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    curlytoot reacted to Wojo in The Force Awakens - Score Reactions from Reviews, etc   
    What amateurs call "new notes," professionals call intonation. 
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    curlytoot reacted to Taikomochi in The Force Awakens For Your Consideration (FYC) Album   
    Oh, guess I missed that!  Excellent news.  Still, I have not seen it posted anywhere.
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    curlytoot got a reaction from Taikomochi in The Force Awakens For Your Consideration (FYC) Album   
    See the article on the main page.
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    curlytoot reacted to Bespin in Star Wars Playlists   
    Here's a try!
    01. Star Wars, Main Title (The Hollywood Sound)
    02. Duel of the Fates (OST)
    03. Across The Stars (OST)
    04. Battle of Heroes (OST)
    05. The Imperial March (Star Wars Trilogy)
    06. The Little People (Star Wars Trilogy)
    07. Princess Leia (Star Wars Trilogy)
    08. Here They Come (Star Wars Trilogy)
    09. Yoda's Theme (Star Wars Trilogy)
    10. The Asteroid Field (Star Wars Trilogy)
    11. Luke and Leia (Star Wars Trilogy)
    12. The Forest Battle (Star Wars Trilogy)
    13. March of the Resistance (OST)
    14. Rey's Theme (OST)
    15. Scherzo for X-Wings (OST)
    16. The Jedi Steps and Finale (OST)
    TOTAL TIME : 69:14
    And here's the new Spotify Playlist called "The Best of Star Wars" (made with the OSTs)
    01 Main Title And The Attack On The Jakku Village
    02 Imperial Attack
    03 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle
    04 Cantina Band
    05 Main Title_Rebel Blockade Runner
    06 Duel Of The Fates
    07 The Imperial March (Darth Vaders Theme)
    08 Rey's Theme
    09 Across The Stars
    10 Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan
    11 Main Title The Ice Planet Hoth
    12 Victory Celebration_End Title
    13 Anakin's Dark Deeds
    14 Star Wars Main Title And Ambush On Coruscant
    15 Anakin's Betrayal
    16 The Moisture Farm
    17 Star Wars And Revenge Of The Sith
    18 Battle Of The Heroes
    19 Anakin's Theme
    20 Cantina Band #2
    21 The Immolation Scene
    22 Yodas Theme
    23 The Throne Room_End Title
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    curlytoot reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in the best star wars music   
    Jedi Rocks
    Victory Celebration
    Street Band of Mos Espa
    Desert Winds
    The Street Singer
    Dex's Diner
    Padme's Ruminations
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    curlytoot reacted to Bowie in The Force Awakens ALBUM Discussion (No Film Spoilers)   
    Alright these last few pages have made me desperate for Williams to score at least Episode 8. We NEED to hear how he treats the development of themes from 7:
    March of the Ren (Imperial March-esque version of Ren's theme)
    Snoke's Theme (evolution of Snoke, more Emperor's Throne Room-esque)
    The New Jedi theme (based off Jedi Steps)
    Finn's Theme (evolution of his 5-note motif)
    Reappearance of Luke and Leia theme
    And it would really elevate the power of TFA score if it retroactively proves to lay the thematic foundation for an even more lush intricate thematically evolved score for Episode 8.
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    curlytoot reacted to Faleel in Sony Classical to release Ultimate Star Wars Soundtrack Collection (January 8, 2016)   
    The version you listened to is a fake HP.
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    curlytoot reacted to DarthDementous in What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?   
    Before I got to listen to this track in full (I had already seen the movie) I saw that people were underwhelmed and disappointed by this which in turn disappointed me because I thought this would be one of the most stand out tracks. However, when I listened to it boy was I wrong. From the moment the main theme of it started playing I fell in love with it, to me this is an instant classic that belongs up with the best of the Star Wars themes. It just perfectly characterizes the Rebellion in a grand militaristic way and the concert rendition at the end was even better. Seems like a bit of an inversion of the Imperial March yet it also feels like an extension of the Rebel Fanfare just... so good. Can't wait for a track analysis of this.
    P.S. The sound of the instruments in the main theme sounds so perfectly OT for this as well.
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    curlytoot got a reaction from Jay in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    Found this in a Star Wars forum!

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    curlytoot got a reaction from crumbs in Williams conducting Force Awakens cues shown on 60 Minutes (UPDATE: Second Video now online)   
    LOL. Did anyone notice JW's face after the horn clams a note at 0:24?
