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  1. Most disappointed??? The last ten to fifteen years of cinema going?
  2. Once again this is a really great job. I haven't seen this movie in several years and you just reminded me how much I love it. Great Job!
  3. I love the 1985 film. I have zero interest in this.
  4. I didn't care for Logan but I've never liked anything Marvel really. But I was impressed with Ford vs Ferrari.
  5. I actually think the film has a chance of being at least somewhat likable. But it will not be on par with the original 3.
  6. I never understood the hate that accompanied A.I. For me it was a masterpiece from day one. While Minority Report (the following year) was good and instantly respected...A.I. along with Schindler's List were the two best films, in a long list of great films, of his career.
  7. No chance of a complete Black Hole?
  8. That's a perfect description. I really like the idea of listening to that with a glass of red wine looking out at a snowy Norway.
  9. I feel like if Indy opened tomorrow it would bomb. I think they need to do a lot of selling between now and June 30.
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