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  1. I don't think I'll ever totally "get" the humor of the people here, so I just ignore a lot of threads with questionable titles. Movies that describe a bowel movement would be the first. Really? I may fit your newbie status with only 54 posts in about a month here but I lurked for a couple of years. So I'm well aware of what I got myself into, just never said anything on my mind.
  2. This is unusual coming from an animation fan.....I don't really have an answer because NONE of the Pixar scores truly interest me. Weird huh? I own almost every Disney film soundtrack but none of the Pixar ones. I have that one album that did a "Best of" with some songs and score and only goes as new as "Up". Outside of that....nothing. Nothing connected to me. The films are good, but the music....nothing there.
  3. ^ Could be the Robin Williams bi-centennial man. Anyway, I'm always behind a year given I don't like spending two arms and a leg for the latest and greatest phone. I'll stick with the Galaxy S5 until I'm fully convinced it needs upgrading. That will be a while.
  4. Mmmm...first I'd ask where the money came from. Watch too many crime shows. Second, if all cleared out, I'd put towards the last of my student loans. Not much to go! Every little bit helps.
  5. Reading a lot of Michael Crichton for fun now.
  6. Balto's Claws


    The claws do not approve of the word since most seem to use it here way too often. It makes the place appear unprofessional. Just my two cents as a relative newcomer as a poster. I can live with it, but I don't have to like it.
  7. If he couldn't do as many live shows, that wouldn't bother me as I live nowhere near Boston, nor any place he would make an appearance. I'd prefer him to keep writing music (and slow down). He's entitled for a break.
  8. Watching the preview, I think this is something I would watch regularly. It has the spirit of the old Muppets. @Mike - I seem to remember hearing they didn't recast Rowlf for a long time simply because it was Henson's favorite role, and the character was most like Henson in terms of personality. It wouldn't seem right, so he always was there, but didn't speak in the films or shows following his death. I saw that skateboard thing with Rowlf and Rizzo that was to rekindle interest in the Muppets a few years back, and that was a pretty good impersonation of Rowlf....this one just seemed to be a miss on this preview, even though I'm certain its the same guy.
  9. That did not sound like Steve Whitmire as Kermit...really high-pitched. Actually the only voice that threw me for a loop (meaning really "off") is Rowlf.
  10. They gotta be banking on that 5% of music buyers....I guess at $400 a pop they'll make money. I just don't get why they didn't bother with CDs or even a digital download.
  11. Well if I can ever afford a house, I'll remember to keep those in mind. They look nice. 40hz is good for a 2.0 system and no sub. 70khz...well dogs would love that, or bats. What did they cost?
  12. While true, and I'm not advocating for a 1950s schoolhouse as you put it, random comments while using those four letter words don't exactly show any class either, nor do they enhance your message or thought. I get enough "f*ck this" and "f*ck that" at my job because the teens don't know how to behave (or choose not to). We all have choices to make.
  13. Pocahontas is the only other one other than Lion King that I wanted from these initial titles. It will be in my cart on August 7th.
  14. $400 - what??? Even the Disneyland boxset that was released years ago didn't cost that much on its initial release...and that was CDs. Like to know where they will find people that will pony up that kind of money for records that will degrade each time they're played.
  15. foobar2000 --> FLAC files ---> USB DAC --> Amp --> Pioneer Bookshelves Plenty good for a small apartment. Can't exactly blast music as loud as I want. Plus I also own the Sony MDR-7506 headset, and if the people that are engineering the music you enjoy so much think they're that awesome, then they're plenty good for me too.
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