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  1. If that’s true, then we know exactly why we’ve seen or heard nada of the scoring of this film. You don’t make the same mistake twice if you can avoid it.
  2. Were his last name not Williams, one can only imagine what kind of career-damaging penance he would have paid for his freedom-of-speech exercise...
  3. Disney’s been keeping everything real close to the vest... maybe that’s part of the plan and they’ve got something special planned for all the JW fans who recognize that his completion of Ep. 9 is an unparalleled feat in film scoring history. All you Disney employee lurkers, give us a clue, dammit! We know you’re monitoring these forums; no point holding back on us now!
  4. Alison Balsom is a fantastic trumpeter! I have most of her albums and it would be a treat to get her autograph on one of her CDs. It seems like this summit is aimed at fellow trumpet players though, of which I am certainly not.
  5. Is it as simple as that? I'm obviously easily impressed, then. Thanks for the insight, Remco!
  6. That DOTF/Schindler's List mashup is the most joyously absurd thing in the world, coming on the heels of the three SW and HP themes. Such love for it, I have.
  7. Help! Can anyone explain to me, like I'm five years old, about the harmonic progression or chord structure in the "Forever" tv spot that runs from 0:07 to 0:13 (but acts as a conclusion to all the music you hear from 0:00)? I'm not overly fond of trailerized music, but that sequence gives me the f**king feels. It's pure musical candy.
  8. Is it a coincidence that the Indy 4 score that so many consider to be relatively weak was written in the middle of JW’s fallow period (2006-11)? He ended so strong in ‘05 and picked right back up at his usual level of greatness in ‘11... but in between there was Indy 4.
  9. Now THAT is a ranking I can get behind! Especially the order of the top 10. Makes much more sense than that silly BBC poll.
  10. This additional insight would appear to put the last nail in the coffin regarding any hopes for score expansions beyond WOTW. At least ROTS made the cut, so the prequel box set is still in play. Silver lining: Until AFM’s lawyers come to their senses and revise the terms, the specialty labels’ focus will be on mining the back catalog, and that’s not a bad thing. Plenty of JW there to expand.
  11. I estimate that's about $400-500 worth of factory-pressed polycarbonate in your hand. You ought to hang onto all of it. The release of this new box set doesn't change the fact that those particular CDs are still rare and OOP. JW appreciation is only growing. CDs are dying. One day, years from now, those discs might be even more collectible than they are now.
  12. I see nothing obvious or cheap about bringing Palpatine into TROS. He was the architect of the Empire and had the wool pulled over the Jedis’ eyes for years until he nearly eliminated them in ROTS. Since then, the Jedi and rebels remained a thorn in his side—refusing to die out against all odds through ROTJ and even through TLJ. I imagine after losing the Empire (and his life), Palpatine would want to settle the score as a force ghost or whatever he’ll manifest as in TROS.
  13. Was there any whistling in Stargate? ‘Cause I feel like one of those five releases has to be Stargate. Didn’t everyone here agree that was in the pipeline?
  14. The one where the red blaster bolts look like bolts rather than lightsabers (as they do here) might be preferable for that reason alone. Can I also implore you to make a version that says “Music composed and conducted by”??😬
  15. Foldable phones are going to be great. Smaller footprint = looks and fits better in a front pocket. It also means effectively 1.5 screens in your phone, since when folded up there'll be a screen that gives you important information without requiring flipping open the device. And foldable will be the only way to allow devices to get smaller again while maintaining the slab form and a bezel-free screen. That's something to look forward to!
  16. I definitely don't want to paint myself as a luddite. Many innovations in tech are good (and I enjoy taking advantage of the ones that appeal to me or that I can afford). 5G is going to be great, the continual improvements in smartphone cameras are remarkable, and I'm excited to see foldable iPhones next year. But many are also disturbing in how they undermine your privacy in unseen ways, or make it easier to create and distribute fake things that are meant to look real. (Yeah, deepfakes, I'm looking at you!) In my old-soul way, for example, I would happily trade away more innovations for more privacy. I also despair at how tech is making working lives harder, not easier, for a growing segment of the labor force. The gig economy (as administered by the likes of Uber, Amazon, Fiverr...) is not designed to let people make a decent living, it's a race-to-the-bottom-style approach to squeezing people for their time or talent that we as a society were supposed to moving away from. I worry about the kinds of abuse Crispr and other gene editing technologies will see, and genetic engineering in our food supply is very troubling to me. More than once on these pages, I've shared my thoughts about Marvel movies, which make me fall in line with old-soul Scorsese. I still find it weird and unsettling to see A-list stars and directors doing Netflix movies, or to see the Netflix release date next to a theatrical release date on the same poster. I have no clue what Fortnite or Tiktok are (other than that Kesha song)--and I have no interest in learning about them. I like reading words on paper more than on a phone and I miss the smell and feel of newspaper ink. And speaking of smells-- remember what a real leather car interior used to smell like? Leather interiors these days are pathetic compared to bygone days (unless maybe in expensive cars that I wouldn't know anything about). How many ways does Amazon need to come up with to get packages to you? (First it was your mailbox or front porch. Then your office, then your car trunk, then by drone, then Amazon lockers, then inside your garage or front door...) Amazon's dash buttons are ridiculous innovation. Google Home can bark like a dog... who the hell needs a device like that? What does Facebook portal do that a tablet could not? And I definitely don't appreciate how Alexa and Siri are probably conditioning people to be less civil in how they interact with other people, since you don't ask them to do things, you tell them ("Alexa, do this"... "Hey Siri, do that"), just like one would do to a servant. These kinds of opinions, in the aggregate, would be the musings of an old soul, I'd say. I'd be curious to know how many of these your wife agrees with, Jay. Or what she would say makes her an old soul.
  17. Recently I’ve begun noticing a growing tendency in me to lament the way things are changing for the worse (mostly in terms of climate change and digital tech). My good-natured grousings have elicited claims among people close to me that I’m an old soul. It’s a label I used to resist (since I only turned 40 this year) but now I embrace it because it’s true. No point denying it anymore. Anyone else an old soul? When did you realize it, and what opinions do you hold that make you old soul-y?
  18. Exactly. All these Marvel films are competently made entertainment designed to make their lucre for Disney and nothing more. They’re certainly not designed to linger in the collective memory. Consider: It took two dozen of those films to get us to the Thanos snap, which was a decent, if not overly spectacular turning point, considering how it was reversed in the very next film and then turned into a throwaway joke in the one right after that. Cinema for the ages, it ain’t.
  19. If nothing else, at least we know JW wrote 300 bars of end credits suite, which he surely put to good use.
  20. A locked edit? In the can? That’s great news! And in time for thanksgiving, which everyone working on post will be able to take off. That’s especially nice.
  21. Allow me to sheepishly walk back my post— since it’s quite true Disney isn’t in the same league of true destruction or deceit as those companies. But in the entertainment industry, Disney is behaving increasingly monopolistic and that’s guaranteed to get worse before it gets better. I’m kind of surprised the DOJ allowed them to take over 20thCF.
  22. It is certainly part of any argument why JW is a better film composer than most or all others alive today.
  23. Sorry, but the Monsanto dig is the funniest part of that whole thing. It would not surprise me one day to see the most evil corporation on God’s green earth (Monsanto) cozy up with the runner-up (the mouse house) in some ridiculous way.
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