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  1. I want to buy the first five Roger Moore Bond films on UK DVD. The primary reason: I want to be able to watch them in 5.1 surround sound (no, not buying Blu-Rays). The secondary reason: I hope, but don’t expect, to find an audio description track on them. The question: Which version should I get? I see remastered, special and ultimate editions on Amazon and don’t want to waste money on things that don’t include 5.1 audio. Needless to say Amazon’s product details page still suck.
  2. The spy who loved me. I thought I had reviewed this one when I watched it four years ago, but I didn’t, so re-watched it again and hardly remembered anything. The girls are great and Roger Moore is still the only James Bond as far as I’m concerned. Good jokes, good story, villain is okay. To hell with Timothy Dalton. I wish the score had opened with the usual brassy opening instead of the subdued version. The sound effects are too sparse and are very artificial. The score is way too dramatic, has too many guitars and is just bad. The song is good.
  3. Yeah, to think that Mike Matessino might tackle that score one day was always foolish. I mean, really?
  4. Thank you! Fever totally gone now, but still neck pain, headache and palpitations, but that might also be because I hardly slept last night because the baby of our next-door neighbours decided to throw multiple tantrums again.
  5. Got my copy today! I asked LLL to wrap it carefully and they delivered on that too. I really hope they'll survive this madness. Might listen to some of it in a bit.
  6. Although I have gone to the theatre for a handful of movies, I do wait until most things are on TV, but that's mostly because I just like watching random movies that might be older but still good. I never feel that I absolutely HAVE to watch a new movie that interests me as soon as possible, I know I'll get around to it eventually.
  7. A digital release that didn't cost me anything is the current situation.
  8. Dances with wolves… that's one of those expansions I kind of want to buy if I'm really bored, but not really.
  9. Well, here we go. Had neck pain for a few days and didn't think too much of it, now I have a bit of a fever. Will this be the beginning? In a way I hope it is, because it would be awful to have to be isolated when life has gone back to normal.
  10. Yeah, I don't want to criticise their business model or anything, but what I never understood is why 1. they don't print more than 5000 copies of things we clearly all want (JW, Titanic etc) 2. they don't make sure those items are in stock in times like these 3. they didn't consider moving their big end-of-year-titles to March or April to maximise sales. I'm aware this would have involved pressing them, but the coronavirus has been going around since December, plenty of time for everyone to predict the future.
  11. Yeah, imagine sale after sale/batch after batch of King Cohen. All joking aside, though, I seriously hope they won't go bankrupt. Makes me feel kind of bad that I already bought everything I wanted. But they shouldn't worry about not having any more customers.
  12. No, but I get the feeling that some here are determined to like his scores just because he wrote them. The theme is great, I'll admit that, but other than that? Generic unmemorable action cue after action cue.
  13. The only real change has been having to delay my plan to move to England. I’m still hoping to go to Manchester in June and visit some host families, though. I’m getting much better at staying positive about it all. I listen to half an album of Irish folk music every day to remain happy. Also listen to the BBC Radio 3 Sunday feature every day (well, the episodes that interest me anyway) and have re-started listening to the Back to the Future Minute podcast. Also started watching an online master class in violin by Itzak Perlman, even though I don’t have a violin myself, just wanted to know how the instrument worked. I only read news headlines and stopped watching the news altogether, which really helps me stay positive. Socially, not much has changed, though the constant presence of my brother (and mother) is annoying sometimes, and more specifically their endless conversations about the virus and about what should, might, could, can or should not happen. I do hope to find more online ‘language partners’ to continue to improve my English and Spanish.
  14. I just heard him on a 2013 BBC podcast in which he says, amongst other things, that he doesn't know musical terminology and refuses to discuss how Hans Zimmer makes other composers work together for him. I do hope he knows more about music than he did back then, but Military Wives sounded as simplistic as all the other crap. Film music is dead.
  15. WTF?! The guy can't even compose! How does he keep getting these assignments?
  16. But these are different times. No one in their right mind would release these movies direct to ttreaming in normal times.
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