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  1. I pretty much agree with @Falstaft. If the bass were taken away, I guarantee you would be able to hear the B in the brass much better. Actually, it's strange...every time I listen to the excerpt you posted, the B seems to be getting louder!
  2. One of my favourite composers, Nikolai Kapustin, sadly passed away on Thursday at the age of 82. Here's a selection of his works which I particularly love: R. I. P.
  3. Slave Children's Crusade/Short Round Helps for me, though I actually prefer Mine Car Chase and Broken Bridge.
  4. Hook and HP are more or less equal in quality, but I think that the best parts of HP outshine the best parts of Hook.
  5. Very nice! The softer bits were my favourite, particularly the first 30 seconds, which conveyed the "gazing" aspect beautifully!
  6. It doesn't but I think that's where we're headed...
  7. Taika Waititi + John Powell would blend very well. They seem to have the same sense of humour.
  8. John Powell. His score to How To Train Your Dragon is my favourite for an animation film, and my second-favourite score of all time. But I also have a special fondness for Scott Bradley and his work on Tom & Jerry (among others).
  9. 1:22 onwards reminds me a lot of The Ultimate War from HOOK, but amplified in activity by about 10000%:
  10. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, for the first time yesterday. Very funny!
  11. Now would be the ideal time to compose a symphony...
  12. "Tomorrow is just a day away" Wow I had no idea.
  13. The third movement is particularly lovely! Out of this world.
  14. Don't know what it is about this section of music but it has a very "classical music" feel to it, as if it's a lost work by Debussy or something: But out of all bits of music, this one is my favourite:
  15. These are Wagner tubas apparently (1:49): (credit to Sharky)
  16. I don't have a sarcastic reply so I'll just say: No.
  17. For strength training I would pick the Arena: (You can hear me trying to do a single pullup at 4:44) For cardio, maybe something lighter, like this:
  18. Thanks! Did you like the trombones at 4:20?
  19. A not-entirely-serious mockup I made of Hedwig's Theme. Enjoy!
  20. Le Sacre, which is really just a collage of Slavic folk tunes and rhythms played by a big orchestra. On the subject of plagiarism in general, I've come to realise that the more distinctive a composer tries to make their music (specifically melodically), the more likely it will actually get accused of plagiarism, because a distinctive piece of music will be similar to only a few other pieces...but there will be a few, and those few will get picked up. For example, the first five notes of the Star Wars theme bear little resemblance to most other melodies in music, so when somebody stumbles upon something like Kings Row, it is a bit like uncovering gold dust, because of how rare it is for another melody to match the first five notes of Star Wars. Yet when a composer like Hans Zimmer uses the vi - I - V - II chord progression, nobody calls it plagiarism, because so many other pieces have used it as well (this is not a dis of HZ by the way). So ultimately, all these accusations of plagiarism are really just an assault on distinctiveness, and hence individuality. Just my two pennies!
  21. No, don't even joke about it. It has some of the most beautiful themes I've heard in about a week. But seriously now, it was really beautiful, both film and score. I love art which contains a sense of nostalgia.
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