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  1. I think those are definitely the most exciting unreleased cues for me, too. Though thinking about it, I'm excited about all the new tracks! I'm also curious about Bunk/Proxima, as that's a really short cue in the film compared to the track time listed for the album. And yeah, although I quite liked Rogue One, and would definitely defend its honour, I think Solo has this one in the bag.
  2. So to bring it all back around, what did everyone think of the Solo film credits edit, and what does everyone hope for in the album edit?
  3. I know it's really close to release now, but I decided to Shazam a couple of tracks, and lo and behold, they worked. I tried to make some sense of the FILM End Credits, and the various sections of it: Star Wars theme 0-0:29, Reminiscence Therapy 0:29-1:00, Hyperspace 1:00-1:26, Lando’s Closet 1:26-3:00, Mine Mission 3:00-4:39, Corellia Chase 4:39-6:26, Flying with Chewie 6:26-8:34 And all these sections of the FILM credits Shazam as part of the Super Deluxe End Credits Suite (7MEC) cue, EXCEPT the section from Reminiscence Therapy, which always referenced t
  4. It's a view of all the audio tracks which make up the album, I assume different colours equate to different instrument groups
  5. Goddamnit Jay, when I saw this thread had been bumped I hoped it was out today! (Despite Powell’s countdown)
  6. Isn’t that a promotional still? It doesn’t look like anything I can remember exactly from the film
  7. I think the question is really something else - More like "Which scene did John Williams do the worst job of scoring?"
  8. Unsure if it's been reported before, but Powell said in a FB comment that this release will be available for some form of digital purchase/streaming in December.
  9. I think 3M36-7-8 covers 1:51-3:58 of The Good Guy, which is ca. the 2:14 allotted for "Qi'ra knows a bit more than Han", and the remaining 1:26 is part of "Double-Double Cross"
  10. Up until "The Good Guy" definitely. "Qi'ra knows a bit more than Han" is definitely on the album, in "The Good Guy", isn't it? It covers them both in the elevator about to meet Dryden.
  11. Done Is it just me who doesn't remember Bunk/Proxima being >3 mins long in the film?
  12. I’d say it’s more the other way around - in Test Drive and Coming Back Around, at least, what you’re calling the B section precedes the A, right?
  13. I'm sure the vast majority of the cues contain some variant of Han's theme, so I don't think it'd be that informative at all.
  14. I think that’s something else he’s been talking about for a while, like a study score release for another project or something, but I can’t remember what
  15. I think it’s fairly obvious that Zimmer doesn’t *need* ghostwriters or collaborators, he’s perfectly capable of writing a score on his own. Maybe he just enjoys the creative process of working with others, and also enjoys giving up-and-coming composers meaningful experience of working in the industry (credited or not, he’s most likely doing them a huge favour) he’s even saying in all his press releases that really most of Bond was done by Steve Mazzaro. Perhaps the credits thing in this case was a studio/producer contracted thing? That they wanted Zimmer’s name on the film
  16. Sure Jay, that does definitely make sense. Just out of interest, where's the line between attacking a group of people (based on gender, love of Star Wars etc.) and attacking an individual? I think many people would say that some of those examples are crucial parts of their personal identity, and worry that would-be posters (especially women) are being driven off by some of it, though, and perceiving an entirely rotten apple where the vast majority of the apple is lovely. I see through the lies of the Jurassic Shark!
  17. Yeah, it’s almost as if the mods are afraid of the blatant misogynists... and they wonder why more people don’t post here? Naive posts from a new member? Unacceptable, will probably be bullied off the board. Blatant misogyny from one of the “old guard”? Part of the scenery.
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