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    Bayesian reacted to Disco Stu in Anyone else losing interest in film scores?   
    I honestly don't think film music in general has ever been at as low a point as it is right now.  I hear so little inspiration, just pale imitations of pale imitations.  I keep telling myself that a fallow period like this will get turned around by some spark, some truly outstanding score that comes along and changes the paradigm.  I hope!
    There's always good work being done somewhere of course!  But the median score is significantly less interesting now than at any point in film history I think.
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    Bayesian reacted to Tom in Anne-Sophie Mutter Stops performing Concerto in mid Concert!   
    Social responsibility.  It is a hell of a thing.  
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    Bayesian reacted to mstrox in Black Friday 2019 JW prediction poll   
    Since Star Wars and Indiana Jones are both from the same studio, I wonder if LLL will combine those two megaboxes into one Black Friday release!
    It would save on shipping
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    Bayesian reacted to Holko in Black Friday 2019 JW prediction poll   
    We have definitive indications of a JW score release this December.
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    Bayesian reacted to Yavar Moradi in Which ONE Elfman OST is essential?   
    Nightmare Before Christmas is his magnum opus and utterly brilliant, but perhaps not for all tastes. My favorite Elfman score however is Black Beauty, and I can’t fathom why anyone wouldn’t fall for that score’s incredible beauty. So that would be my recommendation.
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    Bayesian got a reaction from Chen G. in Avatar 2, 3 and 4 or how James Cameron stopped worrying and pulled The Hobbit on us   
    It fits with Hollywood’s long term strategy to nurture China as the next big box office market, surely. 
    I admit that I thought it was kind of ballsy for a studio to bank on four Avatar sequels over the next decade based on Cameron’s reputation alone. But I remembered that he delivers movie-going experiences with ridiculous reliability. Aliens, T2, Titanic, Avatar... the guy bats like .900 and only a fool would think that Avatar 2 will fail to deliver an amazing movie-going experience. His films are events. You go see them in the theater or you get tarred as a pop-culture heretic.
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    Bayesian reacted to Kasey Kockroach in The Balfening   
    Let’s play a game called Waiting for Child’s Play 2 to Come in the Mail.
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    Bayesian reacted to Kasey Kockroach in John Barry's HOWARD THE DUCK - NEW! 3CD Intrada Edition   
    Who cares, they should just release Child’s Pla-
    wait I can’t make those posts anymore, damn it
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    Bayesian reacted to Erik Woods in Jerry Goldsmith's AIR FORCE ONE - 2019 2CD Varese Deluxe Edition   
    WEB: http://bit.ly/2nnO8Nv
    APPLE PODCASTS: http://apple.co/29zAyyL
    SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2PfYHPb
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    Bayesian reacted to ATXHusker in Michael Giacchino's Star Trek   
    How was VS able to release deluxe versions of all three ST scores when they were all after the 2005 union fee issue?
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    Bayesian got a reaction from Obi in STAR WARS Custom Covers thread   
    Phenomenal work as usual, Obi! Although I must point out that the plus sign should go immediately after Disney (ie, no space).
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    Bayesian reacted to Disco Stu in "Wide Receiver" aka NBC Sunday Night Football Theme (Concert Version)   
    I like the Today show Hoedown.
    I'm pretty sure at this point though the Today show doesn't use any Williams music.  Nightly News and Meet the Press still do.
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    Bayesian reacted to Holko in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    Art is like the last thing to be completed, right? Because you need the tracklist and liner notes and everything. So, 9 releases stuck in what's probably the very last stage of approvals, damn. From that and previous comments I assume the "no hype" thing comes from just having no clue what will finally get approved and when.
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    Bayesian reacted to Arpy in Michael & Mick Giacchino's EXTINCT (2021)   
    Story sounds like typical CG animation bollocks. 
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    Bayesian reacted to Miguel Andrade in New John Williams interview from the early 80s   
    Back in 1984 there wasn't anything fussy about the details. The clarinet player was even interviewed and provided quite a lot of details and his opinion on Williams' actions (which, by the way, wasn't a nice opinion).
    Nevertheless, when Williams was asked after about it, after his return, he never got into much detail.
    As it was, the final drop was when some of the musicians were disrespectful during rehearsal of Williams' own "America The Dream Goes On" (apparently, not everyone identified with the overtly patriotic tone of the piece). This wasn't a new situation and there is footage of Williams addressing the orchestra with an harsher tone from around the same time, while rehearsing "Varsity Drag". As mentioned above, musicians usually talked during rehearsals, as many felt the Pops were bellow their level or artistry. Doing that during a Williams own piece, probably led him to leaving the hall and presenting his resignation.
    Of interest, nevertheless, is that the resignation would only go into effect in the 86 season, as Williams vowed to keep his scheduled assignments for the Centennial Pops season of 1985.
    BSO management and Williams eventually found a solution (using the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra more often) and Williams returned shortly after withdrawing his resignation.
    In 1993, in an interview, Williams referred to all that as Union like issues, hardly going into any real detail.
