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    Bayesian reacted to King Mark in Williams Non OST Concert Version Playlist and Where to Find the Tracks   
    Some of this stuff is scattered among too many albums so I decided to make a play list grouping them.
    I only try to put "extended" or revised concert versions that were not on the OST's for this playlist
    Star Wars:
    Han Solo and the Princess (Original): Big Screen Adventure,City of Prague or NPO Gerhardt recording
    Han Solo and the Princess (Revised): Music from the Star Wars Saga , Zeigler
    The Flag Parade: The Phantom Menace and other Film Score Hits
    The Adventures of Jar Jar : The Phantom Menace and other Film Score Hits
    Battle of the Heroes(Orchestral): Star Wars Heptalogy
    Adagio : Celebrating John Williams, Dudamel
    The Jedi Steps: Lights Camera Music
    Jabba the Hutt : Skywalker Symphony
    Asteroid Field :Skywalker Symphony
    The Little People work(Skywalker Orchestra)
    Here they Come (Skywalker Orchestra)
    The Last Battle :Zubin Metha and Los Angeles Philharmonics  or NPO Gerhardt recording
    Duel of the Fates (Orchestral) (Hollywood Symphonic Concert,Kanawaga Philharmonic Orchestra) .Edit out of the TPM Suite.
    Harry Potter:
    Double Trouble(orchestral) :Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra. (Extract from You Tube Video)
    Double Trouble (with choir) :Harry Potter Collection City of Prague Orchestra
    Window to the Past: Harry Potter Collection City of Prague Orchestra
    Arguably the entire Children's Suite minus Hedwig's Theme and Harry's Wondrous World (HP Box Set)
    Indiana Jones:
    Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra (Revised):Celebrating John Williams ,Dudamel
    Marion's Theme (Revised): Spielberg/Williams Collaboration part 3 or Celebrating John Williams,Dudamel
    Parade of the Slave Children:Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 1
    The Basket Chase: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    Irina's Theme :Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
    Midway March (Long Version): I Love a Parade,Boston Pops
    Men of the Yorktown March :Lights Camera Music or FSO JW Special
    Jaws Theme: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 1
    Out to Sea/The Shark cage Fugue:Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 1
    Cadillac of the Skies :Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 1
    Jim's New Life: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    Flight to Neverland :Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    Smee's Plan :Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    Face of Pan: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    When Your Alone :City of Prague :40 years of Film Music or Best of John Williams Andrew Lane and Orlando Pops
    Lost Boys Ballet (Spielberg/Williams collaboration part 2)
    The Banquet (Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part2)
    Jane Eyre At Lowood:Pops Britannia
    Jane Eyre To Thornfield:Pops Britannia
    Jane Eyre The Return :Pops Britannnia
    The Accidental Tourist (Love Theme): The Best of John Williams-Richard Hayman, Naxos
    The Cowboys Overture :By Request Boston Pops
    Sayuri's Theme :Celebrating John Williams ,Dudamel
    Going to School revised : on Sony compilation
    The Poseidon Adventure(Prelude):Disaster! album
    Yes Georgio!If We Were in Love :Boston Pops (Aisle Seat)
    Close Encounters: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 1
    Battle of Hollywood :Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    My Friend The Brachiosaurus: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 2
    BFG Suite: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    With Malice Towards None : Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    With Malice Towards None(alt): Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    Tintin The Duel: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    Dartmoor,1912: Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    A New Beginning (Minority Report) Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    Catch Me if You Can Movement 1,2,3. Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part 3
    Heidi Overture:Lights Camera Music
    Goodbye Mr Chips Overture :Lights Camera music
    Towering Inferno: Lights Camera Music
    Stargazers:Lights Camera Music
    The Patriot Suite Version 1:Lights Camera Music ,Boston Pops JW Arrangement
    The Patriot Suite Version 2: FSO : JW Special , From Hal Leonard 
    The Reivers: Music for Stage and Screen
    The Lost World Theme : 1999 Great movie Scores Kunzel or FSO  JW Special
    The Book Thief: FSO JW Special
    Nice to Be Around (Cinderella Liberty): Across the Stars
    Dances of the witches(Hooray for Hollywood)
    The Ballroom Scene(Hooray for Hollywood)
    Always Theme (Spielberg/Williams collaboration Part.1)
    Sugarland Express (spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part1)
    Born on the Fourth of July Theme (Music for Stage and Screen) .You can edit out cleanly New Car in Town and The Horse Race if you can't stand the Narration
    -Not Revised or Approved by JW Himself:
    Black Sunday Suite (Giants of Cinema City of Prague, or Close Encounters compilation)
    Earthquake(Love Theme):Disaster! album
    War of the Worlds suite:Philharmonics 2
    War of the Worlds :Kunzel itunes
    Lost in Space Themes : Cincinati Pops YouYube Extract
    Jaws 2: The Greatest Musics of John Williams
    *****Still Unreleased in Good Sounding Recording)*****
    Leaving Home from Superman(Revised for Oscars Memoriam)
    Face of Pan 2013 Re-Revision
    Suite from Angela's Ashes (Vaguely remember this from a Boston Pops show on PBS)
    3 Pieces from Lincoln with amazing new version of Getting out the Vote
    Diagon Alley (Alternate bombastic ending)
    Let me know what I forgot. I didn't include the Mutter album on purpose
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    Bayesian reacted to TownerFan in The Legacy of John Williams - New Blog on JW   
    Hope you'll like this one, guys.
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    Bayesian got a reaction from Holko in Performance of Harry Potter Suite by Hungarian orchestra.   
    This is incredible, @Holko. You just won the internet for the rest of the year. Thank you so much!
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    Bayesian reacted to Holko in Performance of Harry Potter Suite by Hungarian orchestra.   
    I skipped or condensed sentences here and there to keep my sanity, freeform not word-by-word prerehearsed, studied and memorised speech can be a bit messy anyway. Great concert at the Music Academy, 5 minute applause, fine performance. Double Trouble is indeed impeccable and sections of Quidditch Third Year were on par with the original. I loved the striped breakdown demonstrations.
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    Bayesian reacted to Holko in Performance of Harry Potter Suite by Hungarian orchestra.   
    Whew. I gotta stop somewhere. The rest is coming tomorrow.
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    Bayesian reacted to jimnova in Memorial Day Tribute   
    Members of the Pittsburgh Symphony perform the Chorale from Hymn to the Fallen by John Williams. We wish you a meaningful and safe Memorial Day.
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    Bayesian reacted to Holko in Performance of Harry Potter Suite by Hungarian orchestra.   
    Eh, fuck it. I'm doing the whole thing.
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    Bayesian reacted to Romão in The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread   
    One of things I admire most about it is that even though it is a period piece, it never shoves it down the viewers throat. Here you never see the CGI enhanced establishing shots showing how London looked in the XIXth century, nor does it draw attention to any particular technological or behavioural staple we nowadays associate with the period. It's not shot as period piece at all. It's shot as contemporary tale, as if the current movie making technology was available back then. I find it very refreshingly restrained in that sense
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    Bayesian reacted to eitam in James Newton Howard's Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them   
    Thank you for sharing this! I agree with him that the final version is the best, but I'm still not sure it goes well with such a visually dreary opening (but that's on David Yates)... 
    God, how many pictures of JNH sitting at the piano do these photographers need ? 
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    Bayesian reacted to bollemanneke in Film Symphony Orchestra Williams recordings   
    It was/is great!
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    Bayesian reacted to mstrox in Film Symphony Orchestra Williams recordings   
    It’s been many years since I’ve seen it, but if I recall he was referenced pretty heavily in Family Guy - and there are three movie-length Star Wars specials.  So I’d bet his name is spoken.  I think there’s a gag in one of those specials where they replace him with Danny Elfman for some reason?  I don’t know, man, that show was dumb as shit.
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    Bayesian reacted to crumbs in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: 40th Anniversary   
    Some anniversary album covers I created for the occasion... in higher resolution than 600x600 Enjoy!
    Hoth Version:

