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  1. Maybe that means they will get Bernard Herrmann scores for Hitchcock's films one day?
  2. Isn't there rumored to be one more John Williams cd released before the year is out?
  3. The Abyss is my favorite Jim Cameron film EDIT no it isn't. Aliens is. Im an idiot. The Abyss is my second favorite.
  4. Although I get busy and sidetracked a lot. I'm so glad this community exists. I don't know a single person in my personal life who appreciates film scores. I keep it as sort of a hidden personal secret. You all are so way much more knowledgeable than I am. This is a great place to come and just learn. I used to be underwhelmed with Anakins theme. But listening now, years later, I truly appreciate it for being the childlike yet richly emotional theme that it is. I'm not very good at describing what a piece of music feels like to me but I have grown to love this theme.
  5. Indianagirl


    For me this is an easy choice. I much prefer Horner. I sometimes really like Zimmer but usually I’m rather uninspired by him. He’s very hit and miss for me. And when he misses it often feels like mood music more than score.
  6. This is by far my most anticipated movie in sometime.
  7. OMG!! Mattris is still going on about this?
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