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  1. I assume it's what you hear at :25 into Couldn't Find The Words.
  2. Is the original post available to read anywhere?
  3. Cancel the cinema release and put it on streaming services. If we all end up isolated, at least let us watch it at home.
  4. The cynical part of me thinks they're worried people won't go and see it and they'll make less money. The other part of me is enjoying some of the responses. "Just rename it "Time To Die" and release it."
  5. The game only uses 3 existing bits of JW music: Jango's Escape, Anakin's Betrayal and Anakin's Dark Deeds. Everything else is completely original (nearly 5 hours worth).
  6. I hadn't noticed the similarities to Evolution, but you're right! That last set of clips (HHTYD extended theme) - it reminds me more of something from Horton Hears A Who or possibly Ice Age.
  7. Minimal. In fact there were a few really short cues that I thought "I hope they don't take up album space". Every highlight I remembered is on the album, some potentially presented even better on it than in the film (the second half of Buck Takes The Lead is mostly inaudible in the movie, buried under SFX).
  8. Here's a significantly better cover courtesy of Ant over at FSM.
  9. That's my favourite of the posters so far. Could make a good album cover.
  10. May I suggest giving this playlist a try. Equal parts fun whilst introducing some of the more dramatic and moving material in the second half. 01. Wake The Girls (2:37) 02. Skagway, Alaska (2:31) 03. Snowy Climb (1:25) 04. Joining The Team (2:59) 05. Buck Takes the Lead (4:55) 06. We Carry Love (3:02) 07. The Ghost Wolf Of Dreams (1:06) 08. Couldn’t Find The Words (2:22) 09. Buck And Thornton’s Big Adventure (4:36) 10. Finding Bears And Love In The Woods (2:57) 11. Rewilding (3:48) 12. Come Say Goodbye (2:09) 13. Ice Rescue (2:26) 14. What An Adventure (3:02) 15. The Call Of The Wild (2:51)
  11. I'm just as excited by the new RPO recordings of all the title themes!
  12. Could also be a rehearsal for the Brit Awards performance next week.
  13. If you look on Cary Fukanaga's Instagram story currently, there's a video of him in the studio with Zimmer. With a high-pitched drone sound playing in the background, Zimmer says "I just know we can make more interesting things. I just know were can make more interesting things than the one that was in.". There's something amusing about this. Funny yet exactly the kind of thing I'd expect.
  14. Is anybody familiar with what the differences are in the "film versions" on disc 2? They're not immediately noticeable.
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