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  1. If it’s John Powell I will be pretty pleased, but not terribly hopeful
  2. Orrrrr they threw the shot together for the trailer, which has been very known to happen. The lightning in the emperor/Rey scenes is definitely on-set lighting, anyway, which implies the whole look of the planet was known
  3. I don't know whether this counts as a fanfare but it's absolutely rad either way:
  4. Has Giacchino’s been included on any of his MCU albums? I definitely prefer his version.
  5. I thought the part where Powell said only 1 of Williams’ 6 demos ended up in the place in the film it was written for was quite interesting, too. Which do we think the 6 cues were, again?
  6. There's a fair bit of film music that gives me chills. Lots of the obvious parts of LotR, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, CE3K, ET etc, HTTYD, Solo... Most recently, Sometimes Nature's Cruel and Gods Fight, Buck Takes the Lead and Rewilding from Call of the Wild.have all given me chills. Even *imagining* Rewilding gave me chills, which I've never had before... has anyone else had anything similar?
  7. There's apparently a deleted end credits scene from Endgame where Wanda stole Vision's body, so I guess that rules out 1?
  8. 1. Rey's Theme 2. Rise of Skywalker 3. Adventures of Han 4. March of the Resistance 5. Galaxy's Edge 6. The Rebellion is Reborn 7. Anthem of Evil 8. Scherzo for X-Wings 9. Jedi Steps 10. Adagio (The Starkiller) (Or similar - they're all great)
  9. Chen, I like you, but this sounds just like Matriss ngl
  10. Well, these guys think Mando Luke is a deep fake. Tbf, I do see it, it looks nothing like Tarkin or Leia., the smoothness at the edges of the face and the way he never really turns his head do point that way.
  11. I have many friends who are far more "woke" than me, none of whom would ever suggest that I shouldn't listen to JW's Harry Potter music because of JKR. The Prisoner of Azkaban (from the LLL set)
  12. It’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle to WW’s Kingsman, I’d say. Way more unfocused than the first, messy, with some subplots feeling a bit ham-fisted and under-baked. Worse than Aquaman for my money (I thought that was dumb but deliberately so and really fun). But Pedro Pascal is brilliant in it, it does have that.
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