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    curlytoot got a reaction from Gruesome Son of a Bitch in JWFan James Horner Listening Party   
    Listening to CASPER. Over the past couple weeks, this has quickly become a new favorite. I love Horner's two main themes, and the Korngold reference is a lot of fun too. Can't get over that melody that's first introduced at 2:31 in "No Sign of Ghosts", though; absolutely stunning. He does an amazing job of putting it into different orchestration contexts over the course of the score, and the rendition in "Casper's Lullaby" is some of my favorite Horner music ever. What a great score.
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    curlytoot reacted to Uni in James Horner 1953-2015   
    I've been noticing that as I listen to his stuff. Anything piece connecting with flight tends to rise above its companion pieces in a score. "Flying" from The Man Without a Face, "Flight of the Griffin" from The Spiderwick Chronicles, all the material from The Rocketeer and Apollo 13—even the change in mood that takes place in Krull between the moment the fire mares are galloping on the ground and the moment they take flight . . . the subject just seemed to bring the greatest inspiration out of him.
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    curlytoot reacted to Sharkissimo in The Official James Horner Score Study Thread   
    I liked this thread.
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    curlytoot got a reaction from HornerIsTheMan in James Horner 1953-2015   
    Found this 2010 interview:
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    curlytoot reacted to leeallen01 in Who should take over on STAR WARS after Williams is gone?   
    He isn't capable? Wow that couldn't be further from the truth.
    If this doesn't convince you of his ability to sound like Barry and yet distinctly himself at the same time, then I don't know what will

    And this IS Star Wars. He describes Stargate as Lawrence of Arabia meets Star Wars, and I can think of no other that can create a level of magic this high, required for a SW film besides Williams, and he achieves it in under a minute.

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    curlytoot reacted to leeallen01 in Who should take over on STAR WARS after Williams is gone?   
    What a beautifully condescending sentence.
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    curlytoot reacted to leeallen01 in Who should take over on STAR WARS after Williams is gone?   
    I'm a massive fanboy of Newton Howard and a big fan of Giacchino and Desplat, but sorry to them, because it has to be David Arnold. He hasn't just written 1 random example of a reason why, he's written so many. The obvious ones are Independence Day and Stargate; two absolutely wonderful scores that rival Williams Star Wars already. Not to mention Arnold has a very very distinct style, yet he can mimic any other with completely convincing ways. He has like I said produced two huge sci-fi scores that rival Williams and Goldsmith, and he has written his Bond material and his Last of the Dogmen, with a 100% John Barry vibe that would convince anyone it was Barry himself. Not to mention his other big fantasy scores for Chronicles of Narnia and Paul. Arnold is an untapped genius, who if set on the right path of projects, could easily shoot to the top of global recognition akin to the greats. A Star Wars score, quite frankly, would be a walk in the park for him, considering his quality.
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    curlytoot reacted to Lewya in JWFan James Horner Listening Party   
    Is that Ludwig Vicki conducting?
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    curlytoot reacted to Muad'Dib in James Horner 1953-2015   
    I remember an interview around the time of Hook where the interviewer asked Williams which young composers he liked, and among them he mentioned Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard and James Horner.
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    curlytoot reacted to OneBuckFilms in The Official James Horner Thread   
    I hope you don't mind me posting this here.
    I would like to invite everyone here touched by his music to join me and others in celebrating and remembering this unique and gifted man, and the incredible music he left behind.
    Please join us for this worldwide listening event on Facebook here:
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    curlytoot got a reaction from HornerIsTheMan in James Horner's treatment of death in his music   
    This may come off as a bit morbid, but I really don't intend it to. I know we've all been listening to/posting our favorite Horner cues and scores these past few days, but I was just thinking: this is a man who had scored music—great, tear-jerking, heartwrenching music—for the deaths of countless characters on screen. For such an emotionally resonant composer, I feel like it would maybe bring some level of comfort/solace (at least to me, probably to others here as well) to have a playlist/collection of Horner's musical representations of death and of the heartache and loss that loved ones experience. So, what are some classic, great examples of Horner scoring the death of a character in film?
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    curlytoot reacted to Foundling in James Horner 1953-2015   
    The BAFTA interview has really hit it home, the discussion about his future projects.
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    curlytoot got a reaction from HornerIsTheMan in James Horner 1953-2015   
    Apologies in advance for the long post...
