your videos are amazing, and I would love to have similar ones for the Hobbit (though recognise it’s just a fool’s hope...)
  3. Other things to do like going online to complain about people watching shit movies...?
  4. It’s been known for ages that Rowling is a massive TERF, what’s new?
  5. Wasn't it just for 2 shots where a shallower DoF was needed, if I'm remembering the commentary track correctly? The shot with Paige's eye coming into focus in the bombing sequence was definitely one of them
  6. The one in Flying with Chewie is so similar to the one in Hyperspace, they might both be adapted from the same JW sketch? the only reason you say this is because those JP theme statements don’t have RcP dRuMs, right? They really do sound classic Powell, cf. all the HTTYDs, and also Powell’s Instagram post where he said specifically that he wrote them...
  7. Everyone here knows Waititi directed the last episode of S1 of the Mandalorian, which was hardly a comedyfest, right? Just checking
  8. I think that might be for Han’s Theme, actually... JP has said that he wrote all the other themes People definitely seem to be going a bit overboard with this
  9. See, Spaceport is one of the last places I’d imagine one of JW’s contributions would be in. if i were to guess, I’d say Hyperspace, that Han theme bit near the end of Reminiscence Therapy, Don’t Hold Your Breath and the end of Dice and Roll were the most likely I can think of
  10. I thought it was funny how he liked JW’s use of Kylo Ren’s theme over that shot of Rey saying no-one knew who she was, when it was really tracked in from TFA
  11. Ah damn, I was sure I’d heard an audio recreation of the scene from the novelisation on YouTube or something, but I couldn’t find it. I thought the Oracle also spoke of Palpatine being on Exegol and similar things, but I’m probably wrong
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