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  1. Oh for goodness sake!!... red_rabbit stick your "Hook" in me, please!... I think I am going to walk around barefoot from now on! because these "Shoes" are driving me nuts!!
  2. Yes, as the FruityLoops program features many synth sounds that were also found on many Yamaha keyboards back in the 80's, you will notice alot of the "Poltergeist II" synth sounds on there. One that springs to mind instantly is the "angelic whistle" which Goldsmith used in the tracks "Things/The Gift", "Late Call" and "Reaching Out" performing the main parts of the Grandma Jess/New Carol Anne Theme. Go to Sytrus, then Synth string and... "Hey Presto!!"
  3. Exactly!... No more spamming please, thanks.
  4. To be honest, While I love both scores, I have always regarded Poltergeist II as the better score of the two, it's more melodic for one. Even though that also suffers from tape hiss and fuzz, the recording is louder, which I think really helps. That's one of the main problems with the Rhino CD for me, the music is quieter then the tape hiss.
  5. I have to agree there!... The SE has horrid sound quality (my original soundtrack recording of "The Magnificent Seven" has superior sound quality!). In fact when it comes to that release of the score, it's the only one I do not have on my iPod, I just cannot listen to it. Instead I have the far superior sounding Anthology disc on there instead with fewer tracks.
  6. The thing is, I have the original LP of Poltergeist in very good condition and the quality is actually better then the Rhino CD in terms of the master used (it could almost pass for digitally recorded when transferred to CD, with near to no tape hiss and good frequency levels) that's why I know the Rhino CD could be greatly improved upon. The original LP has fewer tracks, which is a real shame.
  7. The main issues I have with the Rhino sound quality are the frequency levels and the analog tape hiss level, which "drives me crazy!" "I'm listening to it on a Sony DTS Surround sound system"
  8. Well, I am not musically trained, and never wish to be, so once again.... 8O
  9. Well then, it's obviously a matter of "opinion" then because I "disagree" with you, and nothing you say will ever change my mind. Why don't you try commenting on the actual topic I created this time?...
  10. Yep, I guess I've just never liked the score. Jaws 2 on the other hand... I do like. I think it's far superior to the original. As I said before, it all comes down to a matter of taste. I like "melodic" Williams, not "noisy" Williams... ala Jaws. Jaws 2 is just so much better structured, it flows more evenly, and I love all of the improvements Williams made to the 2-note shark theme.
  11. I didn't think that at all, don't worry about it. LOL
  12. Well, it does come down to a matter of taste. I mean you don't like Poltergeist and think parts of it are pretty awful. I strongly disagree. I am the same with Williams War of the Worlds. I absolutely can't stand the score; I think it's a load of rubbish. There will be many that like it though. That's what opinions are all about. The same goes for Jaws. Outside of the 2-note shark theme; I think it's a load of rubbish too. Once again; There will be many that like it though.
  13. Is anybody else here hoping for a Poltergeist 25th Anniversary score re-release next year?.... I most certainly am. As much as I don't mind the sound quality of the Rhino release (I have heard far worse), I think they could have done better, and next year would be the perfect time for a 21st century sound upgrade to be released alongside the 25th Anniversary DVD. I mean, both "The Omen" & "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" have much better sound quality, and they are older films, so there is no reason why they can't upgrade Poltergeist's sound quality too. What does everybody else here think?....
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