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    Bayesian got a reaction from A Ghost From Highwood in NEW Concert work: "Highwood’s Ghost", a fantasia for cello, harp and orchestra for cellist Yo-Yo Ma and harpist Jessica Zhou (Premieres August 19th at Tanglewood)   
    Can’t wait to hear it either; I hope it might get a commercial release after the premiere!
    On a side note, that article was a nice read. It’s wonderfully reassuring to see JW talk about the future in a way that suggests he still has lots more to do and  plenty of eagerness to do it.
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    Bayesian reacted to Marcus in Anyone else think James Horner is better than John Williams?   
    Categorically no. He simply isn't. (Doesn't mean you're not entitled to prefer his music over Williams', which is merely a matter of taste) 
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    Bayesian reacted to martybmusic in The STAR WARS Main Title   
    For those interested, the next episode in the series:
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    Bayesian reacted to Jurassic Shark in What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?   
    Star Wars: Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration
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  6. Haha
    Bayesian reacted to Þekþiþm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (J.A. Bayona 2018)   
    He did the same fucking thing on Jurassic Park by zipping off to Poland to shoot that Liam Neeson drama thing. Something tells me he doesn't give a shit about dinosaurs.
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    Bayesian reacted to Jay in What Is The Last Score You Listened To?   
    Casino Royale is an amazing movie for lots of reasons.  One of which is that it was exciting to watch Bond start as a random agent and end as "James Bond, super agent" by the end.  The music paralleled this journey by hinting at the classic Bond theme the whole time, only playing a classic big arrangement of it literally at the end as Bond says his famous introductory line.

    A problem with all the Craig sequels I have is that they all have a starting-over feel to them, continually resetting to explore Bond's past more, never moving forward until the end of each one, only to be reset again in the next film.
    You watch him go through Casino Royale, and you're like cool, he's Bond now!  Then in QOS he goes back to having all these internal struggles, until he finally comes to grips with Vesper's death and tells M he's ready, and it's like OK, NOW he's Bond and ready to go.

    But then in Skyfall he has to come to grips with his upbringing and the death of his only parental figure in M, and at the end it's like "oh, OK, NOW he's Bond"
    But then in Spectre he has to face off with another sort of parental figure with ties to his past and he revisits all kinds of stuff about all his prior adventures, and then finally it's like "oh OK, now he's REALLY really Bond.
    They never just let this new Bond have a self-contained adventure, they all deal with his internal struggles and his past and all kinds of other stuff.  It all worked great in Casino Royale and they could have made it work in QOS as a true sequel to CR that the Bond films don't normally do, but due to the writer's strike they were never able to really finish writing that movie properly (and the terrible directing made everything worse anyway), but I don't really like the direction they took him in Skyfall or Spectre.  And now that Craig is 50 years old I expect his 5th film to be about how he's old like they already did in Skyfall 6 years ago.  It won't just be a one-off adventure, especially since they have Blofield now and they retconned him as being being everything in the first 3 movies so they will want to keep his importance to the Craig storyline up.
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    Bayesian reacted to Nick1066 in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    We never had stupid arguments about the seasons when @BloodBoal was here.
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    Bayesian reacted to Dixon Hill in Messageboard update in 3-4 days -> 4.3.4   
    Yeah they heard me right.  Tell them we think that's the only way we can stop the SJW Star Wars thread.
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    Bayesian got a reaction from 0Kelvin in What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?   
    Star Wars Ep. IX: The One With the JW Cameo
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    Bayesian reacted to Smeltington in "2018 is gonna be one for the books", says LLL regarding JW   
    Maybe they're saying there won't be any new music released, so instead we should all just stay home and read a bunch of books.
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    Bayesian reacted to MrScratch in An Evening with John Williams -- Baltimore 6/13/18   
    The pregame concert consisted of Olympic Fanfare, Harry Potter and Superman. Williams sat by the dugout during the performance 
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    Bayesian reacted to Jay in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    The newsletter that goes out the night before with the track lists and press releases for the new titles would be the latest we'd know.  More than likely, he'll post this weekend (or maybe Tuedsay June 12th) what the other June 19th title will be since by then they'll know if the mystery title was approved and is coming out on the 19th, or it wasn't approved and the Fox title is coming out instead
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    Bayesian reacted to Brundlefly in Williams vs Zimmer   
    Wow, the guy that is one of the last living connections to the world of classic orchestral music and the guy that writes down four chords and calls it "score". Don't get me wrong, I do not not like Hans Zimmer, he's a good pop musician and sound designer - but this battle is quite unfair. Zimmer wouldn't even be accepted for composition scholastics. Jerry Goldsmith vs John Williams or James Horner vs Danny Elfman - that'd be fair!
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    Bayesian reacted to Holko in Williams vs Zimmer   
    Wow, you have a shirt?
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    Bayesian reacted to ocelot in Williams vs Zimmer   
    Intermission.Time for ice cream 😛 Or champagne? lol 

