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  1. But it is. But probably bigger issue is that the album version is bad quality since much of the higher frequencies are missing.
  2. I hope that one day we will get something like anthology (probably the best star wars soundtrack release ever) release with outtakes including more movie version of the soundtracks. Anyway I have noticed 1980/anthology version sounding different than limited/SE edition (worse quality imo). 1980/anthology you can even hear cymbals if you boost some frequencies. They can barely be heard on stock version because someone did bad job at mixing it, I think it was Eric Tomlinson.
  3. You were correct. Film mix isn't available. No, if you listen carefully they are different. SE version doesn't have cymbals and much more.
  4. I believed that the original Imperial March (film version) was lost due to how old The Empire Strikes Back is and that we got bad album version due to someone remixing it badly but this video proves that the original version still exists and in good quality too (you can hear at 16:14 section that there are no tie fighters so the clean version does exist!)! If you can't hear the difference between this powerful and the best version imo from the crappy album one then I am sorry but yes they are different. I believe that someone at Disney or Lucasfilm intentionally holds back the best version possible of Imperial March from the fans.
  5. How about we get full complete score of TESB for the 40th anniversary with the film mixes in as well? Never gonna happen, sadly.
  6. I am quite sure the movie version of Imperial March will never be released so the answer is no.
  7. I always liked the movie version of Imperial March the best and that one is unavailable.
  8. Once again Disney delivers subpar trash quality soundtrack like they were recorded on a potato. Its 2020. 40 years since the release of The Empire Strikes Back and we still haven't got proper movie version of Imperial March released...On the other hand its quite possible that the Album version of the Imperial March is the same as the movie one but someone remixed it so badly that it lost all the cymbals, much of horns and other instruments that it sounds like an entirely different version... Also where is my Duel of the Fates but with Revenge of the Sith choir??? Disney is the worst company of all times.
  9. Yes, why don't they? Just listen to Imperial March from the ESB "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLmUgeHc2tw" (background sounds can't be removed) and if you can hear well you can conclude that this isn't the same bad quality version that we got on the album... I really wish they would one day release original movie mix of Imperial March and ROTS Duel of the Fates version which had different choir from TPM version.
  10. I know that Yoda vs Sidious Duel of Fates (ROTS version) had different choir than TPM version, and I am wondering if Its available anywhere (in games or whatever)? Even If I could find only choir I could mix it with instrumental version of Duel of Fates which I found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wXUAm4WAAo
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