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  1. In an intriguing turn of events, although Chapter 5 is up on Apple Music on time this week, it says that track 2 isn’t available in my country or region... hmm.
  2. I don't think the Desert Chase clip is under any doubt at all, is it?
  3. Though most SW fans I've seen or talked to absolutely love the soundtrack to The Mandalorian, and a surprising number have said they like it far more than JW's sequel scores
  4. 2 unreleased cues and, as far as I could tell, an extension to Armada Battle which was re-recorded from the 2nd film’s score - check my post in the HTTYD3 topic!
  5. Thanks EDIT: Just had a rough skim through this - I've listened to the OST countless times, and (excepting any micro edits and clean endings of some of the shuffled cues) the only new things I found were: Near Miss Valka (Whole track, dominated by a big Grimmel's theme statement which is fairly similar to those heard elsewhere on the OST) Stronger Together (Nice woodwind variants of the Fate riff before the Fate theme joins on strings. At the end, we hear a cool variation of the Village Hymn backed by the Berk theme Armada Battle Part 1 (I think the opening 45s are pretty much from the Battle of the Bewilderbeast in HTTYD 2) Aaaand... that is all I could find, but I would really like to be proved wrong
  6. There’s a few in Solo that are far less hymn like towards the end IIRC.
  7. There’s also a similar unabridged audiobook for LotR by Phil Dragash, which was apparently the inspiration for this project - I think I prefer the Hobbit as there’s less meddling done with the music. Although, some of the moments in both the Hobbit and LotR with the soundtracks synced up to the corresponding moments in Tolkien’s prose are absolutely magnificent.
  8. Who’s Behind Those Foster Grants contains Giacchino’s Iron Man theme from Homecoming!
  9. I currently have The Book of Lost Tales, parts 1 & 2, and found this reddit thread which gives some help on which are likely to be of interest: Maybe the most helpful is the top post: "The Book of Lost Tales Part 1 - is a collection of Tolkien's early ideas - sort of a proto-proto Silmarillion. Interesting, but apart from the framing narrative and some stories that were never developed further, it's mostly a collection of drafts. The Book of Lost Tales Part 2 - ditto, being the second half of the above. The Lays of Beleriand - Children of Hurin and Beren & Luthien in verse form. Worth a read, but not 'essential'. The Shaping of Middle-earth - Basically tracing how Lost Tales became the early Silmarilion. Beyond a few maps it's again a draft collection. Going by what you've said, I'd skip this one. The Lost Road and Other Writings - An interesting collection of bits and pieces. Part II is more Silmarillion drafts, but Part I shows the beginings of Numenor. The Return of the Shadow - Fellowship of the Ring drafts. Only of interest if you like the idea of tracing the development of Tolkien's ideas - skip if you only care about the finished form. The Treason of Isengard - Fellowship and Two Towers drafts. Same deal as the above. The War of the Ring - Towers and Return of the King drafts. Ditto. Sauron Defeated - drafts to the end of the story, plus a bunch of other stuff. Well worth a look. Morgoth's Ring - Silmarilion drafts followed by two really interesting sections. Get this, even if if nothing else. The War of the Jewels - the second half is full of material that appears nowhere else. It's sort of 'part two' of the above. I'd get this if I were you. The Peoples of Middle-earth - an absolute treasure trove. Well worth it."
  10. There's that noodling upwards low strings bit, as heard after the big Kylo Ren theme early in "Escape", among other places.
  11. Hi Karol, out of interest, do you have a shortened playlist you could recommend for this? I agree that it’d sound better in a shorter presentation
  12. Has the track been deleted? The link is broken for me
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