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  1. Have you pre-ordered your copy of "Conan the Barbarian in Full Score" yet?!? The books are due to be back from the print finishers tomorrow, and following a check to ensure no printing issues will ship later this week. bit.ly/CSMP_IFS-004
  2. There are several factors but personal choice is pretty high up there. I have a huge list of things that I'd like to publish, but of course I can only produce them at a certain pace. Some licenses are more challenging than others to acquire (I have some still being negotiated after 3 years since applying) and some are completely off the table.
  3. Glad you're enjoying Independence Day. Conan is an absolute must have in my opinion (not biased lol). "On my plate" is Legends of the Fall next, then Alien, then Gremlins. Busy busy!
  4. I know that some people will want to know the exact contents, so here is the full cue list from the book. These can be used to follow along with either the movie or the expanded 3CD release from Intrada.
  5. The Hyborian Age is upon us! It gives me great pleasure to say that Basil Poledouris' iconic score from "Conan the Barbarian" is now available to pre-order (ships week commencing 9th May). Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, for many it was their first exposure to Arnold Schwarzenegger. With the movie featuring almost wall-to-wall music, this is a really must-have study score! The book includes every cue from the movie, plus various album edits and unused cues. The perfect companion to read along with the movie, or with the expanded Original Soundtrack release from Intrada. Add to that a beautiful foreword by Zoë Poledouris Roché and thematic and cue analyses by Erik Heine, this book really has everything. Order Here: bit.ly/CSMP_IFS-004
  6. Whilst I'm glad that this discussion is keeping my thread near the top of the forum, I do feel we've gone a bit off topic with the discussion. Anyone who is interested in checking out the notes, as written by Michael Kamen and orchestrated by Michael, Robert Elhai and Blake Neely, please head over to my site. Every note was carefully copied from the original manuscript and checked against the master tapes. It includes early and alternate versions of various cues, even the "Duck and Cover" song. This is the perfect companion for the movie and OST for any music reader and a rare opportunity to see an authentic film score. bit.ly/CSMP_IFS-002
  7. Well, now all the music used in the movie is on the OST. Unfortunately the (full length) early versions of cues that were recorded in the first week of sessions are not included on this OST, but playback from my notation software gives a pretty decent feel for how they would have sounded, and are included on my YouTube playlist above. They're obviously not as good as a live orchestra but better than nothing. Regarding the Pete Townsend comment, yes he was working on a musical adaptation but it was a different entity and the music is unrelated to that in the movie. There was no ghost writing. I've spoken with the two orchestrators extensively, plus the director who sat with Michael whilst he composed many segments (you can see this in the video clips on YouTube). Some of the cues were even fully orchestrated by Michael, in his handwriting.
  8. Oh lol, that's not an Omni thread. Omni Music Publishing and Chris Siddall Music Publishing are two different companies. I should know!
  9. Please link to the specific thread/post. Having worked with the handwritten manuscript (some of which is in Michael's own handwriting) and spoken extensively with the orchestrators, I'd love to see what's been said but can't find it.
  10. Yes unfortunately that seems to be the case. It's a shame as they were definitely recorded (I'm heard the master tapes!) but I guess that would have meant stretching to a second disc and other production costs. Luckily you can find all the cues from the book on my YouTube playlist below, which uses my notation software playback to fill in the gaps from the original OST release. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2XL1LU1Am0iDi6gRmqwVlZrmYkpEUrbo
  11. A gorgeous score too, and quite a unique sounding recording, due to the fact it was recorded in a concert hall rather than a studio (the Dvorak Hall at the Rudolfinum in Prague, Czech Republic).
  12. Yes, plus some unused stuff including some demo songs. Everything on the disc except those demos is in the book, though I think I'll have to do another "matrix" that shows which cue links to which track since they've joined some cues together and used different titles again!
  13. You know what would go well with this?!? THE IRON GIANT in Full Score (chrissiddallmusic.com)
  14. Yup, this cue and "Welcome to Earth" are not on either of the OST releases but we're recorded/appear in the movie. I'm not sure why they weren't on the La La Land release. I've used my playback file from Sibelius (Noteperformer) in the meantime.
  15. Looking for a companion playlist to listen to as you read your copy of "INDEPENDENCE DAY" in Full Score? Look no further!
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