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  1. I don't remember the fourth one. My introduction to the scores was the third one, maybe that's why I have a weak spot for it.
  2. I'm not a fan of compression, but this was really extreme, vocals too loud and just an unnecessary quiet volume. You know, where you have to turn it all the way up even though it could perfectly well have been fixed.
  3. Yes, the dynamic range sounded like someone from the 90s did it (or didn't do anything at all to it).
  4. Leaving for Ireland tomorrow, so currently... FAR AND AWAY!
  5. I hope the remastering will be better than the terrible B&tB legacy set.
  6. Lately: HARRY POTTER 1. Far and Away. HTTYD2. Home Alone. Tinker Bell 1-3.
  7. So I discovered Letterboxd a week ago and am totally crazy about it. I’ve been logging all the films I’ve ever watched in it and find it really interesting to see information like my most watched actor, composer etc. (obviously Williams). But the site also allows you to rate movies on a five-star scale. Does anyone have any experience with that? I tried several things: start with 5 stars and then remove one after every negative point I wrote about it and add another one after every positive note, but that doesn’t work since films I turned off ended up getting four stars. I’ve also tried the opposite: start with zero stars, but then good movies get bad ratings. Anyone any ideas?
  8. Now THIS is a release I'm excited about! Why are the track names so stupidly long, though? Also, I don't know how I feel about the German additions. Part of me would like all the dubbed versions you can hear in the movie, but then I looked up Hellfire in Dutch and the lyrics were absolutely terrible, so...
  9. Ready Player One. That was pretty good. Some key dialogue is treated a little too quickly (no pun intended), so I’ll definitely have to watch it again at some point. And Ben Mendelsohn was actually great in this one. No idea why he had to be so annoying in Captain Marvel. I really did not like Olivia Cooke, though, but Helen grew on me. The first half is definitely the better one and I shudder to think about the sequel unless Spielberg and Silvestri stay involved. Speaking of which, the score was truly magnificent. Why did Marvel even bother employing Silvestri only to waste his talents afterwards? God, I’m really laying into marvel today, aren’t I? The main theme was great and its variations fantastic, but most importantly, the orchestra was doing interesting things during quieter scenes. I even recognised some JW traits and honestly don’t understand why Williams wanted to do The Post instead. Not complaining, though. Also, someone had the idea to turn down the volume of the score so that the audio-describer would be more understandable, I guess? Another reason to buy the DVD. Wishlist, here I come. This has been a good film weekend.
  10. I think GOF is one of the better ones. My current order is 1, 4, 3, 2, 7, 6, 8, 5.
  11. Well, Doyle's score is world-class for me and one of the things that the HP3 LLL set revealed to me is that, if you go with the alternate firebolt in the main program, this, too, is a HP score that only repreises Hedwig's Theme. I'm very happy JW never touched GOF as Doyle provided some truly outstanding music that I can't imagine JW composing.
  12. I never even tried to determine any influences on the music. For me, HP1-2 just sound like children's scores.
  13. I'll go for the LLL program for Speed 1 for now. No need for incomplete, unchronological assemblies here.
  14. Didn't she stop using/reading Twitter after getting bombarded by people who don't have lives because she liked/followed something?
  15. Speed. Keanu Reeves sounded a lot like Bill Paxton in the beginning, but there’s just something so incredibly… stupid in his voice that makes the corny dialogue he sometimes had ten times more laughable. The beginning was a bit slow, but once we got onto the bus, I had a great time. Bullock was pretty good, especially after I’ve just watched her in The Blind Side, where she plays a completely different character. Dennis Hopper was amazing too, but I definitely could have done without that final act on the train. It somehow deflated the tension they had been building up so carefully. This was also my first Mark Mancina score. And what a score it was. This is how you write action music, Lorne Balfe. Don’t go for repetitive themes that go nowhere, don’t brick-wall the orchestra. Write moving melodies, use minor and major and use percussion when necessary (so not all the time over uninspiring string ostinatos). The Fox logo also started out in mono, but then became stereo, which was kind of fun. The exploding elevator sounded like gunshots, weirdly enough. I have to watch the sequ… Wait, it has a 4% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Hmm.
  16. That's insane. Should I give examples of political posts vs sarcastic politcal posts, or could that be the end of my tenure at JWfan?
  17. Also, I went out of my way to make it clear I was joking. I was not being political. It's not that difficult to understand the difference.
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