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  1. Haha
    Loert reacted to karelm in Can u help me with my thesis?   
    Wait a second...have you done any of your own homework?  How many thesis' are you doing or is each new one because you failed the prior one??  Hahahaha
  2. Surprised
    Loert reacted to Bespin in Can u help me with my thesis?   
    Nice pics, it seems we can see your dick in the shadow.
  3. Haha
  4. Haha
  5. Like
    Loert reacted to Mr. Hooper in Unexpected random encounters with the music of John Williams   
    Was watching a rerun of The Price Is Right from 1982 and one of the prizes was a trip to Broadway to see Fiddler on the Roof, and one of "Barker's Beauties" was holding Williams' soundtrack album as the music played. That was definitely random and unexpected. lol
  6. Like
    Loert reacted to Thor in What musical element you don't like in film scores?   
    I am a huge fan of sequencers and loops and stuff, but it needs to be done right. Like Berlin School sequencers (Tangerine Dream and such), various EDM artists and things like that. Or funky synthwave things, using Roland T-808, the Linndrum or other vintage drum machines. The Remote Control/trailer music ostinato thing, which I'm guessing is what you're referring to, is very uninteresting.
    There isn't really any one element that I dislike in music; it all depends on how it's being used. Even bag pipes.
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    Loert reacted to Jay in Fiddler on the Roof (1971 film feat. music adaptation by John Williams) - Live-to-Projection Concert   
  8. Like
    Loert reacted to Pando in How do you make a midi mockup?   
    Typical orchestra is 80-100 individual players, separated to instrument groups that further play divisi (Flutes 1,2,3, Oboes 1,2,3, etc.), so that's 40-45 tracks of music right there. Each of them may have multiple articulations that I'm also separating to different tracks (I don't like using keyswitches), so before you know it, you'll have hundreds of them.
    There are composers out there that have more than a thousand tracks in their templates, so a few hundred isn't really that much.
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    Loert reacted to Pando in How do you make a midi mockup?   
    ASIO interface is fast enough on a modern computer to allow real-time live playing on the keyboard (latency ~2 to 5ms).
    I made a few mockups of JW's music, and the tracks are typically played in live in real time on the keyboard, one-by-one. Some faster parts might be sequenced if they're unplayable or precision is needed, but usually not.
    I typically load the reference track and make a tempo map before I start recording anything, and sometimes I play an instrument against the reference track to get a correct feel and when other tracks haven't been recorded yet. Mod wheel is used for dynamics and not too much post-editing is needed. If anything needs to be changed, I usually just re-record the part until I get it right.
    Due to the number of articulations and the size of the orchestra, it does take a long time to get good results. Too long for me to crank these out on a regular basis. The Speeder Chase track below uses something like 250 tracks and took weeks (not full time of course).
  10. Like
    Loert got a reaction from chrissiddall in Omni Music Publishing, Chris Siddall Music, Neumation Music: What are your most wanted scores from these companies?   
    STARGATE (David Arnold)
    PAN (John Powell)
    CHICKEN RUN (John Powell/Harry Gregson-Williams)
    KING KONG (Max Steiner)
    IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD (Ernest Gold)
    THE MUMMY (Jerry Goldsmith)
    REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (Leonard Rosenman)
    And..obviously anything John Williams.
  11. Like
    Loert reacted to KittBash in "You Are Welcome" - John Williams film score from 1954   
    For anyone interested/hasn't seen it yet, here is the Beacon article @Thor was referring to. 

  12. Sad
    Loert reacted to bollemanneke in Richard Wagner: The Godfather of Film Music?   
    If godfather means writing a ton of dull music that might have inspired someone else down the line to do a better job for film, yes.
  13. Like
    Loert got a reaction from Drawgoon in Taika Waititi to Direct New ‘Star Wars’ Film   
    Taika Waititi + John Powell would blend very well. They seem to have the same sense of humour.
  14. Like
    Loert got a reaction from michael_grig in Who is the most overrated film composer in recent history?   
    Thank god, I thought I was the only one!
    I do like the scores to some degree (they set the tone very well at least), but to say that they are the greatest film scores in history just seems insane to me.
    I actually get more enjoyment from Se7en, which just sounds more unusual and interesting to me.
    I disagree about HZ though...perhaps his more recent work is a bit overrated but still I wouldn't hesitate in calling him a genius.
  15. Haha
    Loert reacted to Gabriel Bezerra in Did anyone else ever hide the fact you listened to film scores or were embarrassed to admit it to friends?   
    This went from a thread about hiding tastes to an exemplification of why sometimes we hide our tastes.
  16. Like
    Loert reacted to thestat in The Official David Arnold thread   
    Watched Godzilla again - what a fantastic score. SO fucking lively and massive. The melodies are exquisite and the orchestral dynamics wonderful, Who the fuck ever thought this was a lesser work? It sounds like Arnold is Mahler riding on Herrmann - just great. The finale especially is so impressive as a composition
  17. Like
    Loert reacted to Schilkeman in The Official David Arnold thread   
    The second cd I ever bought was the soundtrack to Independence Day. I’ll always have a soft spot for David Arnold, even if I haven’t been thrilled with where his sound has gone.  
  18. Like
    Loert reacted to Edmilson in The Official David Arnold thread   
    I'm listening to Arnold's Zilla score now thanks to @thestat's post, and not only it's great but also it's so much fun! I miss the times when action blockbusters had fun scores like this. Since Bourne/Batman Begins, most music for Hollywood action movies is of the "dark and disturbing" brand.
  19. Haha
    Loert reacted to Alex in Who is the most overrated film composer in recent history?   
    I would like to jump on this Shore is overrated bandwagon
  20. Thanks
    Loert reacted to Jilal in Did anyone else ever hide the fact you listened to film scores or were embarrassed to admit it to friends?   
    I don't think I've ever actively hidden my interest in film scores. In fact I feel like life would be easier if people didn't hide (parts of) themselves behind facades all the time. My best friend is into metal, but we get along nevertheless and often talk about our respective interests.
  21. Like
    Loert reacted to MaxMovieMan in Did anyone else ever hide the fact you listened to film scores or were embarrassed to admit it to friends?   
    Yes I’ve always hid it. I relate to this thread a lot tbh. Part of the reason I joined this forum is because there’s no one in my life who I can talk to about the intricacies of film scores with. I enjoy mainstream music as well but film scores are bar and none my favorite.
  22. Like
    Loert reacted to Schilkeman in Who is the most overrated film composer in recent history?   
    Hey, look at this old thread. 
    I can't stand Giacchino, Desplat, or Zimmer, but Howard Shore has the biggest disparity, for me, between the praise he gets vs the actual quality of the music. Minutes upon minutes go by in LotR without anything interesting happening, and he has entire scores that are comprised of nothing but the boring underscore in those films. I think it's easy to get distracted by the 18 french horns in the Minas Tirith cue, or the beautiful solo voices and choirs, and not notice that very little is happening musically. 
    I will now turn in my film score fanclub I.D. card and membership kit.
  23. Haha
    Loert got a reaction from Trope in The Definitive John Williams Plagiarism/Homage Thread   
  24. Like
    Loert reacted to MaxMovieMan in What is the last video game you played?   
    Honestly the more I play it the more it feels like a nostalgia trip every time and I can’t help but love it. Brings back good memories. Also the story gets decently interesting at a point.
  25. Love
    Loert reacted to A24 in What is the last video game you played?   
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