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    Bayesian reacted to Cerebral Cortex in Specific shots & short musical ideas where Williams nailed the score   
    A key element missing musically from the post-Williams Potter films (aside, of course, from Williams himself) were scores that didn't just support the films they accompanied but that also dared to interact with and engage in helping to create the visual narrative as well.

    I think a great example of this is in the first film when Harry first discovers the Mirror of Erised and looks into it to see his dead parents standing alongside him. The scene shows Harry's entire approach towards the mirror and his revelation. Now, Williams could have easily, and quite logically, chosen to start playing his wonderful family theme for the film right when we first make the discovery alongside Harry of what the mirror can do (i.e. when we first actually see his family - at 1:04) and it would have fit nicely and hit the proper emotional beats and what have you. Instead, Williams holds off, instead scoring Harry's approach and discovery with something a little more somber but still effective. It isn't until Harry himself reaches out and touches the mirror (1:40), physically both reaching out with longing for something he can't have and seemingly summoning the next bit of music in the process, that Williams allows the family theme to be heard. 

    It's so subtle but so incredibly genius. You don't even really notice it if you're not paying attention to it. On one hand, you have the visuals dictating the score in that it isn't until we see Harry touch the mirror that we hear the theme. On the other, we also have the score interacting with the visuals and, by extension, dictating our own emotional experience because by delaying the usage of the theme Williams is picking and choosing when we, the viewer, get to feel that maximum emotional impact. On an even larger level, Williams doesn't use the theme until Harry himself, by virtue of being so overcome with longing that he is moved to physically react to what he is seeing, reaches his most emotional moment of the scene, and, by waiting until then to play the theme, so also allows us to share with Harry in that emotional moment. Just sublime.
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    Bayesian reacted to Edmilson in Specific shots & short musical ideas where Williams nailed the score   
    This scene is hilariously bad: the direction, poor fight choreography and the inexplicable use of slow motion.
    However, Williams scores it with a very fast paced, brutal and frenetic piece, almost like something coming out of The Lost World. I like the contrast between the slo-mo and Williams energetic action music. I'm not sure if when he scored it the scene played at normal speed or if it was his artistic decision. Maybe if he had scored it with a slow and mournful piece it would have given Gabriel's fate to early to the viewer, so perhaps he scored it with fast paced action music to give the impression that Gabriel actually has any chance of defeating Lucious Malfoy, I mean, Tavington, and thus making his death more surprising. James Horner employed a similar strategy during Samuel's Death on Legends of the Fall - there's some heroic and energic horns scoring Brad Pitt looking for his brother on the battlefield, giving the impression that Samuel might be saved after all.
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    Bayesian got a reaction from Hristo in Specific shots & short musical ideas where Williams nailed the score   
    My musical analysis skills aren’t advanced enough to offer any examples, but I enjoyed reading your take on that short segment. It reminds us (as if it weren’t already plain to see) that JW is the consummate craftsman.
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    Bayesian reacted to crumbs in Specific shots & short musical ideas where Williams nailed the score   
    We all have our favourite scores and our favourite cues, but one of the best parts of Williams' scores is his detail to syncing with the picture itself. He regularly writes short, throwaway ideas that perfectly accompany a specific shot or handful of shots, as if something in the visuals specifically inspired him to write something out of the box.
    I loved this short 10 seconds of score in The Last Jedi from the first viewing:
    It's deceptively simple but incredibly clever. Williams repeats this three note fanfare but it never reaches climax. The first note is strained and dragged out, over dramatic shots of fast moving objects and panicked characters, yet the drama is focused squarely on this slow-moving bomber drifting towards its target (such excellent visual contrast).
    Cleverly, these 3 notes appear to be the first 3 notes of the Resistance March. Perfect for a scene that depicts the Resistance at their most desperate hour, unable to 'complete' the theme given the uncertainty of the events unfolding. Combine that with the orchestra swelling on the third note with increasing drama, building towards that fantastic final shot (from the reverse of the bomber hovering over this enormous ship) and you just know Williams wanted to plant something very specific for this short segment of the sequence.
    So what are your favourite short little moments like this, where Williams departs from the flow of a cue and just dives into a cool one-off idea?
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    Bayesian reacted to Arpy in Rambo: Last Blood (Brian Tyler)   
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    Bayesian got a reaction from Josh500 in Has anybody seriously considered getting rid of their CDs?   
    I'm a proud collector of John Williams and Danny Elfman CDs. I could never see myself getting rid of them. Someday, years from now, they'll be tangible evidence of an era long past and it'll be fun to pull them off the shelf or out of the storage box and remind myself of the teamwork it took to put together an album, package and design it, get it onto a CD, get it to a store, and get it home. When everything's digital, there's literally nothing to hold onto and you take its on-demand availability for granted. With CDs, you're reminded never to take music for granted.
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    Bayesian reacted to Jay in David Helbock Playing John Williams CD & Vinyl (August 2019)   
    Brilliant!! Thank you so much! I just bought it using this method! 
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    Bayesian reacted to toothless in Official Danny Elfman Thread   
    Yeah it’s a great venue !
    see here more a more in depth look https://decouvrir.philharmoniedeparis.fr/en/philharmonie
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