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  1. It’s certainly not used in the film, it sounds very much like a concert arrangement to me
  2. As someone who didn’t particularly like The Last Jedi when I first saw it, but came to appreciate it more on subsequent viewings, I absolutely loved Knives Out both times I’ve seen it. But I saw this yesterday, and thought it was really weak, seemingly scripted poorly and possibly executed even worse, which is unusual for JJ. It felt like a long film which was hacked down in the editing room, and some scenes were laughably bad. Current thoughts: TFA - 8/10 TLJ - 7/10 TRoS - 5/10
  3. Does it truly trigger you when you see people who aren’t white men on the big screen? If any politics are a bit ham-fisted in the ST, it’s the rich Canto Bight stuff in TLJ rather than any “diversity and gender bullshit”
  4. I’m all for a topless Poe, but I don’t see Chen complaining about *him* having lost his masculinity for being sWaMpEd In ClOtHeS.
  5. I mean, holy fuck, since when does femininity boils down to lack of clothing, being sexually desirable to the audience and characters, and romantic attachment?! Yikety yikes...
  6. I suppose nothing will come up if you Shazam a microedited section of any of these tracks
  7. Could someone try the other tracks? I’m willing to bet this’ll only find stuff from the OST, so we might be able to discover roughly what’ll be on the OST, what’ll not be, etc
  8. Same, actually, I really haven't noticed much in terms of new themes at all, after 2 listens
  9. In an intriguing turn of events, although Chapter 5 is up on Apple Music on time this week, it says that track 2 isn’t available in my country or region... hmm.
  10. Bofur01


    I don't think the Desert Chase clip is under any doubt at all, is it?
  11. Though most SW fans I've seen or talked to absolutely love the soundtrack to The Mandalorian, and a surprising number have said they like it far more than JW's sequel scores
  12. 2 unreleased cues and, as far as I could tell, an extension to Armada Battle which was re-recorded from the 2nd film’s score - check my post in the HTTYD3 topic!
  13. Thanks EDIT: Just had a rough skim through this - I've listened to the OST countless times, and (excepting any micro edits and clean endings of some of the shuffled cues) the only new things I found were: Near Miss Valka (Whole track, dominated by a big Grimmel's theme statement which is fairly similar to those heard elsewhere on the OST) Stronger Together (Nice woodwind variants of the Fate riff before the Fate theme joins on strings. At the end, we hear a cool variation of the Village Hymn backed by the Berk theme Armada Battle Part 1 (I think
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