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  1. The books are here (and looking rather lovely)! Orders will start shipping from tomorrow. Go get 'em kid!
  2. As mentioned, Braveheart is next, but then we'll give Mr. Horner a little rest (but not for too long)! Sssshhhhh!!
  3. I think you will (and that's not a hint). The Rocketeer is Disney...but I know that's not quite what you meant. I really want to (because they're exciting), but I don't want to draw attention away from The Rocketeer (and Braveheart, which yes, is next). Although it gets people excited for what's coming in the future, it also becomes frustrating that it's not here "now"! It's a tough one with pros and cons. I can say though, that there will be two from composers who haven't had a full score release before, and two who have...! It's quite possible that I'll slip in another digital release or two (a la Testament) as well. Smaller titles that aren't necessarily viable for a full print run (too short, or too small of a market) but are worthy of finding an alternative solution.
  4. Yes to Troopers. I have 2024's releases already locked in, but this one's certainly on my radar for a future release. JW is currently off the table for licensing. It would be fantastic if that were to change at some point. You'll know if it does!!!
  5. No, but you need to register on the link above so you get sent a Zoom link.
  6. It will be, but in order to watch the recorded version (in full at least) you'll need to become a member of ASMAC. They may clip out some highlights at a later date to show freely. Membership is good value though, there are a ton of similar previous sessions in their archive.
  7. Excited about the upcoming release of THE ROCKETEER in Full Score? Join us on Saturday for this sure to be amazing ASMAC event (it's free and online - register on the link below). Co-hosted by Chris Siddall Music and Dan Redfeld, we'll be joined by director of The Rocketeer; Joe Johnston, music editors Jim Henrickson and Joe E. Rand, and special guest Sara Horner as we discuss James Horner's scoring process and take a closer look at the music. We will also have a special message from orchestrator Conrad Pope, who sadly can't be with us on Saturday, but was able to sit down for a chat with us last week. e-Tickets available on the link below. In the words of Eddie Valentine; "Go get 'em, kid!" https://www.eventbrite.com/e/composerdirector-relationship-film-scores-of-james-horner-wjoe-johnston-tickets-688985202287
  8. It's very similar to a Benny Goodman recording (see below), but it's definitely in Billy May's hand, and arranged specifically for The Rocketeer as I've got scans of the manuscript.
  9. Oh they were certainly recorded. You can hear portions of all of them in the picture, but they don't feature vocal, and aren't "featured" like the two that are on the album. Disney sent me the isolated score track from the movie, but it's literally the music as heard in the picture (i.e. dips in volume, filtered to sound like it's coming from another room to match camera cuts etc.), so it's not possible for me to share a clean version of the recordings. I will put the Sibelius playback versions on my Youtube channel though so people have some audio reference when reading the book.
  10. What do you mean? The OST track 18 on disc 1 represents 2 cues (9m6a and 9m6). 9m6a is the intro part (which plays over 9m4, which is heard diegetically in that scene).
  11. They're just numbered on the manuscript and the orchestra breakdown. I don't have the separate cue sheet so couldn't say for sure if they were named on that. Here's how the cues are numbered in the book vs. the OST tracks (using the 2016/2020 Intrada release): 1m1 Main Title 1-1 1m3 The Gizmo 1-2 2m1 Finding the Rocket 1-3 2m3 Neville and Eddie 1-4 3m1 Testing the Rocket 1-5 3m4 Lothar Gets Wilmer 1-6 4m3 The Helmet 1-7 5m1 The Laughing Bandit 1-8 5m3 Neville Eavesdrops 1-9 6m1 The Flying Circus 1-10 6m2 A Hero is Born 1-11 7m1 Bye Bye Bigelow 1-11 7m2 Begin the Beguine (arr. May) 1-12 8m2 Jenny's Rescue 1-13 8m5 Cliff to the Club 1-15 8m6 In a Sentimental Mood (arr. May) -- 9m1 Cliff the Waiter 1-16 9m2 When Your Lover Has Gone (arr. May) 1-17 9m3 Night and Day (arr. May) -- 9m4 Easy to Love (arr. May) -- 9m6a South Seas Send Up, Pt.1 1-18 9m6 South Seas Send Up, Pt.2 1-18 10m1 Neville Sinclair's House 1-19 11m1 Cliff Caught 1-20 11m3-12m1 Rendezvous at Observatory 1-21 13m1 The Zeppelin 2-1 14m1 End Credits 2-2 Love Theme 1-14
  12. Thanks! "AT" is Angel Trancon. He also did the cover for my "Alien" full score book. Angel Trancon Studio (@angeltranconstudio) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. Dear Film Music Fans, Chris Siddall Music Publishing is proud to announce that the Rocketeer study score is ready for pre-ordering. Reuniting with director Joe Johnston, following 1989’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, James Horner finally achieves his goal of scoring a motion picture about flying. Until 1991’s The Rocketeer, Horner had always managed to “miss out” on projects relating to his passion for flight. The Rocketeer presented the perfect vehicle for him, and the resulting score is one of the finest he ever wrote. Bristling with energy and exuberance, the score is almost Wagnerian in its use of motifs. As well as the orchestral score featuring exquisite orchestrations by John Neufeld, Elliot Kaplan and Conrad Pope, this edition also includes the unique opportunity to study five jazz standards which were specially arranged and orchestrated for The Rocketeer by the legendary Billy May. Please visit ChrisSiddallMusic.com and be the first to own this classic masterpiece today. 390 pages, 9x12 inches. Paperbound, printed in the U.K. $85.00 Available Worldwide Note: Shipped from the UK. Please check with your country for import tax before ordering. This charge will be in addition to the item cost and shipping cost and varies by country. THE ROCKETEER in Full Score (chrissiddallmusic.com) Orders including The Rocketeer are expected to ship week commencing 2nd October 2023.
  14. Yes, send me an email before you order. I used to offer a "pickup" option openly, but people started abusing it/accidentally selecting that to order without paying any shipping (it then creates a load of hassle to add it after the fact) so now it's more "by request". I'm actually a little south of London, but if I can combine it with other errands I'm happy to jump on a train. One other consideration is that if your 3 titles become 4+, check out or "Ordering Policies" on the store!
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