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  1. Why's that list got Scotland and the UK on it, but not Wales? Strange
  2. Both of the vaccines prod your immune system with a spike protein which looks like COVID’s, which means that in future our immune systems will be able to defend against COVID itself far better than they can without the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t exactly stick around in your body, so can’t really produce any long-term side effects. The body makes the antibodies, which do stick around and are boosted by vaccine #2. There’s no reason that having one brand of vaccine and then the other would be at all unsafe, the current trials are to prove that it would be as effective
  3. There's apparently a deleted end credits scene from Endgame where Wanda stole Vision's body, so I guess that rules out 1?
  4. 1. Rey's Theme 2. Rise of Skywalker 3. Adventures of Han 4. March of the Resistance 5. Galaxy's Edge 6. The Rebellion is Reborn 7. Anthem of Evil 8. Scherzo for X-Wings 9. Jedi Steps 10. Adagio (The Starkiller) (Or similar - they're all great)
  5. Chen, I like you, but this sounds just like Matriss ngl
  6. Well, these guys think Mando Luke is a deep fake. Tbf, I do see it, it looks nothing like Tarkin or Leia., the smoothness at the edges of the face and the way he never really turns his head do point that way.
  7. The needles are more afraid of you than you are of them
  8. Fairly sure that vaccines and immunity will still hold for new strains, or at least that’s what we’re being told in the UK Had my vaccine (Pfizer) 2 weeks ago, which was nice.
  9. Yeah, we’re doing that in the UK now, too - first dose is ca 90% immunity for Pfizer, 70% for AstraZeneca off the top of my head? Either way, the maths does indeed check out.
  10. And further, this discussion shouldn’t even exist in such a serious manner, the suggestion of removing Trump from the film was a *joke* made by someone on the internet and jokingly agreed with by another. The petition to replace Trump with Bernie Sanders in the film? How do people actually get baited by this?
  11. Pingu is definitely a big thing in the UK, I loved it.
  12. I have many friends who are far more "woke" than me, none of whom would ever suggest that I shouldn't listen to JW's Harry Potter music because of JKR. The Prisoner of Azkaban (from the LLL set)
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