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  1. There’s an ominous statement of it right at the end of Ice Rescue, for one
  2. I always assumed that most of the Prologue track would cover the Oracle stuff, having read the passage from the novel - the creepy Palpatine theme especially would fit that scene well
  3. Tbf, Balfe used a few times I could remember, and not as bad guy music: And not sure if it was released (surely somewhere?) but here, too: I don't think Balfe was explicitly using it as a bad guy motif in the helicopter chase anyway, it played as much for Ethan antagonising the bad guy as anything else
  4. Would that even have been possible? I think that scene with the finding of the Wayfinder is rather crucial to the plot
  5. From the Vader theme, the film cuts to the unused section of Join Me, and then to Final Saber Duel for a couple of brass stabs and Kylo Ren's theme
  6. Temporary bans for people who post creepy shit and tasteless shit like this would go a long way towards making this a more welcoming forum, imo it’s a bit spinelessly moderated
  7. The kinda rising choral idea towards the end of Nature’s Cruel and the middle of Rewilding is the Heroes theme Does anyone know what Thornton’s theme is? I struggle to spot Powell themes for the first time 😬 but find they stick really strongly once recognised
  8. It’s probably as simple as that Yates really liked working with Desplat, rather than any CoNsPiRaCy
  9. JP posted a list of the themes and motifs in the score on FB: - Buck’s Tune [A + B] - Thornton’s Tune - Dog Team Tune - Working Tune [A + B] - Heroes Tune - Spitz’ Tune - Pious Tune - Black Wolf Motif - Working Riff Get to work, guys!
  10. Isn’t the concertesque ending pretty much just recycled from the end of The Adventures of Han?
  11. Sports is filmed at a higher frame rate these days anyway, isn't it?
  12. isn’t it supposed to be set after Endgame, though?
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