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  1. These have updated on iTunes, and I've had a brief flick through. I think on the whole, these releases are definitely an improvement on what came before. LotR looks great (ignore the "photos of a screen" posted by certain reviewers online, their phone cameras really didn't give an accurate representation at all). Some shots do seem a bit smooth and fuzzy, but the majority are vastly improved, and I'm a fan of the new colour grade on the whole, except... For the desaturated and blurry-at-the-edges look for flashbacks, as used in the Extended version of DoS for those kin
  2. I always thought that sound represented the Savareen villagers who’d had their tongues cut out by Crimson Dawn and couldn’t speak. I think that part of the track plays when Beckett tries to talk to one of the locals who doesn’t reply.
  3. Would that be part of the slithery Kylo C theme?
  4. I think the Coaxium riff is known, isn’t it? It’s the string motif in the middle of Train Heist, at the end of Mine Mission, and now all over the Double-Double Cross, eg at 1:15
  5. It's just an alternate, an alternate, I tell you! On the OST, it's "Good Thing You Were Listening" 1:04-2:06, whereas in the film, it's replaced by "Maul's Call/Parting Ways" at 2:39-3:39.
  6. Nah, I think that's an alternate for when Qi'ra flies away, isn't it? Just after Han kills Beckett?
  7. Just had a look at the spreadsheet. In the film, the TIE chase lasts as long as the whole "Reminiscence Therapy" track, and the Monster only appears at the start of "Into the Maw". So I think that 5M32 is "Reminiscence Therapy", and 5M33A-C are "Into the Maw". It definitely checks out from a film PoV. 5M32 Kessel Run Pt. 1 - TIE Chase 5M33A Kessel Run Pt. 2 - Monster 5M33B Kessel Run Pt. 2 - Maw 5M33C Kessel Run Pt. 2 - Landing
  8. I meant the parts starting with the transitional bits at 3:47 up until the rebel fanfare statement at 4:35. I think pretty much that entire segment is a bit of a combination of various ideas from TAOH. But yeah, you could be right, it's difficult to know.
  9. JP updated his story to say that 5m32 included portions from JW, not 5m33a. So he definitely means that the big statement of Han's theme in Reminiscence Therapy, from The Adventures of Han, was written by JW. Surprise, surprise!
  10. I'd imagine the percentage includes everything, eg Rebel Fanfare statements, Luke's theme etc.
  11. Am guessing it's the big Han's theme quote near the end of Reminiscence Therapy which is straight out of The Adventures of Han
  12. So JP was right all along - there was some JW music which we thought was written by JP, and some JP music which we thought was written by JW!
  13. I'm gonna question you again, Anthony, sorry. Do you mean the main Enfys Nest theme on low woodwinds? I hear Han's in there at 1:42, but it does sounds really similar to Enfys' theme. Then later in the same track, at 2:29, there's that low strings ostinato reprised in Enfys' stand-off. Considering where the Proxima cue would have been in the film, that ostinato would have played only twice, when Han is trying to bluff his way out of a scrape. Could it then be classified as a motif?
  14. I think it's also missing those two big brass blasts over the ESB Droid theme which are in the film
  15. Well, JP was 054 years old when recording the score... but was he singing or what???
  16. Is it just me, or can anyone else just about hear Han's and then Qi'ra's theme in the low brass in Mimban battle at 0:27-ish? I think that's an awesome moment either way. Also, re: that brass motif from earlier, I heard it in these places: Bunk/Proxima 1:10 Card Room 0:24 (tenuous) Oksana Floren, yadda yadda yadda 1:03 Extra Deluxe Mine Mission 5:42
  17. It's around the place - in Bunk/Proxima, Oksana Floren, yadda yadda yadda and I think that's from Double Double cross, at 2:44? I was just building up a case to post here suggesting it's a motif, actually
  18. And I couldn't hear Luke's or Qi'ra's theme in there, but may have missed them. The Gang theme is in there a lot, though.
  19. It's the same as heard in the Film Credits, if you have those to hand - I think it ends pretty abruptly
  20. I love all the fun variations Han's theme goes through at the end of Dryden's Patience is Tested
  21. Mimban Battle seems a bit shuffled around, the Imperial March quote is longer and cooler than in the film, and the quote of the Gang theme when Han first sees Backett has epicTM choral backing(!)
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