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  1. Sigh. Now I have no more excuses to postpone re-doing my entire SW concert suite compilation.
  2. I like this much more than Solo, though that piece needed Berlin to grow on me. The slow bits are magnificent!
  3. Listening now. Can I just say the choir is AWFUL? Flashback sounds like a first take. I genuinely do not understand why people rank this so high on their Horner lists.
  4. Magic flute, act 1, Karajan. Very lovely, but I'm listening to a HIP performance after this to hear what that sounds like. It's official, I like this much more than Wagner.
  5. Yeah, I hope these two years have changed things and that LLL knows how desired the expansion is.
  6. Well, in all fairness, an expansion might already have been in the works on WB/LLL's orders without Doyle having been consulted. I'm so surprised by his level of amazement that anyone would want it to happen.
  7. Underrated: Basic Instinct 2. Overrated: the godfather. OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH.
  8. Only listened today, so new to the debate. Does MM mean that other than those two he hopes to finish, no other JW is coming? No previously held up title will come through until the end of the year? And I hope his big non-JW title is HP4!
  9. What OST tracks on disc 2 have content that I can't hear anywhere else? Or is the only difference the mixing? If so, is it worth listening to?
  10. Finishing the album. Schindler's list: cello is off in first movement, LSO recording is better. Second movement is amazing. I don't like the new key for the third movement, strings are too high and cello is great. HIghwood's Ghost: some parts are really interesting, but I won't be returning to this one. Lincoln and Munich: fantastic.
  11. Okay, so I just watched my EE DVD of Fotr 2 for the first time with headphones other than on a TV with family. The entire thing is full of errors in the sound! Hiccups, right channel dropping out, at one point the credits even revert to mono for a second! Why did they have to go and correct the pitch, apparently the root of the problem according to reviewers? I don’t care about PAL, I want good sound. What do I do now, download the blu-rays to solve this? This is unacceptable for such a high-profile product. Or are there better DVDs out there I can buy? They seem to have remastered all those movies in 2015 for 4K, but I’m only interested in extended DVDs and obviously only if this sound issue has been resolved. Do those exist? How the HELL do you fuck up a release of this magnitude?
  12. What JW often does, start out really interestingly and then denegerate into dissonance.
  13. I just don't like his non-film work most of the time. The fanfares are great though.
  14. I'm watching the EE. There's a strange drop in the right channel volume of the cue when they enter Moria (a few seconds after 'it's that way'). Anyone notice this?
  15. The concerto isn't making any impresison so far. It starts out so fantastically enchanting and then JW does his usual, unnecessary weird chord thing... and then the canenza. I don't understand why he can't just keep the same spirit in which it opened. I was so invested at first.
  16. I saw the movie once years ago and didn't like it. Only remember banging and clanging music. Also, it's really fortunate Powell didn't decide to assemble an album out of HTTYD.
  17. I'm finding Parsifal much more engaging musically than that whole ring thing.
  18. Shang-chi...rings. And we’re back in Marvel mode! That was pretty great. Didn’t like Katy that much, but loved the YouTube guy and of course Ben Kingsley (and Sue). Ooh, post-credit scene! Sequel, please! Now! Phease four, I’ve embraced you. But those TV series… The score is… quite something too. The intimate cues are better than anything the MCU has ever produced. Surprisingly, the action music took a while to reach the same level and I even loved the source music. Where do the Ten Rings from Iron Man tie into the story, though? Were they just crooks doing cultural appropriation or are they the same people? Love Hotel California. Score suite, yeah!
  19. I saw the movie in 2017. No one should assume everyone has seen a movie at a certain point. I still need to see AI, Amistad, Munich...
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