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  1. There's a fair bit of film music that gives me chills.


    Lots of the obvious parts of LotR, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, CE3K, ET etc, HTTYD, Solo...

    Most recently, Sometimes Nature's Cruel and Gods Fight, Buck Takes the Lead and Rewilding from Call of the Wild.have all given me chills.


    Even *imagining* Rewilding gave me chills, which I've never had before... has anyone else had anything similar?

  2. It’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle to WW’s Kingsman, I’d say.


    Way more unfocused than the first, messy, with some subplots feeling a bit ham-fisted and under-baked. Worse than Aquaman for my money (I thought that was dumb but deliberately so and really fun).


    But Pedro Pascal is brilliant in it, it does have that.

  3. 3 hours ago, Anthony said:

    Am I right in thinking I read that Powell wrote the music for the Star Wars logo on Disney+? The one that's shown at the start of each epsiode of The Mandalorian. Or am I making that up?

    Really? Huh. I always assumed it was Goransson.


    (tbf I don’t really like it either way, sounds like JW-lite to me) 

  4. 3 hours ago, Chen G. said:

    The 4K shouldn't technically make the effects hold-up any worse, because those shots are the same - just upscaled to 4K. If they rescanned the live-action elements in 4K and then re-added the same 2K effects, then this would have been a concern.


    But if there’s been edge enhancement on the upscale, it can result in things standing out which didn’t before.

  5. Has any major vfx studio used deep-faking outside of something like that impersonation of the Queen the other day? I can't think of any off the top of my head (though would like to see if there are any), though there have to be reasons why they are so rare. 


    They get a bit weird when the character turns sideways, and mouth and lips are often very odd in motion.

    They are limited in that the studio would need to license hundreds of hours of old interview footage of the young actors, all needing to be sourced (doubting they could just download clips from youtube).

    They also produce results which are low resolution with plenty of rendering issues which even show when looking at compressed-as-hell YT videos (and what would they look like in 4K?) and studios think it's worth pumping money into CG characters when soon (hopefully) they really will be able to look photo-real.

    And last of all, they very much seem to work best on top of a CG recreation of the same face... which requires the CG face to be good in the first place?


    Obviously, I don't really know, I am guessing. I'd assume that people working in the industry obviously have their reasons for doing what they are doing, and I'm sure they'd love to save hundreds of hours of refining and rendering imperfect CG characters using deepfakes if they could.


    (Yeah, I think the deepfake Luke is an improvement on the weird dead eyes of the Mando original, obviously)

  6. I sort of tried to do the same thing, mostly using tracks named after Chapter Titles from the book, or the closest match I thought fitted, and album suites. Again, it's nowhere near a "best of" but flows nicely (imho), though clocks in at 109 mins.


    An Unexpected Party

    Roast Mutton

    The Hidden Valley

    Over Hill

    Dreaming of Bag End

    Under Hill

    Riddles In the Dark

    Out of the Frying-Pan

    The House of Beorn

    Flies and Spiders

    Beyond the Forest

    Barrels Out of Bond

    Thrice Welcome

    On the Doorstep

    Inside Information


    Fire and Water

    The Gathering of the Clouds

    A Thief in the Night

    The Clouds Burst


    The Return Journey

    There and Back Again

  7. I don’t think studios have anywhere near the capability to deepfake as fans, for at least one reason - fans use ridiculous amounts of footage from old interviews and films to make their deepfakes, and that footage would probably be a huge licensing problem for vfx studios.


    Thanos is a big purple fella, and like with Gollum in the Hobbit, both punch above their realism weight as they don’t have entirely human features. Humans are far more attuned to human faces than apes, for example.

  8. But barely any of that is deleted scenes, it's mostly deleted lines, alternate sequences, alternate lines, or even unused shots... They're not just going to dump all the rushes on a disc, there is no way the vast majority of these things would ever be seen, because they were never meant to be. I think that list would be wayyyyyyy shorter if it were talking about things likely to be released. Even stuff people are excited about, like Gil-galad vs Sauron, was probably only going to be 3 shots and 3 seconds long, or similar..


    (But yes, it would be very cool) 

  9. 1 hour ago, Holko said:

    If we look at the Rohan smearing issues that were also on the bluray... it really doesn't look like they used the OCNs for LotR. And why would they have, most shots are altered in some way, even a simple grading is a ton of work to recreate from scratch when it changes from shot to shot to unify all the different material over years. So... who knows. But either way I'd take waiting a year over having/wanting to buy it twice.

    Yeah, having looked at as many screenshots I could find on the internet, I don’t think there’s any way that the films were actually rescanned from the OCNs, there’s less visible detail here than on the Blu Rays.

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