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  1. Has Giacchino’s been included on any of his MCU albums? I definitely prefer his version.
  2. I thought the part where Powell said only 1 of Williams’ 6 demos ended up in the place in the film it was written for was quite interesting, too. Which do we think the 6 cues were, again?
  3. You know the COVID vaccines aren’t live, right?
  4. There's a fair bit of film music that gives me chills. Lots of the obvious parts of LotR, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, CE3K, ET etc, HTTYD, Solo... Most recently, Sometimes Nature's Cruel and Gods Fight, Buck Takes the Lead and Rewilding from Call of the Wild.have all given me chills. Even *imagining* Rewilding gave me chills, which I've never had before... has anyone else had anything similar?
  5. But a bit of fabric can drastically reduce the direct air flow while the wearer is talking/breathing, which carries the particles. Yeah, of course it won't be as good as a surgical mask, but every little helps. @ the first part, no, it could never be proven that masks STOP transmission of the virus, but it has been proven beyond doubt that they REDUCE transmission, which is the whole point. Also, for good measure: Nature is one of the most trusted scientific journals, and they have an article here: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586
  6. Spain’s cases per population has gone down! Have they had a sudden baby boom or something?!
  7. You want to be looking at deaths per population, really, to get an idea of the death rate per country. But yes, there are also strong, strong links between COVID deaths and obesity.. surprise, surprise...
  8. It's probs a balance, innit. I guess that masks would not make too much difference outside, where people able to keep a decent space apart. But with two people talking at each other in close proximity, even outdoors, they probably would make a difference. You can kinda see the air flow that masks inhibit when you see someone vaping in the street. It does dissipate, but not instantly.
  9. Why's that list got Scotland and the UK on it, but not Wales? Strange
  10. Both of the vaccines prod your immune system with a spike protein which looks like COVID’s, which means that in future our immune systems will be able to defend against COVID itself far better than they can without the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t exactly stick around in your body, so can’t really produce any long-term side effects. The body makes the antibodies, which do stick around and are boosted by vaccine #2. There’s no reason that having one brand of vaccine and then the other would be at all unsafe, the current trials are to prove that it would be as effective
  11. There's apparently a deleted end credits scene from Endgame where Wanda stole Vision's body, so I guess that rules out 1?
  12. 1. Rey's Theme 2. Rise of Skywalker 3. Adventures of Han 4. March of the Resistance 5. Galaxy's Edge 6. The Rebellion is Reborn 7. Anthem of Evil 8. Scherzo for X-Wings 9. Jedi Steps 10. Adagio (The Starkiller) (Or similar - they're all great)
  13. Chen, I like you, but this sounds just like Matriss ngl
  14. Well, these guys think Mando Luke is a deep fake. Tbf, I do see it, it looks nothing like Tarkin or Leia., the smoothness at the edges of the face and the way he never really turns his head do point that way.
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