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  1. OMG!! Mattris is still going on about this?
  2. For me Russia would be Doctor Zhivago and I would probably add Lawrence of Arabia to middle east in general.
  3. There are many variables but one thing is certain....It has nothing to do with a boycott from petty self-entitled little brats who need to crawl back under the rock they came from.
  4. I'm sorry you're right. Damn Disney!
  5. I knew Han was going to die the second they announced Harrison Ford was returning.
  6. Kitten, You are doing a good job of this yourself.
  7. Everyone needs to call out Kitten so he will ignore us all and we will be free of his gibberish
  8. LOL I'm normally not a fan of today's comic book movies at all.....But I did like Wonder Woman
  9. Where I come from they call that slavery.
  10. That's not Rey's mother. That thing gave birth to Kitten.
  11. Rey has flaws. Chief among them is she is Far TOO TRUSTING! A flaw possibly passed along thru her mother. In TLJ this flaw very nearly cost her not only her life but It very nearly cost the entire galaxy a doomed fate.
  12. Wait....who thinks Rey doesn't have flaws??????
  13. Oh Kitten, You didn't. Take one look thru the happy birthday Kathy Kennedy tweet or facebook and you quickly find out how much in the minority you people are. Solo's box office is due to multiple reasons some of which we probably don't even know. Your self-entitled little movement is quite insignificant. We are the silent majority.
  14. It's like the whole world has gone mad
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKzu0yeoQaU Has anyone seen this nonsense?
  16. Yeah you further clarified after you were called out and after you tried to defend your original statement several times after that. You couldn't let it go and you kept digging deeper in the process. Congratulations, Kitten. Perhaps you are finally learning to put a sock in it. Hogwash! Kennedy wears many hats and overseeing and helping writers develop story is one of them. Want to know where the decision that Kylo Ren was trying to immitate Darth Vader by wearing the mask rather than needing it to survive came from? Kathy Kennedy. Such as
  17. Stern, if this factory ever produces a shell that can actually be fired, I'll be very unhappy.
  18. There is truth in that but there are over riding story and character elements that are set in stone for all three trilogies.
  19. There you go Mansplaining to me again. You made a perfectly clear statement in another thread that completely contradicts your above comment and because I dared to hold You to Your own words You had to Mansplain me by telling me I've misunderstood. Clearly You think I'm not intelligent enough to remember your original statement. Here is your original statement... "But if the scene was meant to show "forced child labor", which I'm assuming it was, that is SJW in Star Wars. And most fans would agree that it does not belong." You clearly reduced forced child l
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