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  1. It does sound similar but I felt there were a couple small spots where I could tell it was a diff recording.
  2. Huh? I’m not talking about politics at all... Not everyone who is against stupid political correctness is a Republican or agrees with their policies. (Assuming that’s your implication.) Thanks for stereotyping, though!
  3. The PC police have officially arrived... 🙄 Grow a spine. It’s a pretty common phrase; this isn’t a college safe space, it’s the real world and not everyone is going to pander to the <1% and their demands. If this was a personal attack he was making I’d understand but I mean... Come on, man. (Hope I didn’t just misgender you; I’m sure that would be an offense too, if so.)
  4. Yes, he seems to be just wondering why users aren't allowed to ask for leaks.
  5. Nice! And I second @Lewya's question: how was the score? I can handle "spoilers" about the music but I'm hesitant to venture into other threads out of fear of the plot being spoiled.
  6. Did it overall leave a good impression on you? Are you excited to get the soundtrack album?
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