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  1. That’s going to ensure you find your original one like the day after you get it in the mailbox.😉
  2. This seems to be the right thread to bump to let folks know I've decided to give audiophilia a try. To be sure, I'll be taking it slow. Very slow, really, since I have no money to spend on equipment and likely won't for some time. (Then again, I wouldn't know what to look for even if I had the money, so it's probably a good thing I'm going to focus on learning what I need to know and take it from there.) My inspiration comes from a gradual awakening. It's finally clicked with me that it's one thing to obsessively collect the music of a brilliant talent like JW, but entirely another to listen to that music the way the people involved in its preservation on disc -- from JW himself as conductor and the orchestras/soloists/choruses he leads to the producers and engineers who create the final recording and/or locate, assemble, remix and remaster earlier efforts for posterity -- want it to be enjoyed. I'm ready to start learning how to really listen to all the wonderful music I've been collecting.
  3. I'll revive this thread to say that I sure do hope JW writes something for one more Olympic Games. Paris '24 or L.A. '28, either one. I've been listening to the four themes he wrote (for '84, '88, '96 and '02) and I think my fave right now is '02. But goddam, they are ALL incredible.I have to imagine there are composers who'd give their left nut to lay claim to any one of them, let alone all four. What a miracle of a human being this man is.
  4. I really like digipaks when they’re in good condition and don’t have that annoying crease down the spine. (Of course, the challenge is keeping them in that condition.)
  5. Most people in America wouldn’t get this reference. I wonder if Mulan was meant to play specifically strong in China.
  6. Well, thanks to a photo you posted only a few hours ago in another thread, @Arpy, I'm presently discovering the score to Kubo and the Two Strings on YouTube. And I'm rather enjoying it.
  7. Full screen credit, right before the director! Right where Korngold belongs! Reminds me of seeing JW's name on all the Star Wars one-sheets, alongside mostly no one else except George Lucas, a producer, and the main cast. You put forward the most important ones first ; )
  8. One thing that has begun to intrigue me of late is the position in which JW's on-screen credit appears. For example, I started watching The Patriot on Hulu and the opening credits show "Music by John Williams" after the cast list, the casting director, a co-producer, and the costume designer. (His credit appears before the film editor, production designer, or director of photography, among several others.) Is there a guild-mandated method to sequencing cast and crew for on-screen credits? I don't recall off the top of my head JW's credit placement in other films, but I looked at TROS just now on Disney+ and I see he appears after the credits for director, screenwriters, story writers, George Lucas, producers, exec producers, cinematographer, production designers, and film editors. I'm sure it's plenty different in other films, but I don't know if there's a method to that madness or what.
  9. I must be the only one who didn’t mind Crowe’s singing in Les Miz. It’s been years since I’ve seen it, though, so maybe a rewatch will change my tune (pun intended).
  10. Good catch. The film is also dismally autumnal, of course (and by intention). Another film that feels similarly autumnal is The Fugitive. I don’t recall about the score, though.
  11. Yup. When a review starts off as snide and bitchy as that, you know the writer is simply pandering to his base and/or his own puffed-up ego. His words aren’t worth the time to read them. I wish I could take back that link-click I gave him.
  12. Haters gonna hate. Annoyingly, Lebrecht is unclear about the reason for his unnecessarily mean-spirited criticism. He says that the album getting one star would be an insult, yet appears to have no problem with JW’s conducting or ASM’s playing. He seems to think the VPO has no business ever playing JW’s film music, which supposedly can’t ever stand on its own without the visuals it was written for, although he mentions exceptional pieces (so how about discussing those?). And at the end, he makes it all about himself, just as you would expect a prick with a pretension complex to do.
  13. If Elfman were to turn his attention to concertos and ballet scores to the exclusion of all else, I'd have no complaints at all. He seems to be one of precious few film composers who is succeeding in navigating this transition (and has the chops to deserve that success). In fact, apart from JW, who made the transition decades ago, are there any other such composers alive today? In terms of film scoring, I'd love to see more Tim Burton collaboration. They've always ranked in my book as the greatest director/composer partnership after SS/JW.
  14. The will to resist finally failed me. I ordered this after reading how this was selling out everywhere; seeing @Biodome's photos sealed the deal. (Hopefully my wife will forgive what she'd call my "unnecessary" spending.) I was actually fully expecting to click the link and find it sold out, never to be had again. I don't think I have any idea as to what I would do, what I would give, how long (or to whom) I would indenture my soul to one day come into possession of such a miracle.
  15. These lists are terrific references to have. Makes it so much easier to track what might be coming and when. Thanks for putting them together, @Jay!
  16. That’s rough, my friend. 😟 But what kind of friend leaves filled boxes behind in an apartment and turns in the key without first asking, “oh, hey, there’s still some of your stuff in there, you wanna grab it?” Apartments can suck hard. I had a laptop stolen from my apartment in ‘06 and lost an entire photo library that I’ve never been able to replace, among other things. I hope you do one day replace your MLP box set. I have all three volumes and they are very dear to me. Wilma cozart fine’s recording technique was lightning in a bottle.
  17. No, what we would need, if we need anything at all in this vein, is a well-made, well-researched documentary. Unlike the lives of the people who have been the subject of Hollywood biopics, we know very little about JW’s life (unless you’re Thor or Miguel, I guess). A biopic would be most people’s first glimpse of his life—and it would be a dramatization of true events whose record is nonexistent in any other source (at least until Thor’s book comes out). That would be a real problem in my book.
  18. I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your collection. Was it the movers? I’m happy you’re rebuilding it, but I can only imagine how deflating the experience must be. Or at least I’m imagining how deflating it would be for me. I don’t know if I could ever rouse the motivation to rebuild.
  19. I've had good luck finding rarities on eBay, but Discogs sometimes has better prices than eBay. There is also the Marketplace forum on this very site. I've not used it yet, but there have been times I missed out on a CD I'd have liked because I came across a post too late.
  20. I feel I’d much prefer a Ken Burns style documentary about JW than a biopic that (inevitably poorly) tries to dramatize some aspect of his life.
  21. People may gripe, but on the inside they appreciate the major effort you and you team expend to make these releases possible. Just like the rest of us do. (Or at least they damn well should.)
  22. God, you’re annoying sometimes.
  23. Here’s something of a random question: Other than Big Eyes and Dolittle, are there any Elfman scores that were released in digital format only?
  24. Fascinating to think about that. It’s hard for me to see the piano as an accompaniment instrument, considering how it’s been in the soloist limelight for centuries... Piano reductions aren’t the topic here. Just sayin’.
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