    Retro Version:

    Would be nice if the music owners felt inclined to make this release a reality...
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    Bayesian reacted to Matt S. in Film Symphony Orchestra Williams recordings   
    Laser effects, mirror balls... John Williams must be rolling around in his grave!
  14. Haha
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    Bayesian got a reaction from crumbs in Alf Clausen fired from The Simpsons   
    Perhaps a topic for another thread, but I’d like to hear more about this; how the Hollywood composing industry became so precarious. In many corners of the gig world, the companies/entities dangling the carrot of future success are the 800-lb gorillas that benefit from the race-to-the-bottom mentality that forces workers to accept inferior pay or 70-hr workweeks to prove their worth or their commitment to their career. Composers would seem to be different to me, not least because they’re represented by unions in an entertainment industry where unions seem highly influential.
    That composers are struggling like you say is disconcerting. Who is to blame for this? The studios? Surely it can’t all be RCP. 
    Btw, if Hans really is as responsible for commodifying the composer’s art as you suggest (and making composers after him pay the professional price), he should be ashamed of himself.
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    Bayesian reacted to Docteur Qui in Alf Clausen fired from The Simpsons   
    There's a catastrophic issue in entertainment at the moment where composers are being left high and dry in the midst of a rapidly changing industry. Films being edited up until the last second, streaming services are weaselling out of paying royalties and any legislation that was designed to protect composers in the past is long redundant. It's hard enough to get a gig composing for anything these days, but between the shady business practices brought in by music production houses and the complete lack of a decent revenue stream through royalties we'll be better off throwing in the towel and learning how to code instead.
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    Bayesian got a reaction from TSMefford in James Horner's Romeo and Juliet (2013)   
    I'd love to see that analytics report.
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    Bayesian reacted to Disco Stu in DC Cinematic Universe Thread   
    My Heavens but do they have to be so indecent?!

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    Bayesian reacted to Jay in Lorne Balfe's BLACK WIDOW (2020) - Desplat replaced   
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    Bayesian reacted to Edmilson in The official Alexandre Desplat thread   
    IndieWire has published a new profile about Desplat, including comments from him about his more recent scores, Pinnochio, The French Dispatch... and Black Widow.
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    Bayesian reacted to Alex in James Horner's Romeo and Juliet (2013)   
    I swear in every interview I’ve read or video of JH, he always sounds like he’s got a massive chip on his shoulder.
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    Bayesian reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in Revenge of the Sith is celebrating 15 years old   
    Really, I didn't know that. You are interesting. 
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    Bayesian reacted to Not Mr. Big in James Horner's Romeo and Juliet (2013)   
    Juliet: "Romeo oh Romeo, wherefore art though Romeo?"
    Romeo: danger motif
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    Bayesian reacted to Chewy in Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 2CD La-la Land edition SOLD OUT   
    It hurts, but I have to say I agree with Jurassic Shark.
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    Bayesian reacted to BrotherSound in THE RIVER expanded and remastered by Mike Matessino now available from Intrada Records   
    Might as well share the entire image for anyone interested in a higher res than Intrada currently provides. It’s been upscaled from 600x600 to 1200x1200:

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