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    Bayesian reacted to Jurassic Shark in Williams vs Zimmer   
    I can agree on that.
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    Bayesian reacted to Amer in "2018 is gonna be one for the books", says LLL regarding JW   
    Maybe the wider implications could refer to the current sequels, starting with JURASSIC WORLD?
    Another wild card theory of mine is it could be if LLL has entered an agreement with Lucasfilm to start with the Indy scores? Thus a newly remastered and expansion of INDIANA JONES/ KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL could be it. A kinda of 'meh' for many of us but the wider implications of the release could mean a proper restoration of the earlier classic three films with no one else but Mike Matessino at the helm?
    ...Yeah I know -I wish!
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    Bayesian reacted to ATXHusker in Show us your music collection   
    Here's a pic of my meager collection, mostly JW but a few others as well, including the first run LOTR CRs.  I sorted the JW chronilogically, starting with Jaws and ending with The Post.  Using an Ikea Gnedby case that I found on craigslist for $20 !   I still have 4 empty shelves so definitely have room to grow.  
    Also have a Husker football signed by the coaching staff in the background from our 1994 national championship.

    Ready for my close-up...   Yes, I missed out on ST 2009 Deluxe Edition Refuse to pay the $300 or so it goes for on secondary market.  


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    Bayesian reacted to Indianagirl in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    What's the matter? Did I bruise your ego? Is that why you needed to Mansplain to me? Have you been ranting The Last Jedi is anti-capitalist tripe and how Kathy Kennedy has turned Star Wars into an SJW fest to the same fanboys club for so long that when I came along and challenged you with actual facts from the novels and the film itself you felt threatened? Is this why you needed to put silly little me in my place? I know I should probably of asked my husband's permission to come here and speak my mind but seeing I don't have a husband to think for me maybe I should just put my trust in you for now. You can think for me on the important ramifications of an SJW Star Wars so all I will have to worry about is what to make for dinner.
    What a relief this will be for me. I feel liberated already knowing Canto Bight is nothing more than a Social Justice moment that has no place in a Star Wars movie. A MAN just told me that a Star Wars movie displaying a corrupt group of illegal arms dealers who are shown being apathetic towards a casino that beats animals and enslaves children for the purposes of forced child labor is nothing more than SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRING! How dare they? Does Kathy Kennedy not realize this is the type of moral judgement that makes men like Mattris uncomfortable? Or does she just not care?
    The blurred lines between good and evil are unbearable. I feel embarrased for having tried to think on my own when DJ said to Finn that good guys and bad guys are all the same. I never realized I wasn't supposed to try and read between the lines to recognize DJ was a morally ambiguous character whose so-called wisdom or mantra shouldn't be trusted. I am so glad that Mattris was here to correct my thinking on this. I now clearly see that Rian Johnson was using that moment to say unequivocally there is no difference between good and evil. Thank you, Mattris. Thank you for correcting me. 
    I would go on further to say how Luke's representation in TLJ works perfectly in the context of Joseph Campbell's The Heroes Journey....but who am I kidding? I need to get back to the kitchen and reavaluate myself over a hot stove. 
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    Bayesian reacted to Bespin in Soundtracks, Compilations, or other recently purchased Music   
    I'll never get my name in a liner-note of a JW CD... but it's done for Roy Orbison and Charles Aznavour.  2 out of 3... Not too bad!



    - Émanuel
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    Bayesian reacted to The Five Tones in John Williams Autograph   
    I'd just started working in a small classical CD boutique in Toronto in summer 1993, when Williams walked in alone. He asked for the Vaughan Williams section (lol), specifically wanting a good version of The Lark Ascending. I'm not sure what he wanted to do with it, review some of the elder's composing technique or demonstrate some idea to someone on his team. He said he was in town scoping out the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir for possible work on a score he was doing with Spielberg. Someone out there might be able to confirm some of the chronology concerning the score work for Schindler's. It seems late for him to still be considering who would record the choral segments, but there you go. Obviously with the VW CD he had writing for solo violin and orchestra top of mind.

    My encounter with Williams wasn't at a concert but during the day, just the two of us in the store, him dressed *almost* casually, chatting while he wasn't in a rush. Getting to let him know how much I'd paid attention to his work and how CE3K was my all time fav was of course rewarding, memorable, etc. Little did I know this was the big year it would be for him. We had a small number of JW titles on hand including JP, but I chose something from the delete rack for him to sign - cheeky of me. I explained how my dad and I had shared listening to Pops on the March and watched many of the concert broadcasts, so it seemed appropriate. It also saved another piece of cutout stock, and how.

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    Bayesian reacted to Muad'Dib in THE ADVENTURES OF HAN - 2018 John Williams theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story   
    I think what Williams was striving the most with this piece is to have fun with the orchestra players instead of the usual concert arrangement people expect from him. 
    And also, considering he's 86, this piece has the energy of a 20-year old! It's amazing the sheer energy the whole thing has.
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    Bayesian reacted to Tom in THE ADVENTURES OF HAN - 2018 John Williams theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story   
    The man has been obsessed with false endings for 30 years now.  I think its inclusion sells it a as a Williams's concert piece. 
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