    It's been a few days since the news, and I can honestly say I feel no better now than I did the moment I found out.
    A slight bit of backstory: My first exposure to Horner's music was either AN AMERICAN TAIL or THE LAND BEFORE TIME when I was a little kid. I never "got into" film music (consciously at least) until my dad got JW's STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE album from someone as a gift. Five-year-old me absolutely ate that recording up; I listened to it much more than my dad ever did, and when my family got back from seeing the film—I was too young, in my parents' eyes—I distinctly recall excitedly playing different segments of the album on the stereo and asking them "what happened" in the story, at those certain moments of score. They obviously couldn't remember, but looking back to that moment, I realize I definitely had been bitten by the film music bug at a young age. So I've been a JW fan for a very long time, and to me he was king of all things film music.
    My first instance of knowingly listening to the music of James Horner came years later, in late middle school or early high school; I don't remember how exactly it came about, but somehow or another I wound up listening to TWOK. And of course it changed my life. I got his TITANIC at some point, which I also loved, as well as WILLOW, and I think one or two others over the years, until I became a more serious score collector/fanatic. I always knew Horner was good—very good—but I never really allowed myself the time or effort to really delve into his music and explore it. I thought there would always be time to get into Horner, always more scores he would write, and that he would basically be around forever. I can't believe how wrong I was.
    It's ironic, as just earlier this summer I finally saw the film TITANIC for the first time, which made me see and appreciate his score in a completely new light and reignited my Horner flame. I started reading about him, saw he had composed a double concerto and a four-horn-concerto, and—being a classical music fan and a French horn performance major—became thrilled at the notion that he was stepping more into the concert music world. He had seemingly had a boom in his career, had a fair number of new scores coming out this year, the AVATAR sequels looming in the hopefully not-too-distant future, and all around seemed to really be returning to form (maybe that's not the right phrase, as I guess in some ways he never really "left" form). I was immensely excited to start more closely following his work, and it was mere weeks ago that I was watching interview after interview of his on YouTube, and blasting TWOK in the car with my dad.
    Then the news. I never expected it to hit me this hard, but one ultimate truth is gradually becoming clearer and clearer: Horner was always there, for me. Sure, JW's PHANTOM MENACE was awesome and a highlight in my realization that film music was cool. But looking back, nothing had emotionally resounded as much with me as a little kid, as Horner's music did.
    The main themes of THE LAND BEFORE TIME were always so special to me as a child, so much so that when I would go to my grandpa's house and pop the old "movie storybook" game (?) CD-ROM into his ancient PC, I would replay certain sections over and over again just to watch the little tree-star cutscene, to hear the music ("Sharptooth and the Earthquake", 0:30-1:31). AN AMERICAN TAIL was a similar guilty pleasure, and I have fond memories of individual themes associated with the characters and scenes, even from my first time(s) viewing it all those years ago. I've been listening to these scores and more the past couple days and crying my eyes out. I've never had this much of a reaction to a celebrity death (the closest was Robin Williams, last year), and I think a lot of it is just knowing how much joy his music has brought me over the years, even though I may not have made the connection/recognized it in my mind. Add to that the fact that he seemed to be genuinely the sweetest man you'd ever meet.
    It's hard to cope with the fact that I took this man's music for granted for so long. He really was one of the greats, and from what I've read here and elsewhere, a lot of people who also didn't realize that are waking up to it and realizing just how much of a unique, one-in-a-million talent and artist we've lost. I keep waking up each morning hoping it's all been a bad dream, and I feel like that will continue for many mornings to come. I simply can't believe it. What a loss.
    RIP, James Horner.
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    curlytoot reacted to Damien F in James Horner 1953-2015   
    Is this the biggest tragedy ever to hit the film score community? I mean obviously great composers have died in the past, but the relatively young age of Horner's death, the sudden unexpected nature of it and his stature as a film composer have all devastated the community.
    I get the impression that Horner, like Williams, loved his craft and would never have fully retired. Williams was Horner's age in 1993 and he has written some of his best scores since then - that gives an indication of the potential Horner classics that will now never be written, they have been lost to us forever, and that gaping hole he has left in the industry can not and will never be filled.
    I've had a few days for this news to sink in but it still doesn't feel real yet.
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    curlytoot got a reaction from crocodile in James Horner 1953-2015   
    Just released today, a portion of James Horner's TED talk:

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